From the department of news nobody wanted to hear -- the HTC Lexikon RUU has been extracted, and it's been Binged.  The image above says it all, the full suite of bing products, and no Google search app to be found.  Looks like Phil has a new project once this one rolls out!  Other than that, there's not much here we haven't seen before.  Looks like "old" Sense UI as opposed to the new version as is on the Desire HD, all the Verizon utilities are there, including a VZW branded Slacker app and an eReader.

All that said, there's no telling just how old this leaked RUU is and what all might change by launch time. I've repackaged it all up in a user friendly way and you can get download links from the Android Central Forums.  [Android Central Forums]


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HTC Lexikon RUU extracted, is Bingtastic!


Ugh, seriously? I had just recommended this phone to my wife this morning based on its similarity to the G2. And just as easily VZW/HTC has lost that sale...

Verizon is ridiculous. I can't believe they would force this on their users. way to go Verizon for ruining their Android line up. At least ATT stayed away from their flagship product. This is an example of poor leadership at their company. Once Sprint improvrs their network I will seriously consider switching over.

i dont get it. wp7 phones wont come until next year for vzw, yet vzw is the first carrier to have bing on their current phones. i demand this to be reversed. who agrees?

Seriously... WP7 phones will have Bing by default, yet no CDMA WP7 phones until 2011? Seems backwards, but I guess after the Kin debacle...

One down, five more to go. I read in the Wall St. Journal (also sent it to Android Central...hmmm, what happened dudes? it deserved air) that the Microsoft Bing deal with Verizon would result in Bing being on six more Android phones this year.

However, Verizon said it could be easily replaced with Google (I'm assuming easier than on the Samsung), and it would NEVER be on their Droid line.

Nonetheless, major FU by Verizon if you ask me.

what the heck is the use of having the droid line? this is the first thing i've heard that will actually differentiate the droid line from other android phones (e.g. fascinate). vzw is looking more asinine with each passing day.

hopefully they keep this stuff out of future updates for current phones. I'd hate to think everyone at verizon getting binged just for updating.

Meh, it wasn't a big deal on the Fascinate, and I doubt it'll be a big deal here. It takes a whopping 20 minutes to "fix" the Fascinate (yes, you shouldn't have to fix it, but I digress), and it's a solid phone otherwise.

For me, this is becoming reason #1 for rooting, I will now not ever buy an android phone from Verizon that has not already been rooted. I have a rooted Droid, and my Wife has an un rooted Incredible, the Froyo update to the incredible brought a crap heap weird behavior and force closes on the my Verizon app that happened to impact the quick dial widget. I went in to remove the my Verizon app .. cant do it ... ARGHhhh ... why does this need to be a system app .. there is no F'ing reason for that.

Well, Mr. Rooted Droid 1 .. as it happens I was told that when going from 2.0 -> 2.1 -> 2.2 in the 3rd party ROM world that in order to NOT get weird FC's and other stuff that one should boot into recovery and wipe data/cache. You should do a back up of YOUR/her data first and know that all the apps currently on the phone that were downloaded via the market will have to be reinstalled. This SHOULD fix any weirdness.

I did this when I ran the DX leak of 2.2 because just using the without wiping data/cache had the DX bugging out left and right. After the wipe of data/cache she was smooth as silk.

It's the same with any OS moving from major version to major version which in Android's case is signified by the . release instead of a major number.

Give it a shot .. lots out there on how to back up your stuff and doing the wipe of those two things is pretty easy.

lol ... thank you sir for reminding me of the obvious, very excellent point.
I wonder what all the non techie Droid Incredible users are doing about their newly destabilized phones.

Seriously to all you Verizon guys its time to revolt. People CANNOT buy these binged phones and a petition NEEDS to be made at the least. Verizon can't get away with tainting Android like this. I'm a happy Sprint customer for almost 8 years now so I don't know what if feels like to be jerked around by my cellular provider, but dont let these jerk off ruin the Android name, please.

Had a feeling this would be a bingtastic phone when I saw the pics and how close it was to the g2 this really makes me want to wait for the evo type phone. But with this running 2.2 you should be able to get google search back from the market unless its been censored

dont think so it would be to high end to put bing on the only phone in verizons lineup that can really put the evo to shame. i would expect them to name it the dinc hd or something like that as long as they keep it sleek like the leaked photo.

I don't mind that some phones run Bing but if there's never a stock Google AAA phone on Verizon again I'll be pissed.

I have the Droid and will wait for a killer LTE Android next but it better run stock.

I would be really surprised if this thing came out from HTC with Bing as default. This surely must be an old RUU. Samsung will bend like a pretzel shape for any carrier and do whatever they ask. I never thought HTC would do that though as the only bending they seem to be doing is carrier exclusive phones.

If this comes out and only has the 'old' Sense UI then I'd say that's a large pair of testicles being slapped on Verizon's potential customer faces lol

if its 2.2 it should be very easy just download search and maps from the market and you will have google

This is sorely disappointing. Bloatware that cannot be removed diminishes from the experience and is a growing problem for android. I am eligible for upgrade and it is this kind of stuff that continues to prevent me from upgrading. Even if it can be removed it contributes to a negative experience right from the start. If big red and other companies want to push their crapware apps they should advertise them and make them available for download only if the user wants them. I just want a rock solid stock android phone that lets me do what I want, not what the carrier thinks is best for their pocket. I've never been on the apple bandwagon but at least you have a consistent user experience and you know what to expect. Android is seriously getting used and abused by too many carriers. Google needs to put a stop to it.

How does verizon miss the mark like this twice? Why don't they just give you the option of what search engine you want to use? Plus, I thought I read here that even when you install google search and maps, it routes through bing servers, so it looks like you are using google, but in reality it os bing. Gonna wait to buy my next vzw android and hope they don't screw it up. Wishing my x had froyo, but gonna play the waiting game next time.

Easily they see all that money being handed to them by Microsoft to install bing on their phones so they push it on us consumers will buy the phones. So for them its a win win situation and whatever sales are lost because of bing is easily recouped because of bing.

Ugh. Was totally going to buy this phone, but not if I can't replace bing.

Also, what happens to voice search and voice commands if the search button is set to bing? Do those features just not exist on binged phones?

Hell. I think we should start referring to "fails" as "binged. " dumb ass Verizon. Get a clue.