Seidio Innocase II surface on the HTC Inspire 4G

The Seidio Innocase II Surface for the HTC Inspire 4G is a great way to protect your HTC Inspire 4G or Desire HD.  Yes, this is one time when our friends across the pond have the same body and outer shell on their version of a phone as we do here in the states.  The case is made of Seidio's unique soft touch material that flexes when needed but is a sort of hard composite material.  I'm not sure exactly what material it's made of, but I know it's tough.  The case is very thin so it keeps the thin profile of the Inspire and adds very little bulk, but offers protection from bumps and dings.

The case cutouts line up very well with all the controls and ports, and wraps around the corners to give just enough of a lip so that the screen won't touch the table if you lay your phone face-down.  On the back, the case is just thick enough so that the camera lens cover won't get scratched.  The two-piece design is coated with a soft flocked material inside to keep your Inspire from getting scratched while putting it on. 

The locking "mechanism" on this one seems to have been improved compared to when I've used the same model case on other phones.  It's the same slide and lock system, but it seems stiffer, and almost difficult to remove.  This could be the shape of the Inspire itself at play, but whatever it is the Innocase II Surface isn't going to come apart in your pocket.  The only drawback I found is the cutout for the power button makes it a bit more difficult to turn the phone on and off, but the way the button itself sits far forward on the Inspire's body it's the only way it could have been done.  Seidio does provide a large area to place your finger, and it's probably a matter of getting used to things.

You can get the Seidio Innocase II Surface for the Inspire 4G for $27.95 from the Android Central store in amethyst, blue, black, or burgundy.

 Seidio Innocase II for the Inspire  rear view

Assembly  sliding design

Earpiece  Camera cutout

top  bottom

volume switch cutout


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HTC Inspire case review: Seidio Innocase II Surface


Sure hope this works better than their Droid X cases. I carried mine confidently for a few months, then, the *first* time I dropped it, it failed miserably. The case opened (didn't break) and my phone slid face first across the driveway. They told me they wouldn't refund me and offered a replacement (which is frustrating because I really don't want another version of the case that failed so badly). But since that initial rejection note, they've stopped returning my emails.

I've used Seidio's batteries and holsters for years, and thought I was making a good move in waiting patiently for their Dx cases to come out. But their massive failures, both in products and customer service, have turned me off Seidio. With all due respect to the fine folks from Android Central and their paycheck-generating accessory store, I have to say "buyer beware" on Seidio "protective" cases.

Felt this one out in the store. Something about it seemed frail and not well executed. Ended up going with the Speck case. It's grey not black which sucks a little but it's way more solid. It matches all of the countours of the phone with a rubber interior and a hard plastic exterior. Matched with a screen protector, almost none of the phone is exposed. All of the buttons have a a rubber trigger built into the case.

Ordered this about 2 weeks ago from you guys in black!
Loving it btw, I bought my girlie one for her incredible
a while back, but when I got my captivate, found out Seido
doesn't make these cases for it, or hadn't at the time. First thing
I did when getting the Inspire was to check if it had this type of case.
Love the felt interior and soft feeling exterior.

i have had this case for the evo and i just got it for the inspire. will order another for my husband's inspire as well. it protected my evo when i dropped it several times. be careful and do not buy the best buy version as it is not made of the same quality and will scratch your phone inside the case. the lining on the inside of the surface II helps prevent that

This is pretty much the same as the Tbolt, the review would sound exactly like this one.
Power button wierd but fucntional cut out
stiff but still feels great in hand
cut outs line up perfect.

I had an Innocase II on my Nexus One and passed up the free case offer from AT&T when I got my Inspire to get another Innocase. Never had any issues with unintended opening, in fact, this thing is damn hard to get it to open even when I want to. The N1 still looked virtually new after a year and I expect the Inspire will as well. A great product that has protected my phone well from falls, which though rare, do unfortunately happen.

I picked up this exact case with its matching holster in a combo pack from Best Buy (Seidio makes Best Buy's "Platinum Series" Cases) for $35. I run with my Inspire with Endomondo and was concerned with how well the holster would hold the phone in it. I was pleased to find that the spring on the top that secures the phone is very strong and I have no hesitation using this on any run of any distance. Truly a great case & holster combo!