Incredible 4G

Up until now we have only seen the HTC Incredible 4G surface in some documents, but it appears as though the folks at Android Police have landed themselves some blurrycam shots. Looking quite similar to the HTC Rezound, the HTC Incredible 4G appears to be sporting a 4-inch display, except this time they have added the capacitive button style of the newer devices like the HTC One X (and its cousins). The device should launch with Ice Cream Sandwich with Sense 4.0 on top of it.

Packing 1GB of RAM internally and a mere 8GB of internal storage, and it will be powered by a 1.2GHz processor as well. The device should feature an 8MP shooter on the back, and have Beats Audio support, though no headphones included. Unlike the HTC One X, the Incredible 4G will have a user removable battery and battery door. While nothing is firm, their tipster suggests we could see this device in the $99 - $149 price range on contract. Here's to hoping we see this device hit officially sooner than later.

Source: Android Police


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Verizon HTC Incredible 4G smiles for the blurrycam


Well, if they are going to make more they should at least make sure that they are priced lower than other value phones with better specs. I mean, that just seems like common sense to me.

I loved my Original incredible, if they put a nice screen on this, i would say this to be a great 4 inch phone. Considering most HTC phones at some point will have unlockable bootloaders, this is great for the dev community.

i wasnt a fan of the Inc 2 simply because the LTE push was coming. Hopefully when full specs drop its something to cheer about

But notice no whining about the fugly back side of the phone.

Hello wanna-be-phone-designers???? Crickets.

I've always thought the back of the Incredible line, even the Rezound are ugly! I'd even throw in my Thunderbolt too when it has the extended battery and its hump. :( But hey, at least none of them have a glossy black surface or a small red kickstand that looks like the stick from the ol' cheese and crackers snack. ;P

Because it doesn't look too bad, I think. It certainly looks like a Dinc, that's for sure. I assume it's the One S, but with the smaller memory I wonder if they went the Sprint route and had a microSD slot installed?

I wonder if that back is MAO? I love that.

HTC isn't in the position to mandate that to their carrier partners.

Which is Sprint is getting their own One X variant, the EVO 4G LTE and Verizon is getting their own One S variant, this DROID Incredible 4G.

Yes....feel bad, feel very bad for Verizon customers! All that choice along with the largest 4g network. The shame.

Rather, feel bad for iPhone sheep. Choose which network you wanna use the same lifeless app launching phone on....ats it's 3G and tiny.

Well, this is the HTC Fireball. It's just like the Rezound, and Verizon is screwing up. First with the LG phones and now two HTC phones that are just a like.

Looks like I got a good deal upgrading from the Droid Inc. to the Rezound at 49.99. I really think Verizon has a special deal with Motorola and that's why all their "top phones" are motorola phones and they barely advertise any other brand. To be fair to moto, HTC has flagship phones on every other carrier. I've never really felt that moto makes quality devices, I always preferred samsung until I discovered HTC.

The Original Droid incredible was a powerful phone. This effort pales in comparison. I remember when the Droid name attached to a Verizon phone meant something. But then again the Nexus name used to mean something too. I switched two months ago to a Galaxy Nexus. Im still waiting on an official update.

Hell, I still use the original Incredible. I'm using it with CM 7 and Anker 1700mAh batteries. You'd have to pry this thing out of my cold dead hands. I'm in no hurry to upgrade.

My upgrade kicked in back in January. So I'm due for an upgrade. And this phone and the Rezound are the only 2 phones I have been thinking about. The specs sound good. Not great. I have to see this thing in person. If it gives me what I am looking for at a great price, I'll pick this up. If not, the Rezound is my next phone. Still Love my Incredible!

What an INCREDIBLE disappointment!!! Is this what Verizon will be passing off as a "one" device? This thing is hideous and small. What's so incredible about a 4" screen? Is it too much to ask to have a proper version of HTC's new flagship phones?

I sure hope there is a SD card slot. The inc was worthy of its name. The inc2 wasn't top line in features but was still a great phone. That ugly back is very comfortable to hold in the hands.
Now I'm thinking this will be the final inc. I can't imagine who would want it except those that prefer the 4 inch size.
Please, please do away with hardware buttons. They just aren't needed any more.

If they made it a world phone like the DInc2 but with 4G, I'd consider it as a second phone for when I travel.