HTC Holiday

If the HTC Holiday is high up there on your LTE capable device want list, you shouldn't have that much longer to wait. The FCC has done their due dilligence and gave the device blessing to proceed with 1700/2100/700 LTE bands intact. If you're looking for any carrier details in the FCC filing, you won't find them but this one has been pegged for AT&T since it started popping up.

Source: FCC; via Engadget


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HTC Holiday checks in at the FCC


I moved from 3G to HSPA 4G and I was able to keep my grandfathered unlimited data. So hopefully this will be the same deal.

This is what happens. Anyone who has unlimited data on att will lose it if they decided to get an lte capable device. It sucks but att has a different usage plan for their lte network which comes with a new agreement. I know this because att reps advised me a while ago when they were setting up the network

Any recommendation from anybody if I should wait for this one or the Samsung galaxy s2.?..they are both great devices ...decisions !!!

I think this HTC Holiday is better than the GS2.

* HTC Sense 3.0 is better than Touchwiz
* 960 x 540 resolution vs 800 x 480
* LTE 4G speeds vs only HSPA+
* FYI: HTC Holiday rumored to also have NFC
* Metal back cover vs 100% plastic back
* Button layout Home Menu Back Search vs Menu Home Back Search (personal choice but I like HTC better)

Thanks a lot for the info and feedback...I like the screen on the Samsung galaxy s2...but like you say I like the built quality of HTC And I like sense vs touchwiz, and HTC is having a bigger screen which is a plus for me, including faster updates from HTC... So may wait for the holiday to come out first...

Plastic is flexible, you pop off the back and lets say you accidently bend it, it snaps back into place. Metal is rigid, you some how bend it and you need a new battery door. Touchwiz 4.0 is smoother than Sense 3.x. And finally, NFC is not necessary at the moment, not many things are ustilizing the technology yet, it's just there, I'm pretty sure by the time it's utilized there will be an even better phone you'll have your eyes on. So don't just go off specs, go play with the phones at your local att store and see which one you like better.

I'm thinking in my area LTE will not be useful until 1-2 years time. So I'm going with the best phone out, regardless of 3G or 4G. I have been off contract since April and am not in a "mad Dash" to buy a phone($ issues). I want to make sure my purchase is as much future proof as I can buy at the time. Maybe the Holiday's debut on AT&T, would see GS2 take a price drop. My point is we don't know until booth are out, we could go to the stores and see, feel, touch, compare them then make and educated decision.

Yes 1700 MHz is a T-Mobile frequency that is paired with 2100 MHz to be called AWS (1700/2100). But AT&T also has some AWS (1700/2100) spectrum that they haven't utilized yet. And AT&T will not be deploying HSPA+ on their AWS spectrum but rather LTE. But most of AT&T's LTE spectrum is in the 700 MHz range. If the T-Mobile purchase goes through you can bet that AT&T will be converting that T-Mobile AWS specrtum for more LTE.

All of this is wonderful speculation, the specs look killer, this phone is at the top of my wish list and I'm up for upgrade at the end of October. The question now occurs, how long from FCC blessing to AT&T release??? I want to ditch this slower-than-snakespit BB9700 as soon as possible after my upgrade option becomes official. Then I can truly say the only fruit I deal with is the kind I can harvest from a plant and eat. (Bump BB and crApple)

Who said anything about patience? We gotta wait for it if we want it but nobody said anything about doing so patiently. BRING ON THE HOLIDAY (RAIDER, WHATEVER THE HECK THEY'RE GONNA CALL IT) NOW!!!!!