HTC highlights BlinkFeed in new commercials, wants you to stop digging

The HTC One has a lot going for it. There's the UltraPixel camera. It has a fantastic unibody aluminum design. Let's not forget the sillily-named but great-sounding BoomSound speakers. And so much more. And while all that is nice, HTC really wants you to know about the software, specifically they want you to know about BlinkFeed.

So HTC America's posted to YouTube a pair of new commercials (after the break) that highlight BlinkFeed. They both play off the same concept: BlinkFeed surfaces relevant content for you on its own, keeping you from having to dig for it yourself. Literally, digging. It's an interesting visual metaphor, watching that poor guy shovel a pile of dirt out of his not-an-HTC but-certainly-meant-to-represent-a-Samsung smartphone. While BlinkFeed might not be for everybody (though you should know that you can use BlinkFeed to keep up with Android Central and the rest of the Mobile Nations network), the excellent hardware of the HTC One isn't the only selling point HTC has to offer.

Though HTC is sure in both ads to point out that the One is "all-metal", surely another dig at Samsung. It's clear that HTC is targeting Samsung as their sole competitor here. Samsung's arguably-over-the-top TouchWiz Nature UX doesn't serve up nearly as much news and social information as cohesively BlinkFeed can, and the new Galaxy S4 is certainly much more on the all-plastic side in comparison to HTC's all-metal One.

HTC has retired their old "quietly brilliant" tagline as they've opted to be more aggressive in their advertising efforts. Money's tight for HTC, so even with a more assertive marketing campaign they can't hope to match what Samsung (and Apple) will be putting on the table. HTC's all-in with the One - but will it be enough? Simple, clever, and smartly-targeted commercials like this might do it - assuming HTC can afford to buy enough airtime to cut through the noise.

Source: HTC America (YouTube)


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HTC highlights BlinkFeed in new commercials, wants you to stop digging


Well I still got the S4 and while this advert isn't exactly true unless you have some really sucky phone, it's a great ad from HTC, basically all Android's come with social widgets so you don't need to 'dig' anyway.

Too bad your Google Alerts aren't streamed to blinkfeed. That not being removable , for some strange reason, a 4 mp, and over complicating sense actions while stock is so good as is, are the only things wrong. Other than that, I'd love to get the One, but vzw like true idiots passed on the one. The build and speakers alone is enough for me to want it, and I'm sure some good stock android roms will come out for it

i know! i am so bummed that verizon did not sign onto the one. they didnt want to make the droid DNA obsolete too quickly, too bad they didnt make the same decision with my bionic, which only preceded the razr by a few months. Chances are a droid branded cousin of the one will come out by the fall and it will be the DNA 2 or something like that. Bummer that we have to settle for the S4. The purpose of android is to have options

BlinkFeed is NOT just like Flipboard.

But how could you possibly know ybcthanerd?

I guess the insignificant resemblance was enough to easily mislead you.

The whole digging thing with the dirt coming off the phone is rather lame IMO. First of all I have no problem finding information anytime either via apps or the web browser. Second, I have no interest in any of it grouped together on my home screen. Even if I did, there's always Flipboard.

I didnt think I would use it but i love it i get all kinds of info i didnt even know that i wanted much better then i thought it would be

Of course, BlinkFeed is not even close.

BlinkFeed is significantly different and much better.

And Samsung's wave your hand over the screen is not a gimmick? By the way, have you seen all the articles about how the gimmicks Samsung has stuffed the phone with has made it sluggish and the cure is to turn them all off?

That ultrapixel camera has already been exposed as rubbish/average/inferior to the Samsung-tuned sony camera in the S4.

Also, HTC isn't ever going to get my business unless they at least start putting the capacitive buttons on the traditional/normal sides.

And if my phone ever breaks or the battery goes bad, I don't want to have to mail it off into some black hole address never to be seen again, or come back covered in scratches, missing the SD card etc.
It's like when you used to take your car to the mechanic and the faggot adjusts the seat before he drove it a whole 10m, into the garage. And then later put dirty workshop hand grime all over your steering wheel.

I've heard that people use the word faggot because those who know better won't. You can keep using it if you like, but it may say more about you than you really want.

Typical Samsung fanboy knucklehead.

Is your 8 GB of available internal storage causing freeze ups, reboots, or out of space notifications yet, sucker?

Wow..a lot of people hate to give credit when credit is due, especially when something is better than what they have or believe in.

For me, I have both the S4 and One. And Blinkfeed is a great feature. And HTc did a great job with the commercials as well.

Yep things just get worse as Samsung gets bigger and bigger more and more morons seem to be picking up the phone and going on an attack against everyone not using the same phone.

Dang, can't edit a comment with the new app. I heard this the other day when someone was talking about how Samsung users feel superior to everyone else. cannot set up Flipboard to do the exact same thing.

Perhaps people like you should take a few minutes to read about Flipboard at the Play Store and descriptions of BlinkFeed in a few of the HTC One reviews.

Then fewer shoot from the hip lazy retrogrades might inhabit these forums.

"the new all metal HTC One...." sounds awkward to me. As if people would say " yippie! its all metal!" Come on now.

Well, I think it fits because the main complaint that I hear from people about the Galaxy line is that they feel "plasticy".

Haven't heard anyone say "yippie! it's all metal!" like you just imagined.

Actually people have said they like the high quality unibody metal design including reviewers.

Moreover, I haven't heard nor read anyone saying "yippie, it's all plastic!" yet I wouldn't even imagine that either.

While the BlinkFeed looks nice (just like the tiles thing from Windows Phone), I'm not certain I could care less. I will openly admit that I rarely use the social networks, though. I tend not to "browse for content" on my phone and look straight for a particular piece of information. I use my full computer to browse. My top apps on my phone are: GMail, Firefox, Google Now, and Contacts/Phone.

Also, to those saying "it's not like Flipboard", the review here: says that's it's basically JUST like FlipBoard.

To all the people who say they love Blink Feed and that Flipboard, in no way, compares... you might want to use both apps. I have had Flipboard since it was released on iOS. I got the One before it hit shelves and used Blink Feed and it was horrible. Flipboard is 100 times better. You cannot add "everything" or as much to Blink Feed like you can Flipboard and I believe Blink Feed is still using the single timeline format where as Flip Board groups individual feeds... making it a lot easier to navigate.

Questions to all the Flipboard haters... which one came out first? Can Blink Feed do the same things Flipboard does? Can Flipboard do the same as Blnk Feed?

Answer the questions HONESTLY and you will have your answer to which one is truly better.