We're live at Facebook HQ, where the company's just announced Facebook Home and the aptly-named HTC First -- the first handset to run Facebook's new software suite. Before we dig into our full hands-on preview, there's just time to  take a look at the hardware and software in our video walkthrough of the phone.

As we've come to expect from HTC, the 'First' is a sleek piece of hardware, with a soft-touch plastic back and a minimalist look reminiscent of its Windows Phone 8 stuff. And on the software side, Facebook has radically altered what we've come to expect from Android phones, bringing a home screen experience based upon photos, content and people.

Check out our video walkthrough above. The HTC First ships on Apr. 12 on AT&T, priced $99.99.

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dwd3885 says:

cool. Looks like a stock AOSP device, minus the launcher.

vansmack says:

No support for widgets makes this a nonstarter for me, but it would make a nice addition to the existing app.

msnight04 says:

So is the Facebook Home launcher dependent on having the Android Facebook app? If so, Facebook still has not addressed it's primary problem in that Facebook runs like crap on Android. *slow claps* Bravo!

jerrod6 says:

So I buy this phone so I can do Facebook stuff easier?

Not happening.

jerrod6 says:

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still1 says:

no widgets? i will pass

NickA says:

This is not what HTC needs to get back into the game.

icebike says:

Facebook is paying them to develop it,
Facebook will market it to teenagers, and
Facebook will foist it on the carriers,
Facebook will probably handle all updates.

I can't see anything but WIN for HCT.

This. It really seems like a no brainer given HTCs current situation. Piggyback on one of the largest companies in the world.

maerlim says:

Just like they did for the ChaCha? Doubt it. I agree, this is why HTC is losing money hand over fist. It's all these kitchey phones that probably won't even sell 50k units worldwide.

oldescript says:

You're dead on...maybe the best decision they've made in a long time!

Pundre says:

Guess it's gonna be a fun phone for a young teen and/or Facebook junkies.

maerlim says:

You can practically see the conversations Facebook had with manufacturers in the announcement.

Zuckerberg: "We have this cool idea to turn phones into dedicated Facebook browsers. Can we develop a dedicated phone for this together?"

Apple: "Lolwut?" *click*

Google/Motorola: "Doesn't sound 'wow' enough."

Samsung: "Hmmm... sounds like it won't make any money. Tell ya what, make it a separate app, pay us a boat load of money, and we'll let you tell people it can be installed on our newest phones."

HTC: "Where do we sign?!"

fchowd0311 says:

"The moment you unlock the phone you can see photos of your friends posing in front of a mirror shirtless". I mean who wouldn't want that??? AMIRITE?

Pundre says:

spot on.. lol.

ScottJ says:

You need better friends.

This phone is truly going to suck at school because facebook is blocked on the wi fi