Shift 4G Gingerbread leak

Someone had better call a plumber, 'cause the leaks are going crazy!  Here's another Gingerbread leak, this time for the HTC Evo Shift 4G.  But this one has a twist -- Shift 4G developer TMartin03 has already snapped the pieces together and built a flashable custom ROM for the Shift, and it's ready and waiting for you to download and try.  For now, it's a stock build that's been rooted and had busybox added, but I'm sure development on this one will be going full steam shortly.

If you're rooted and ROM'd, give it a try and make your Speedy even more speedy.

Source: 911Sniper (original leak); XDA-Developers (custom ROM)

Thanks, cr33p, for the heads up!


Reader comments

HTC Evo Shift 4G Gingerbread leaked, custom ROM already built and running


Despite the fact that my wife has a Shift and I can't wait to try this on her phone, I will be VERY upset if the Shift gets Gingerbread before my Evo does.

So has the shift always had 2.1 sense because if not, that's messed up if my OG doesn't get it. Can someone clarify that they upgraded sense for the shift?

yep, been running it half the day, since it was posted. Going to see what a full day is like on it. Everything works.

Hopefully this fixes the call waiting bug, where a call would drop if someone else calls you while you're on the phone and neither call would be recorded in the call log. Doesn't happen consistently, but still a bug nonetheless.

Wow, so many leaks lately. It's good to see a round of 2.3 ROMs leaking out which will soon make their official rounds to these devices.
Perhaps the manufacturers and carriers read Jerry's recent article and are intentionally leaking these ROMs :) (I know, probably far from true but you never know) lol

Ok All I been seeing for the past few weeks are leaks left and right, and that's awesome but when the damn Evo Shift gets a leak and my Evo doesn't that's just straight out a slap on the face... What is going on HTC/Sprint? I love flashing new roms but damn I need my sense and gingerbread already. UGH!!!!