HTC London event

So smartphone manufacturer HTC has an event planned for Sept. 15 in London, eh? Maybe they just want to hang out with a few of their closes friends, or, more likely, we'll get to see some new hardware! Our money's on the Desire HD and Vision, a couple of names that have been floating around in various places -- Vodafone Germany, for one, plus an early hands-on video. (Plus, Eurodroid points out the smokey image above sure looks like the Desire HD.)

Or, it could be some Windows Phone 7 hardware. Or both. Who knows. Place your bets now, folks. [via Gizmodo]

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gonzoguy24 says:

Awesome...I just got the Incredible but I am pumped to see what this is! :)

StuRoid says:

It's going to be a European phone since it's being held in London, maybe and upgrade to my Desire :)

srosencrans says:

I agree, I don't think it would be for any of the U.S. carries if it is being held in London.

ryanobo66 says:

It looks like it's going to be the desire.

From Gizmodo:

All the blogs already outed it... Common AC! Where's your photoshop quickness?

lopata says:


Are you sure they don't want to announce the coming dual core snapdragons coming later this year? Moto has been getting all the attention lately.(i*hone also) Time to push up and coming devices.

Maxlowry123 says:

This is probably wrong but it could be an ipad competitor. We can hope.

duckdive117 says:

I want my Evo car dock!!!!!

eyesparky says:

A dual core monolith, with insane dual GPU, 1080P resolution screen, breakthrough battery that powers it all for a week at full tilt, that dual boots Android and WP7 (why pretend the hardware for each OS is not going to be all but identical).

... or, when I wake up, HTC Desire HD ;)

Mikey47 says:

For all you Palm fans out there -- maybe it is a webOS device ;-).

It's being held in London - a sign that whatever they're announcing is primarily for the UK/Europe markets? Bearing in mind we've had the Desire since April, I hardly suspect they'll be having a big launch for something they've been advertising to death in-store, on TV and on bus stops for the last 4 months...

Hopefully it'll be the Vision/G1 Blaze announced for T-Mobile UK just in time for my G1 contract being up in October! :)

eyesparky says:

People are talking about it being the Desire HD not the Desire ... more of an EVO class 3G device. Who knows what the name will actually be come launch time though.

italiasix says:

People check out what Rene is saying now

So which Android device out-sold iPhone?

miniZ says:

Ha, and it seems like all of the readers are breaking out and not putting up with it. They are not the fanboys I was expecting..

msm_portata says:

The smoke is from HTC burning the plans upgrade the Incredible to 2.2.

Blueman101 says:

Tmobile's HSPA+ phone

locobanana says:

probably a droid x2,or an incredible 2, at the rate these companies are pumping out phones