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A usually reliable source of juicy leaks, the guys at @evleaks, are back and bringing word of a potential high end device from HTC heading to Mobile World Congress in February. The rumored HTC M7 is supposedly the top of the line successor to the HTC One X, announced itself in Barcelona at the 2012 MWC. 

We're supposed to be seeing a first-of-its-kind 1080p display at 4.7 inches with an eye watering 468PPI. Underneath is said to be a second-generation Qualcomm quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Not an unlikely set of specs by any means, neither is the reported Jelly Bean out of the box or the reported new version of HTC Sense. 

The camera on the One X was -- and still is, in fact -- a stand out feature on HTC's current top line smartphone, and if the rumors pan out, the M7 will be no different. A 13MP rear shooter with an f/2.0 lens, and a 2MP front facer both with 1080p video recording capabilities. An improved "Cinesensor" image sensor is also said to bring increased image quality along with features such as HDR built in. 

Again, nothing here sounds too out of the ordinary, aside from perhaps the 1080p screen at less than 5 inches. But, we're expecting 1080p to be one of the must haves on high end devices coming in 2013, and since the Butterfly won't be heading to Europe anytime soon, maybe this device is why. The report also suggests that the M7 -- still a codename, in case you were wondering -- is scheduled to appear on Sprint and Verizon in the United States. Oh, and Beats. It's got Beats. 

It's no surprise to see rumor mills begin to grind as we prepare to enter the biggest show season of the year. Mobile World Congress is but 2 months away, so if HTC is preparing something special, we won't have to wait too long to find out what's what.

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HTC M7 purportedly heading to Mobile World Congress, 4.7 inch 1080p screen in tow


At this point, I'm willing to believe anything from @evleaks, considering their reputation and record. I'm hoping the M7 doesn't have the ugly camera (I'm referring to the actual physical exterior of the camera, not the quality of the photos) found in other HTC phones.

Agreed, the camera bump is one of the reasons why I ultimately ended up with an S3. A smart move on my part, and I couldn't be happier. That, and the paltry battery life as well. Let's hope the M7 comes with a beefier battery, that or a removable one.

I would love this to be on Verizon especially since it appears the chance of a Nexus device dwindles further and further into oblivion. The HTC One X+ is probably my favorite phone that's out on the market right now besides the Nexus 4 so this sounds like something I could enjoy if it was able to be rooted and had an unlockable bootloader.... Oh who am I kidding if it ever comes to VZW it'll never have that -_-

If on Sprint, it might be the next Evo... although typically Sprint will want to add "extras" to it, like a kickstand, camera button, SD card, larger battery, better case (all of which they did to the One X). Hmm... I still think 1080P on a small screen is silly.


i hope this may be the next evo as i am due already for a upgrade from the OG evo, but i doubt it so i may upgrade to the evo 4g LTE

I love my Evo3D so much because of the camera button.
If this device has a fixed battery or no SD card slot, I'm just going to get a Note II.

Congrats to HTC but they need to come extremely strong in 2013 none of that soft 2012 garbage. People who love HTC needs to see large internal storage optiins, sdcard slot, and large battery 3000mAh for starters would be great. Stop going cheap and catering to the stupid carriers....Namely Verizon...NO CARRIER EXCLUSIVE JUNK....All carriers need to be represented. Otherwise 2013 will be another year Samsung will blow your doors off. Get with it HTC.

Did you really think that it wouldn't be obsolete when the next batch of flagships hit? This phone likely won't even be to market for months afte if its announced at MWC.

A smart phone is not obsolete until it can no longer run current software. So, my EVO 3D is not obsolete yet even after 1.5 years.. you just sound like a spoiled brat.

At least it wouldn't be the htc thunderbolt obsoleteness thanks to the rezound that came in less than a year later to replace the thunderbolt and had specs way better than the thunderbolt. Don't worry get me wrong I loved my thunderbolt but it ducked knowing everything about the phone was obsolete once the rezoundcame out .

To quote a comment above you, if it still runs current software then it's not obsolete, you need to look up the definition of that word before you decide to spew it.

I don't get why this would come to Verizon when they JUST got the DNA. And yeah, just got the DNA today because my DInc2 just couldn't function long as this phone coming out doesn't make my OWN phone worse, I'm alright with it.

My question is about how is HTC going to handle the naming scheme for their flagship phones from here on out. I mean, what are they going to call this thing? HTC One X II sounds kind of awkward to me...

If this rumor is true and it really does come to Big Red I might actually consider upgrading from the Rez. Sounds like it will address most of the concerns I have with the DNA, though I hope it will have a larger sized battery along with it.

What part of "scheduled to appear on Sprint and Verizon in the United States" do you not understand? No, it's not all of the big 4, but it's more than one.

Maybe this time they will learn from sammy's success and release it across all carriers largely unscathed. If sprint demands a kickstand fine, but the battery will take a hit. I'm thinking of accessories compatability.

Hopefully nothing as far as resolution is concerned.. I think we can benefit from more research into battery or fast charging technology than packing more pixels into screens that we can barely tell the difference from.

Tmobile left out in the cold AGAIN.And Verizon already has the DNA. How about releasing a 1080 device for Tmobile HTC? There are other carriers besides those 3. This is the second year in a row they've done this. Will Tmobile get anything from HTC that isnt inferior to the other carriers? So what does Tmobile get the HTC One S2? This is BS. For over a year HTC hasnt brought anything highend to Tmobile and it appears we are possibly going to be left out once again. This is bs.

I completely agree. I am a big fan of htc but I don't like verizon or any of the other carriers. I am very disappointed that T-mobile doesn't have any HTC phones besides the one s

You're on T-Mobile? Get an unlocked GSM phone if you're not happy with your current choices. I recommend the Nexus 4 (if the Force is with you) or the international One X+.

I'm sure HTC would love to sell their product from any outlet they can, blame T-Mobile for not picking it up.

HTC if you are listening, I hope that the battery is removable. No matter how many mAh you include in the fixed battery, it doesn't do us any good when the battery dies. It is much easier to swap in a new battery and be up and running with 100% battery capacity in a matter of minutes. That was one of the failures of the HTC ONE X. The lack of a removable battery along with the meager internal storage. If you have to go back to the drawing board and include a removable battery do so!!! It will be the difference between someone getting a Galaxy S3/ Note 2 or the HTC Two X.

Trust me.

I 100% agree. I will not buy a phone without a removable battery and i know many people that will not either. I had a friend with an upgrade on Verizon. he really liked the DNA, but got the Note 2 for exactly that reason.

Ok HTC, here is your chance, we need a GOOD battery! And it needs to be removable!! I was just about to make the jump to Samsung and the Note II but I will wait to see what happens. If I'm disappointed I will become a Samsung user.

This doesn't matter because not everyone is gonna be able to get it! It'll probably be an AT&T exclusive with no equal variants on other carriers..

I repeat:
What part of "scheduled to appear on Sprint and Verizon in the United States" do you not understand? No, it's not all of the big 4, but it's more than one.

Another monster device at 4.7 inches.
I'm not hostile to big devices - they're great for my eyes and my hands - but I have to wonder whether anyone will decide to release a high-end device with a smaller screen.
Seem to me there would be room for, and demand for, and profits to be made from aiming for those who prefer - or need - smaller screens.
My wife, while otherwise happy with her S3, still complains daily about its size, which is mismatched to the size of her hands.

OOooo VZW. I've been lusting over the X and now X+ for the past year but I can't leave VZW. Be nice to get the HTC flagship on all carriers ala S3.