HTC Jetstream-LG Thrill 4G

The HTC Jetstream 10-inch Honeycomb tablet and LG Thrill 4G Android smartphone are available today on AT&T. The Jetstream's going for a rather ridiculous $699 with a two-year contract, and LTE data plans start at $14.99 for 250MB. Or, you can buy it for $849 outright. The LG Thrill's running a more realistic $99 on contract, or $449 outright.

Source: AT&T (Thrill 4G, Jetstream)


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HTC Jetstream, LG Thrill 4G available today on AT&T


yeah good luck with that one AT&T....who the F*** is gonna pay 700 on contract or 850 off sure its a great device, but come on....and no one can blame HTC, cause they were blind sided about the price also

LOL.....good luck on the Jetstream AT&T! Major fail in the pricing dept.

As for the Thrill, got mine on Friday and like it so far. However, this is another fail in the AT&T dept for launching. Still is hard to find for people as many of the retailers still don't have it. (not to mention the HUGE delay in launch)

AT&T really needs to get it's act together....and soon. Maybe T-mobile should be buying AT&T to improve on it rather than vice versa.

Fail....AT&T and others will not change unless people stop buying.I see more fire sales on the way!

I agree with you, people need to learn more and more when it comes to buy any smartphone or tablet... Look to the Iphone or the IPad, the price it`s skyrocket for no reason just a name. People need to stop BUYING so the price will goes down.

Why do these Honeycomb tablets with 3G, 4G keep positioning themselves to FAIL from the gate? This is crazy, whatever happened to the option of having month to month like the iPad??? This device should sell at the iPad price point. I love Honeycomb tablets, I already have the GT10.1, but would never have bought something like this.... FAIL

I agree. Horrible pricing. I'm seeing this trend with at&t. Launch device at way too high of price... Then it comes down.

Look at the Pantech Crossover. Launched at 79.99! With a two year! That's insane. It had since dropped to a more realistic price of 29.99.

Give the Jetstream a couple of months and it'll come down to a more manageable 450 or 400. Or at&t will sell as many of these as they have of the HP veer...

Fwiw, 32 GB ipad 2 with 3g is $730. So this is $30 cheaper than a comparable ipad. Still overpriced imo, but its in the range apple set.

Yes. It's $120 more (off contract) than the iPad of identical storage. That $120 covers the LTE radio and the N-Trig digitizer used in the HTC Scribe pen. That seems fair to me, but this will definitely get a price reduction in the coming months and the free Scribe Pen will go away at the same time if not before. If you need to write or draw with precision and want the fastest data access AT&T offers, you get this. There is no Apple alternative. That's a small audience, but HTC can go after it if they want.

This release was not heavily marketed. It's almost like HTC was like "here you go, a Honeycomb tablet!" No hands on, no tutorial, no walk-through of Sense UX, just...released. Bam! It almost makes me wonder if they even cared about their release of HC, probably since the whole Google wants Honeycomb to look like...Honeycomb. With the pressure of releasing a product and the limitations Google put out on customization of 3.x, I feel like HTC was given the short end here. So if you're blaming HTC about Sense looking like, well...Sense. Think about that. Other than that, the price...well...AT&T can suck it!

So, this looks identical to the Galaxy Tab 10.1, except it doesn't come with an Apple lawsuit. Seems kind of odd to me. Go to hell Apple.

I got an idea... why don't we try a $149.00 HP Touchpad pricing approach and destroy the iPad Market? Even Bill Gates gives back sometimes. If someone doesn't take a stand this will get out of control.

One does wonder if HTC actually want to make and sell this tablet in volume. Or is it just a marker; like some kind of target drone.

Sooooo . . . . Who is gona sue us over this then?

The specs on this thing aren't half bad. Just the processor, cameras, and large display are enough to justify the phone's $99 price tag. I agree that Froyo is a pretty big turn off (why are these guys still making high-end phones with outdated versions of Android? Pretty sure it's due to their lame custom UI). But besides the Froyo thing and the lackluster amount of RAM, the Thrill is not a bad device for its given price. More opinions on the Thrill and its specs on my blog at:

I had a feeling it was going to be an expensive tablet. They weren't going to sell this tablet outright for $600 when the Flyer is $500. Who selects the price? AT&T/Best Buy or HTC?

who buys any of these tablets? I have yet to ever see a tablet in real life besides an iPad.