Evo 4G update

HTC has confirmed to us that a maintenance update (3.70.651.1) is being pushed out to the Sprint Evo 4G as we type. No, it's not Gingerbread. Gonna have to wait a while for that, folks. Instead, it looks like we're getting:

  • Blockbuster (including WM DRM 10)
  • Kindle eReader
  • Preloaded try/buy video game: NOVA from Gameloft
  • Sprint Zone update
  • Latest Telenav
  • Latest VVM App
  • Latest Sprint TV app
  • SWYPE Keyboard
  • Scan Now Widget for 4G (does not need to be available on any panel, just a widget option users could find and use).

If you don't want to wait for the update to push to your phone, we've got manual installation instructions after the break. (Note that it's worked for some people; I've had problems with my old Google IO freebie Evo.) More on the update in our Evo 4G forums.

  1. Download the update from this link.
  2. Rename it to update.zip (but be sure not to rename it update.zip.zip). Save it to your Evo's microSD card.
  3. Time to reboot into recovery mode. Turn the phone off. Then hold the volume down button, and press the power button. You should boot to a white screen with three Android guys on skateboards.
  4. Use the volume button to select RECOVERY, and press the power button again. The Evo will now reboot into recovery. You should see a render of a phone, with a red triangle and exclamation point.
  5. Hold the volume up button and press the power button. Choose applysdcard:update.zip. Let it do its thing.

Reader comments

HTC Evo 4G getting an update, adds NOVA demo game, Swype


Come on man... how long have you had that phone. Long Press anywhere you can type and you get options to switch keyboards... I got like 5 of them.

I can't wait to compare it (Swype) to Shapewriter. Which I do like, but it has no voice input key which is EXTREMELY irritating.

I'm going to bring this up again. Why can BlockBuster put out a movie streaming app and Netflix has all of these drm/framework issues?
I think Netflix just focused all of their efforts on iOS (they wanted 'ol Steve to mention them as being part of the iPhone/iPad) and only recently got around to caring about Android.

Nice to see HTC support there products... Samsung should take note. Or maybe it's Sprint who just cares more about the success of the Evo over the Epic. Let's face it on TV there are still lots of commercials for the Evo and I can't remember the last time I saw one for the Epic.

I agree. This is the exact reason I am waiting for the Evo Shift 4G instead of grabbing an Epic now.

I've noticed Android users are the biggest cry babies ever. There is always something to complain about and nobody is ever satisfied. Epic owners don't have 2.2. We do realize Samsung isn't the only manufacturer who hasn't pushed it out right? After a few months people are already lossing hope. Remember when the Epic first came out and everyone was whining about how Sprint was going to devote more time into the Epic based on some silly comparison commercial? Geeze you people are never satisfied. Patience is the most important quality in the Android world yet its the one quality many of you lack. Its replaced with a high sense of entitlement and a lack of reason. Oh....and I still see quite a few Epic commercials. Me and my girlfriend point out each time we see an Evo or Epic commercial since she has the Evo and I've got the Epic.

Sounds like a bunch of bloatware. However, I am absolutely STOKED about the 4G scan widget. Thats what I wanted from the beginning. Swype is exciting too. But why the hell are they forcing games and trial software on us? Sounds like microbloat. I mean microsoft.........

I am *psyched* about NOVA on my phone. Seriously. I think I'm gonna go to the bathroom at work now so that I can play it. For reals.

UPDATE: Yep. It's awesome, and I'll be buying it.

same here, can't install manually either, I downloaded the file renamed it, followed all the steps and it aborts itself.

No go on the manual install here either!! Ugh...

What if your phone is close to full? Would it say that is the problem or just fail?

This extra software may cause me some issues..

This is just a garbage update, plan and simple. If they fixed the laggy while on 4g issue OR better yet, for US paying teether users fix the poor signal problems since the last update its worth it. I put my Evo on teether, put next to my TiVo wifi G adaptor and the signal goes from 90% to 96, if anything is even a foot away its worse. I have had 3 different Evos with this problem. I'm getting ready to cancel teethering and just get clear 4g for there new $30 a month plan.

Your "garbage update" is another man's "glorious update". Just be glad that HTC is still issuing updates.

It's certainly a "garbage update" in my book. These apps will be non-removable, I'm sure, and add no value for me -- the user. If I wanted them, I would install them.

HTC/Sprint are pretending they own the phone. Or maybe I am.

Sure they will be non-removable, so root your phone and take ownership of it, and then delete the crap, not so much garbarge after all then.

Yeah, fine. But rooting should not be necessary, and putting the stock apps onto the Evo isn't always possible, due to various atrocities committed by HTC/Sprint when replacing stock apps with Sense/Sprint nonsense.

Yes. It's a great device, as is the Nexus 1. Their only downside is that they use T-Mobile, which has poor coverage.

Manual update fails on a hardware rev 0002 EVO. I think it's build number related. The updater is looking for build number 272076 or 294884. Mine is at 252548. I wonder if some update I did at some point screwed my version up or if the original EVO isn't supported... Maybe there's a different update file we haven't seen yet? Hopefully??

Yes - I've heard that it is causing force closes like crazy if not.

On the other hand, why not? It's probably best practice anyway...

I removed the Swype beta in preparation for the update. Should I also uninstall the Swype installer? Thanks...

I just got swype beta now I have to uninstall this is bull crap. I don't even want this update its just crapware and Swype, but I already have swype beta. All I wanted from a new update was the new Sense and they don't seem to have that

Beta software is beta software. Why someone would be upset they have to uninstall the beta to get the fully functional and supported version of the application is beyond me. I know you are upset that you just "got swype beta now", but there are many who never got the beta and this will be their first chance to use Swype on an EVO.

I agree I'm not complaining about having to uninstall because I went and got the beta it's not like it's that difficult to uninstall a program

More uninstallable demos? This is going to turn non Nexus devices into something worse than Windows computers full of bloatware. Ridiculous! If we want demos, we'll get them ourselves from the Market.

Actually I have no idea what the widget is/does. But the option under 4G settings to have it notify you of available 4G networks has been replaced by the option to scan for 4G networks...

I Have A White Evo Hardware Version 0004 Update Came Up And Download Great.. I Also Have A Black Evo Hardware Version 0003 But No Download. Is This Only For The New Phones ? Thanks

Never had swype before hope I get the update for my phone its the original can anyone tell me if they got the update for the original phone

My Market is now showing the new version (green top/coverflow). Coincidental or part of the update?

Manual update no workee for me! I get all the way to the "apply update" part. It starts to unzip, then says there's an error in the update. Anybody else have the same issue?

[cold wind blows through the bare trees... crow flies over, a dark spot against gray sky... single, oily tear flows down green metallic skin] [end scene]

Yes, it is for older evos as well. Swype is ok, but I am liking the gingerbread keyboard better right now.

Fraking figures. I've been waiting on Swype to deem from above that I'm worthy of using their software *rolls eyes* and finally get an invite on Monday and what happens. EVO gets it. Geesh.

Though it looks like more bloat, I do enjoy updates. Though, I'm NOT going to be updating with the update.zip method. I learned my lesson with the 2.2 update - beings I was one who installed a NOT SO final version of 2.2 back at that time. D'OH! I've used Swype and, yeah, not my favorite. I prefer SwiftKey. Though - KUDOS for seemingly constant updates from Sprint/HTC on the EVO. Gingerbread - here we come!

What a worthless fucking update. No thanks, Sprint/HTC. I don't want any more of your non-removable junkware. What I would like is for you to stop ruining android. Seriously, it's more work for you to not use the stock android software. You have to put time and money into replacing perfectly good things already in Froyo with Sense and Sprint junk. Knock it off.

Whoa...i feel ya but relax. Been going on with computers and smart phones for years.

But i do use the sprint NFL app and the sprint navigation app i think works better than Google nav. But it would be nice if these weren't baked into the ROM so we could easily remove them.

That it's been going on for years doesn't excuse it.

I own the phone, Not HTC/Sprint.

If they just put the sprint apps in the market, you could have it, and I wouldn't -- by choice for both of us.

it seems to me that only the new EVO'S are getting the update ( Hardware version 004 ) has anyone with hardware version 003 or 002 got the update?

I have Stock HW 0003 Evo and there is no OTA update. When I downloaded/copied/tried the 58MB zip from the forum, I got the verification error and it wouldn't install it. I am guessing it is not the right firmware for version 0003.

Many people on the forum are reporting that the manual update for 0003 does not work. Guess I have to just wait :(

exactly.... you would think they would have pushed it to us first and then them, but i guess it doesn't matter. we probably get it sometime tomorrow or late tonight

No joy for my black #0002 EVO in Detroit. Oh, well.

And to all you crybabies who look at all the free stuff Sprint gives you as "bloat" and fill your diapers as if you can't root and replace, STFU!!!! If you go to McDonald's and they super-size your Happy Meal for free, do you cry like John Boehner about it? Sheesh.

If I ordered a Happy Meal then no I wouldn't mind the super-size. Because if I don't want all of the Happy Meal I can get rid of what I don't want.

If I ordered a McRib and a McDonalds employee came out and forced me to eat a Happy Meal instead, then yes, I would be pissed off...which is what is happening here when Sprint puts shit on my phone that I don't want and can't take off.

And rooting, that's a great option, it it doesn't void my warranty. I shouldn't have to void the warranty on my $500 phone to get rid of software that I didn't want, and didn't put on my phone myself.


It is unwanted bloat, though. They could still offer it for free without shoveling it onto the phone without asking.

If they are "supersizing my happy meal", they are doing it by coming to my house and stuffing things into the box without asking me if I want it, and preventing me from taking it back out.

Anyone know if this MR actually "fixes" anything, or just puts crap on my phone that I can't uninstall?

Hopefully the updated Sprint TV will at least prevent it from launching itself in the background every five minutes.

@jturnbow: you do realize that it's not actually ruuning in the background, right? It's just a placeholder in the memory to conserve battery when you start it up. It is not harming a thing...even if you never use it.

IDK, when my phone starts getting sluggish I'll go into running apps and force close all these "place holders" that I didn't launch and suddenly my phone starts to work properly again.

And I'm not talking about some obscure apps I downloaded from the market, it's usually; Sprint TV, Sprint NAV, Stocks, Footprints, Flicker, and the HTC weather updater, even though I have weather updating turned off because I use a different app. All of these are apps that came baked into the ROM.

I had the same issues with my HTC Hero on Sprint. My phone would start crawling and if I went in and force closed most of these same apps my phone would be fine...for a while, until they all launched their "placeholders" again.

My evo never gets sluggish. If you experience sluggishness, it's not due to things acting as placeholders. It could be due to an app with a running service. All the "bloat" apps total less than 3MB of RAM, and use no CPU. Froyo handles tasks well. The RAM never gets below 60MB free on my Evo. You should reboot if you experience sluggishness
If you think those apps are slowing your phone down, consider this. When you reboot, they are all open, and your phone works great.

I can't say whether or not it may be some other app running with a service. But as I stated, when I FC the apps I listed, my phone starts to work normal again.

I also had this same issue with my HTC Hero on Sprint. Same sluggishness over time between reboots, with the same cleanup and speed boost after FCing the same culprits.

The only difference here is that my EVO is obviously vastly more powerful and or Froyo is vastly more efficient because my EVO isn't hit as hard performance wise like the Hero was.

Also, I'm not calling you a liar or anything like that, but I just don't believe that your EVO "never" gets sluggish. It's a machine running software, software goes haywire and needs a reboot every now and then...it always has, and it likely always will.

I updated my 003 early this morning (see 13:11 post above)...official HTC update, not the zip. Not sure what is going on with the rest of you guys.

Has anyone had a problem for HTC clock widget that the weather disappeared & won't appear again I have the 0002 model please help

yea alot of people are having the clock widget not work anymore. but so far that has nothing to do with the new software update. which i still havent gotten yet... :( by the way i dont have the new market either. outrageous....lol

I just started having the problem tonight. I have 3 cities that I view and one of them doesn't have the temp or condition icon. The other 2 cities are functioning normally. I think that it must get the info from a server somewhere which is not functioning, (to busy downloading software updates?).

24 hours later and still no update for hardware version 03 in SoFlo! Why, HTC, why????? I'm beginning to wonder if someone has shat the bed on this one...

I'm in Chicago with a rooted EVO hardware 3 and no update available and a friend of mines who works in the same office just undated his non-rooted EVO all I can say is What-the-hell!

Here the deal I have a rooted EVO with hardware 0003 and no update and a friend of mine who works in the same office with a non-rooted EVO same hardware has updated all I can say is "what the hell".

It's your fault because the apk has been out for a week. I even posted it in this thread. That's the beauty of Android...you don't have to wait.

tim242 shut up some people would like to get the update from HTC a company they can trust to give them the update safely not from a person who could just send a link to a virus.

Haven't you heard the rumor? The EVO 4g Rev. 0002 and 0003 are being phased out and from here on out only the newer Rev. 0004 is going to be supported. It's a bummer but thats what a sprint rep told me. :(

NO way it was an internal document. Rev. 0004 is the only revision from here on out that will be developed for. 002 and 003 were the test beds for the product and with the improved camera 004 is where it is at from here on out. Sorry to say, I have a 003 myself so I was bummed but now I'm trying to make it malfunction so I maybe it will get replaced with an 004. I suggest you do the same.

tompro, you're an idiot. HTC does not send out market updates, that would be Google. Do you know how many apks get downloaded? How many viruses have been reported? If you were that worried, you'd get an antivirus program, and be on your merry way. Ignorance of noob's that think they know it all. Ugggh

Just talked to a HTC rep and she told me that the update is still coming out in batches that's why I have not received it yet

@Tim242..some of us don't want to do it that way. The new market was pushed to the epic, but not my evo. So you can go f**k yourself.

moonover: Yeah, your comments point to your mentality. If you don't want to install the apk, fine. But bitching about not having it, when you could've already had it is a waste of time. It's an apk, not a ROM lol

WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!! The EVO 4G is NOT getting an update!! Only some older ones are.

If you have build number 3.29.651.5 CL 252548, don't waste your time!!

Hey pikov HTC has the update release takes up to 7 days to get on the device and Sprint still shows the Evo commercials so they put money towards the Evo and will make sure to give up date for all models since people won't buy a phone that won't get the latest updates meaning Sprint loses money.

It took two days to update everyone on Froyo... I'm really starting to wonder... My daughters brand new Evo (last week) was updated immediately. No luck with my 4 month old evo w/0003 Colorado!

I don't know what "tim242" is smoking but I will tell you this 3.29.651.5 cl252548 is about 75% of all the Evo's out there. new phones are getting the update... the older phones are in question here though.

It's so funny to read everyone's comments about the update not coming to the older models of the evo, it's not true and everyone that has the evo will eventually get this update. It may take a few days but it's coming. U can believe that. Seriously, if u don't know for sure about what ur talking about..... why post it???

I agree tyrant1975 (reluctantly)... frustration gets the best of you sometimes. Plus my daughter ribbing me about my "old" evo is killing me ;)

Just FYI my husband and I got our EVOs at the same time. Both the older version. He got his update, I have yet to receive mine.

Hardware 0003 and just finished downloading in CT. :) Now all I need is for my Revue to get its update too.

tried the manual update and that did not work. Still no luck and I did a chat with a sprint person and they just directed me to the web site that said there was an update.

I am rooted using Unrevoked 3.22 and it gives me a triangle with a ! in it, can anyone help me, please email me at jnl813@gmail.com. Its was so simple to root with Unrevoked 3, is there a simple way to unroot? Any help or tips would be greatly appreicated, Merry Christmas!

San Jose, CA - Got my update on Wednesday morning (003 / 3.30). Just got home, checked wife's phone and update was available for her (003 / 3.29).

Ever since this update, my Battery life has been draining fast. I have the 3500 mAh Siedio battery too. Now my battery is lasting between 18-24 hours only. Battery is draining from 100-90% in about 1 hour then about 3-5% per hour after that. Anyone have any ideas?