HTC has been on quite a roll this past year, and UK-based T3 (a technology and gadgets magazine) has rewarded the company with their prestigious "Technology Brand of the Year" award. Editor Luke Peters cited "solid handset performance" alongside a "determined yet humble brand personality" as leading reasons for the award, which doesn't come as a surprise as the company has nabbed smartphone of the year awards the past two years (HTC Hero last year, HTC Desire this year). Last year's brand was none other than Google's Android OS, so HTC is certainly in good company. "Quietly Brilliant", indeed. [HTC]


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HTC named 'Technology Brand of the Year' by UK's T3 magazine


Couldn't agree more...they make great products!! DINC user.
Can't wait for the Droid Incredible HD and possibly the first LTE phone for Verizon early next year!!

I disagree. Most of their handsets felt very cheaply made to me. Imo. Don't want to offend anyone.

you're just jealous you dont have a htc.... but i dont want to offend anyone...

Yeah! I agree... i love my htc! So smooth, fast, awesome designs, and love all it dose... waay better coming from samsung and moto...

Htc is cool, have awesome ui sense, smooth and have awesome design. i love used my Evo 4g. htc much better than other droid brand like samsung or moto droid

it is what HTC deserves. Great company, great phones. I wish they only make Android phones thou, shame on windows mobile!. :P
Sense UI is the best thing that could happen to a phone.

I hope everyone knows why their slogan is "quietly brilliant." Because they have been pretty behind the scenes on great innovation in the last 10 years.

Hey colombia I had a choice a month ago to get any phone in verizons lineup. So im not jealous. Just expessed my opinion. Don't like opinions? Get off the forums. You're opinion is based on the fact that you don't have an upgrade available.

That would of been my second choice but I thought it was a little to big to carry around. Doesn't seem to big now that I see people with it. Hey....they're all Droids and thats all that happy we all have choices...unlike the *phone. I think its great we have many to choose from...there is no right or's just what works for each person and what their preferences are.

Awww people like you make everyone bug u even more... dude i was just messing with you, and yes you have the right to express your opinions.... second at least your not with att... and my opinion makes me not have an upgrade...? what? i just did 3weeks ago...

No att here. You're ok in my book colombia maybe I'll go for inc hd in feb. If its around! Who cares we are all droid users, I love you all! Lol