Inspire 4G system files

New phones always means new goodies for developers and hackers.  With the release of the HTC Inspire 4G to a few people, it was only a matter of time until the system of AT&T's big beauty were pulled out and made available.  As you can see in our hands-on with the Inspire 4G, it's the new version of HTC Sense -- Evo, Dinc and Desire hackers take note -- without too much AT&T bloat added in to screw it up make things better.

If you're curious, or like to tinker grab it and have a look.  And if you're planning on getting the Inspire 4G and doing any type of happy hacking on it, grab it as a safety net.  Trust me ;)  [Android Central forums]


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HTC Inspire 4G system dump available


So, the Inspire has a Blockbuster app. Is the app for streaming? If so, why is Netflix having such an issue? BB app has been out for some Verizon Andoid based phones for nearly a year, if not longer.

Sorry, Netflix (well, any video streaming like Zumocast or AirVideo) streaming is the only thing that makes me regret giving up my iPhone back in October.

Yes the Blockbuster app allows for streaming. Netflix is said to be eyeing Android with the lack of effective DRM, they are staying away for now. Google is also said to be looking to fix that concern

Never mind. If only I would learn to follow the links you post. Sorry for the stupid question. I guess someone had to do it!