Seidio CONVERT Combo for HTC EVO 4G

When I look at the Seidio CONVERT Combo for the HTC EVO 4G, I think it's definitely for the most rough-and-tumble of Android users out there. This is for the types who need to check their email while scaling a mountainside, the people who send a text while skydiving, or those prone to dropping their phones on the ground (a lot). Or not.

Let's check it out, after the break.

At the core of this dent-stopping, screen-saving force field is a Seidio Innocase II Surface, for those times when you're looking to keep the phone smooth and sleek, for easy retrieval from a purse or pocket. The rest of this Voltron-esque set includes a tough, rubber skin and hard plastic skeleton, a Seidio Ultimate Screen Guard, and a hip holster to hold and hug your phone oh-so-tightly.

When your phone is completely outfitted, not an inch is exposed to the elements, as if to say, "Yeah, try and get in here, spec of dust." That's actually true, though, as the rubber skin covers all the ports of your phone (camera included) to create an armor so impenetrable not even dust can get in. Fortunately, the flaps are all easily pulled back, so you can access whatever you need, whenever you need it.

The only downside to such a complete protective package is losing access to your kickstand, but if you're doing such daring and death-defying acts to need a case this intense, it's a rather small price to pay. You can pick up the Seidio CONVERT Combo for the HTC EVO 4G in the Android Central Store for $39.95.

Seidio CONVERT Combo for HTC EVO 4GSeidio CONVERT Combo for HTC EVO 4G

Seidio CONVERT Combo for HTC EVO 4GSeidio CONVERT Combo for HTC EVO 4G

Seidio CONVERT Combo for HTC EVO 4GSeidio CONVERT Combo for HTC EVO 4G

Seidio CONVERT Combo for HTC EVO 4GSeidio CONVERT Combo for HTC EVO 4G

Seidio CONVERT Combo for HTC EVO 4GSeidio CONVERT Combo for HTC EVO 4G


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HTC EVO 4G case review: Seidio CONVERT Combo


I'm just jealous - it looks really cool.

I'm relatively new to the Evo, after stretching out a Hero with CM6 for a long time. I was planning to root my Evo in the next week, but mindlessly updated to the new GB OTA when it came out, and am now stuck waiting for a root method.

Thanks. That's really just Beauitful Widgets you're seeing up top with a custom dock and icons on the bottom. I'm a big believer in LauncherPro Plus as well as Custom Launcher Icons. That's where I found the dock and the Captain America shield icon.

The bulk of that case is exactly why I got an extended battery and fully ruggedized case that is similar to this one. I've got big hands and thin and/or small phones tend to slip out of my hand. Big meaty phone case with a big a... well, you get the point. :-)

Great case. I got the Seido combo rugged case that has the extended battery case plus the ruggedized case w/holster. Mine doesn't cover the camera though, but it's been a great case since January of this year. This one here is almost half the price of the one I got, but for what I paid, I got two cases in one plus the Seido screen protector.

It just occurred to me that I can cut out a small piece of foam to cover the camera when not in use and essentially have pretty much the same thing as this without having to spend $39 on another case.

I've got the best buy relabled version of this case. Yeah it's bulky but it's a solid case and protects. I work construction and this case sure lets your phone take a beating. The locking belt clip is nice, phone will not accidentally fall out of the clip if it's engaged and it fits perfectly in my tool belt. The only flaw: they failed to provide a kickstand cut out for the rubberized section. come to think of it if they had it probably would have split the the hard back piece in 2 pieces, so probably could not do it it.

I have the extended battery rugged case since February, its great for me working outside, have dropped it 5 times from waist height onto concrete, it hat bounced once and is still going strong. This version has an open slot for the camera. The only downside is its a pain to remove for a battery pull, yes even the evo needs a battery pull occasionally. And the phone can get too hot if its 95 degrees and you put it in your shirt pocket in the full case instead of the holster, then its freezes up until you cool it back down again. Small problem for such great protection.