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It's fall refresh time, and it looks like HTC's getting geared up to unleash an arsenal of new products in just a couple of weeks time. This afternoon we received the 'save the date' reminder above, inviting us to an event in New York City on Sept. 19. For those keeping track of all the events and announcements we're expecting around that time, that's 24 hours after Moto and Intel strut their stuff in London, and just a couple of days ahead of the expected iPhone 5 retail release. (Yeah, it's going to be a crazy few weeks.)

What's particularly interesting is that our sister site WPCentral also received the same invite, suggesting that HTC might unveil not only new Android devices, but some Windows Phone 8 stuff, too. The WPC kids have been been hearing rumors of a possible HTC "Accord" or "8X" over the past few days, so we'll have to see if that materializes on the 19th.

On the Android side, possibilities include that weird iMac-looking tablet thing, as well as the perpetually-rumored Verizon-bound 1080p-screened 5-inch device. Any more wild theories? Throw 'em out in the comments. Both Android Central and WPCentral will be live from New York City on the 19th to bring you live coverage of whatever HTC's got up its sleeve.


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HTC holding U.S. event on Sept. 19, new devices likely


I’m kind of already sold in the lumia 920, but hey if HTC what’s to impress me then go ahead. I’ll take nicer screen or something. That or verizon doesn’t get the lumia at all and then I guess I’m your’s htc is I go the WP 8 route.

HTC terminator that goes around killing HTC's competition IRL then suddenly stops midway as it realizes it has human emotions, it then disappears after saying 'ill be back baby'.

Sounds about right!

If it has a non user replaceable battery it's a non-starter... Oh, yeah I hear Apple has scheduled an event for September 20th, announcing further Patent lawsuits against HTC ;-)

Quad core snapdragon
5 Inch screen
Slightly higher resolution
Expandable storage
2500ma+ removable battery
Sense 4.5 with jellybean

My prediction

Just realized that with all the new stuff being announced I'm still really happy with my GNex. I believe the cycle on these devices is way to short but for us consumers it's great. Looking forward to all the new product from everyone, though happily holding onto my Nexus.

My prediction from HTC:

HTC Rebound

Even if these will JUST BE Windows phones they will be showing off, This about the hardware side of things. All the new hardware could be what our next Android smartphones could look like.

Its gonna be a busy month with Motorola , HTC , Nokia & Apple !!!

Personally, I'm hoping for a Windows Phone 8 devices, maybe a WP8 One X

very good observation on the thinking maybe we'll get the windows 8 phone...A one series inspired tablet running JellyBean...And hollow promises for devices being upgraded to JB "soon"...

I am happy to hear there might be more windows phones. I really want to see windows get better in the cell phone area. I think if they keep it up they will have a great phone OS. It is always nice to have a selection of OS.

One of the theories is that the 1080p device would be the successor to the Rez. Even about a year into its release I still can't get over the travesty VZW committed by not better promoting the Rezound.
Hope the new 5 incher will have a few industry firsts like the Rez wife will have to hand over her upgrade in that case ^_^

And after owning 5 devices with non removable batteries (Droid RAZR , Droid 4, HTC One X, and 2 generations of iPhone) I am long past being outraged over it.

anything less than 64g internal (built in or SD card I don't care) is a FAIL! oh did I mention any battery less than 2100mah or probably better depending on life is FAIL! I feel like all.manufacturers just don't get it... someone buys their first smartphone, and the battery life sux, they don't k.ow about batt. size etc usually, cause they don't read AC etc. they will never buy a phone from that company again. never get a second chance to make a first impression, might be part of the reason their company is going backwards. I have a tbolt andlove it, love HTC but they just don't get cheaping out on important issues like this turn people off. phone is great in the store, but after owning it people will hate it. one x is a great phone but I would not take it for free cause of the batt and storage fail. I don't want to micro manage what is on my phone cause it has a wimp 16g storage.

Still rocking my Evo 3D until HTC gets their act together and gives me something with on screen buttons, a truly beautiful screen, Google Wallet, and expandable storage.

Something like EVO LTE?

With the exception of on screen buttons, it has everything you are looking for... And honestly, having on screen buttons on anything other than an amoled screen is a waste of battery.