HTC bootloader unlock flow chart

Although it has been a fairly slow roll out of devices, HTC has been keeping their word by offering bootloader unlocks for various devices across their line up and now -- they've added the EVO View 4G & myTouch 4G Slide to the mix. If you're looking to easily unlock either of those devices bootloader, you can head on over to the HTCDev website now to get started.

Source: HTCDev; Via: @HTCDev


Reader comments

HTC official bootloader unlock now supports the EVO View 4G & myTouch 4G Slide


I find it amusing that the whole process is so complicated and controlled. No doubt, it is all there just so HTC can track every unlocked device to make sure the warranty is voided.

Still slightly confused by this.

I was going to go through the process of unlocking the bootloader on my Flyer but saw how time consuming the whole process was and decided not to. In one of the steps, it said I needed to remove my battery but that's not possible as we all know.

I then went over to XDA to root my Flyer and did everything through Revolutionary and it only took a few minutes. I was able to flash Honeycomb and everything after rooting.

Why would one go through all the steps on the HTC site when theere are other easier ways to get the same result? Unlocking bootloader allows you to flash ROMs and OS versions right? I'm able to do the same thing through Revolutionary.