EVO 3D lockscreen fix

Follow that? HTC's just put out another update (following the initial one that fixed a calendar bug but borked the lockscreen, and a second to fix the HTC Watch app) for the Sprint EVO 3D. This one fixes the Sense 3.0 lockscreen, which lost its phone dialer shortcut (and couldn't get it back) following that initial calendar bugfix. It's a quick and easy update -- just download and restart and you're good to go.

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HTC issues update to fix lockscreen broken in previous update


I'm loving Sprint and HTC's collaboration on their devices the past year.

HTC seems to be very loyal to Sprint and they seem to keep them at a priority.

The Evo 4G got plenty of love and still does! It just got two updates the past 3 weeks.

From start to finish my Evo 4G was constantly being updated and getting new stuff. Sprint isnt going to let it die like that....

Sooo lol when(if) I get the EVO I already have 3updates to do before anything else? . . . It is what it is I guess. I'll go to Sprint today to check it out. Might still hold out for the S2

It's funny that our phones are becoming more like PCs. When you install a fresh copy of Windows you have an endless array of updates to do before anything else. I give HTC kudos for being so quick with their updates for the Evo 3D.

how many band aids does HTC have geez hire a engineer that knows how to program correctly the first time

Sooo you would rather wait to get 10 patches later all at the same time then get 10 updates? In that case you should get a samsung phone.

That is great but I have the EVO 4G and the voice commands and voice to text still don't work after the last 2 updates this month!! When can we expect a fix for the fix for the gingerbread update. Or at least a root solution so I can load a Rom that works?

I was thinking this was just me, but not to worry i guess since my 3D is on the delivery truck (been tracking all day) still have 3 hours to go :-(

hey mr.phil...dr.phil..forget about the new 3-d update...let gets the evo 4g done right.....please....after the gingerbread update both of them 6/3 and 6 /20 for my evo..there is a major camera bugg that has not been noticed or rarly reported...when u take a few pictures... the pictures comes out dark and not cristal clear as in the past with froyo also when the picture is taken and tries to save in your gallery..the camera frezzes up.... (so annoying) and when you try to navigate thru the camera settings... the camera frezzes up and reboots the whole phone.....with your knowledge and power in the android world..please write to htc/google and sprint to get a updated patch for this... i love my evo...i use the camera heavy... now its just a ordianry phone....please help..... mike

This is amazing how fast they are taking care of the few bugs that did not get squashed. It obvious that HTC and Sprint are reading our experiences online and fixing the bugs so quickly.

They are really taking care of Sprint customers, after all it is their reputation that they are trying to protect.

I feel so bad orphaning my EVO 4G with Gingerbread. The EVO 4G still feels like a new phone. But you can’t beat Sense 3.0 on the 3D!

Did the hard reset after the first update and then updated with the second HTC update and my lock screen dialer is still missing??? LOL

Only caveat to being "good to go"...shortcut was still empty after rebooting...I had to go back and select phone, but at least it's there again as a choice!

ATT= customer service? Wait, is that right? Ummm, Nope. Miraculously updated Inspire 4g into a paperweight. Time to root! ATT SUCKS!! Flashing! Peace.