Merge screen protector

If you thought the HTC Merge (see our hands-on) on Verizon was dead, you might want to think again.  An astute reader sent us in some pictures of HTC Merge screen protectors that just arrived at his Verizon store.  I don't think Verizon is in the practice of ordering accessories for phones that won't be coming to market, and our tipster doesn't hail from the twilight zone, so be on the lookout for news about the HTC Merge soon.  There's one more picture after the break.  Thanks anon, and Vive la Merge!

Merge screen protector


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HTC Merge screen protectors appear at Verizon store


What about an alternate dimension? ;)

Maybe I should check out my Verizon store as well. And if they are there, ask them about it. Never know what store drones might or might not know.

Thanks for the post Jerry.

I hear ya. Whenever I go into a store and ask about ANYTHING (recently the Bolt)they are absolutely clueless.

Ah, so the plot thickens...

My girlfriend has been waiting for this phone forever. She'll be excited to hear there still may be hope.

You might not care, but there's plenty of people who don't feel the need to pay more for 4G data. I'm plenty happy with the 3G speeds I get on my Droid 1.

I do hope that Merge comes out on Verizon...I'm dying for a acceptable upgrade path. (the Droid 2/Droid 2 Global don't count)

My guess is this is the same screen protector that will fit the thunderbolt and was spotted at a 3rd party retailer. If it was for a Verizon Corporate location, Verizon's branding would be all over it.

I wanted this phone...last year. With the newer phone's coming out I'm just not interested anymore. Too little too late Verizon.

This.. I really REALLY wanted this phone, but now I have my heart set on a Thunderbolt, so long as the pricepoint with LTE isn't missed, since we theoretically know everything about it, other than LTE pricing. I miss a full QWERTY, but I'm not giving up on the T'bolt for Bing.

Can't we get a full QWERTY HTC phone, with LTE?

What does Verizon have against phones with a physical keyboard? You guys previewed that phone 5 1/2 months ago. Holy Shit.

The Merge was delayed a while back along with the Incredible HD which was renamed to the ThunderBolt. According to news articles i read and matched up info on Twitter, the Merge was delayed to upgrade hardware, it was rumored to be getting an LTE antenna for launch, the Incredible HD wasn't going to get an LTE antenna then we found out in January it had one. The fact it has BING says this won't be a Droid, but yet its got the red to make it one just like the Incredible had. But note, this does not have the new HTC Sense, you can tell by the launcher, the new sense has a paintbrush and palette for the far right launcher button, not a +. This could be the EVO Shift for Verizon, but the LTE is unknown. I like the design but the screen isn't as big as the ThunderBolt's is otherwise i would get this instead. It has the same keyboard the TouchPro 2 had which was a very nice keyboard, and the buttons actually clicked unlike the DROID keyboard where it feels like plastic junk. HTC's press conference is on Tuesday, not much longer to wait to see the new devices.

Desire 2
Wildfire 2
Desire HD2
Incredible 2?

After seeing that the Droid X2 will look nothing different than the original it makes you wonder if Motorola even tries to make new designs without worrying about FAIL. For those that said that HTC doesn't change there designs, take a look at Motorola.

#1. VZW had varied accessories for the Merge in stores months ago before they disappeared mysteriously. There was a clip and a couple cases if memory serves.

#2. This is not the typical packaging for corporate stores. Perhaps this is the packaging for an agent but QMadix is not a familiar vendor.

Not busting bubbles, just some observations. I am hoping this phone will make it's way to VZW soon, myself. For that matter, as many HTC w/ Android they can muster up.