Case-Mate Barely There case for the Inspire 4G

Some of us don't need a big, bulky case that protects our phones from rough treatment, and prefer a slim case that keeps things from getting scratched and slips easily into a pocket or purse.  The Case-Mate Barely There case for the Inspire 4G is that case. 

It's a one-piece, very thin (hey, it's barely there!) hard, yet flexible and impact resistant shell that neatly covers the rear of your Inspire 4G or Desire HD.  It's designed to leave all the ports and buttons on the top and bottom of the phone open, and the volume switch on the side is cut-out for easy use.  It's simple to put on and take off, and is going to do a great job keeping the back of your phone from getting dings or scratches.  While the case covers the back and corners, the included Case-Mate screen protector covers the big 4.3-inch piece of glass up front.

If you're looking for a case that's slim and attractive, you should have a look at the Case-Mate Barely there case.  You can find it in the Android Central store, in black, pink, white, and mirrored silver for $17.95. 

Case-Mate Barely There Inspire 4G  Case-Mate Barely There Inspire 4G 

Case-Mate Barely There Inspire 4G  Case-Mate Barely There Inspire 4G 

Case-Mate Barely There Inspire 4G  Case-Mate Barely There Inspire 4G 

Case-Mate Barely There Inspire 4G  Case-Mate Barely There Inspire 4G

There are 11 comments

kinster02 says:

My cases of choice...I love the barely there cases.

tino72 says:

need one for the thunderbolt!

ddot196 says:

Great case...I had their other case before and didnt like the bulk of it or the rubber that was on the side. It would always get stuck in my pockets. This thing is great and slides in and out of your pockets easily.

jnl813 says:

Slow news day huh guys. Geez enough with the Case reviews get an exclusive instead please!

kagenish says:

it sound like a great case

flashpiti says:

I can't tell from the pics, will this protect the screen at all if it falls on it's face?

bhayden25 says:

One of those is coming with the Inspire i ordered. Just the way i like cases barely there

bhayden25 says:

@kagenish No because it only covers the back of the phone. Screen Protectors are always good way to go.

dylan808 says:

could you guys do a review on the Case Mate Pop for the Inspire next?

TheBrizz says:

I've been using this case for about two weeks and it's exactly what I wanted; it protects the phone from dings and scratches without adding bulk or changing the shape of the device. I've never understood people that get these sleek, sexy phones and put them in big, bulky, ugly cases.

Do not buy this case - I have this case in silver and it blocks the GPS signal. It took weeks of calling AT&T and HTC, then I finally had an "AH HA" moment and took the case off. My GPS now works flawlessly and connects quickly. There is something in the design of this case that blocks the phone from "seeing a satellite". I dont think it is the same with all case mate cases as I also have the "Tough Case" and my GPS works fine - just the "Barely There" seems to be causing the problem. Its a shame because it is a nice looking case (and there is not much out right now) and it protected my phone nicely. I did notice that the "Barely There" case does not have the big open cut out on the back like the other cases maybe that has someting to do with it. However, until they revise the design DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY OR YOUR TIME TRYING TO FIGURE OUT WHY YOUR GPS WONT CONNECT.