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HTC UK is using its Facebook page to invite fans to London to celebrate the launch of "HTC with Beats Audio", in a party at London's Roundhouse next Thursday, Oct. 6. The party, which follows on from a press conference earlier in the day, features performances by Fedde le Grand, Martin Solveig as well as a "surprise headliner." More importantly, we'll also be there.

As far as shiny new HTC products go, we can probably expect an appearance from its new flagship phone, the Sensation XE. And we wouldn't be surprised to see an official unveiling of the frequently-leaked HTC Runnymede, either.

HTC has 1001 spaces available, which it'll fill with a random selection of applicants. To apply for your ticket, you can head over to HTC UK on Facebook and click the button. If you want to bring a friend, there's also the option to apply for two tickets.

Source: HTC UK on Facebook


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HTC invites fans to London for Beats Audio event


I love Sense and I love good sound. I'm running a 3.5 port on my OG Evo and it's pretty damn smooth! The Beats enhancement is a bit buggy but it does sound really good! I'm looking forward to this!

I'm the opposite. Gimme an HTC phone with HD screen, and Samsung can keep its so-called "Prime."

You can have your HTC. This EVO has made me want to scream since the Gingerbread Update. It took rooting it to slow down the white screen reboots and help with lag, but it does nothing for the memory leak problem that hasn't been addressed (and no, a hard reset is not a fix for the memory leak that GINGERBREAD caused). I didn't have a single soft reboot with Froyo. Should've never updated.

You can have Beats Audio too. I don't listen to enough music on my phone for that to matter, and making "Dr. Dre" richer isn't on my priority list. And you have Sense too. I can't stand the version of it that came on the EVO 4G. Maybe the newer versions are better, but they aren't for the EVO. No thanks. Enjoy your trip to the UK.

My EVO 3D and BEATS headphones that I already owned sound great with this app I found in the market.

Volume+ (Sound Boost)
It's costs like $2, but the market description has a link to the website to get it for free.

Who needs BEATS enhancements when there is a app that can let you fully adjust the Gingerbread audio API for free.
This app works on stock and custom roms.

Nice try HTC and Dre.