HTC Merge at the FCC

Hey, look at that. The HTC Merge -- which has been mostly MIA since we got our hands on it last fall -- has made it through the FCC as PG32100, which lends credence to the rumor that it might find a bit of life on Alltel. That's not quite the same as being released on Verizon. But it beats being killed off before ever touching consumer hands. [FCC via PocketNow]

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Damn I forgot all about this lmao. I guess VZW did kill it off.

EvanJ18 says:

i still dont get why it wouldnt release for verizon. im bummed cause my girlfriend was looking forward to it.

Phone release before CES=death

pDoG says:

It wasn't released before CES...

sforsyth01 says:

Did I miss something? I thought Verizon bought Alltel a year or two ago. If that's the case, how would alltel get a phone without Verizon getting it?

Shawheim says:

or better yet, if alltel is basically verizon why cant this be used on verizon? my gf was also looking forward to this. i guess she will just have to switch to sprint on my plan and get the shift.

Alltell is not Verizon. Read up:

When Verizon bought the old Alltell, they got the majority of it, AT&T got some of it, and the rest kept the Alltell name.

hoosiercub says:

is disappoint :(

Thig says:

There are about 800,000 of us still on Alltel. If they don't announce a release date soon for the Merge or the X, I am "outta here." Tired of waiting to upgrade my Tour 9630.