We're live at Facebook HQ, where the company's just announced Facebook Home and the aptly-named HTC First -- the first handset to run Facebook's new software suite. Before we dig into our full hands-on preview, there's just time to  take a look at the hardware and software in our video walkthrough of the phone.

As we've come to expect from HTC, the 'First' is a sleek piece of hardware, with a soft-touch plastic back and a minimalist look reminiscent of its Windows Phone 8 stuff. And on the software side, Facebook has radically altered what we've come to expect from Android phones, bringing a home screen experience based upon photos, content and people.

Check out our video walkthrough above. The HTC First ships on Apr. 12 on AT&T, priced $99.99.


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HTC First video walkthrough


No support for widgets makes this a nonstarter for me, but it would make a nice addition to the existing app.

So is the Facebook Home launcher dependent on having the Android Facebook app? If so, Facebook still has not addressed it's primary problem in that Facebook runs like crap on Android. *slow claps* Bravo!

Facebook is paying them to develop it,
Facebook will market it to teenagers, and
Facebook will foist it on the carriers,
Facebook will probably handle all updates.

I can't see anything but WIN for HCT.

Just like they did for the ChaCha? Doubt it. I agree, this is why HTC is losing money hand over fist. It's all these kitchey phones that probably won't even sell 50k units worldwide.

You can practically see the conversations Facebook had with manufacturers in the announcement.

Zuckerberg: "We have this cool idea to turn phones into dedicated Facebook browsers. Can we develop a dedicated phone for this together?"

Apple: "Lolwut?" *click*

Google/Motorola: "Doesn't sound 'wow' enough."

Samsung: "Hmmm... sounds like it won't make any money. Tell ya what, make it a separate app, pay us a boat load of money, and we'll let you tell people it can be installed on our newest phones."

HTC: "Where do we sign?!"

"The moment you unlock the phone you can see photos of your friends posing in front of a mirror shirtless". I mean who wouldn't want that??? AMIRITE?