HTC EVO 3D accessories

We let you know last month that the HTC EVO 3D dock was available for pre-order via Best Buy, but there was no official word on when exactly you'd be able to have it. We're hearing now that August 21 is the day you've been waiting for (assuming you're planning on picking one up) as the official "Video Dock" can be yours for $50 if you wish.  While you're at it you can grab the new Holster and Shield Combo for $25 that same day. And if you're itching to accessorize and don't want to wait a whole month, you can pick up some sweet phone covers from Sprint for $20 starting July 24.

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HTC EVO 3D Video Dock available August 21st


I picked one up in a Best Buy store yesterday. I haven't decided yet if I like it. It is kind of awkward having a landscape oriented dock with a UI that only works in portrait orientation. This one might be going back.

Yeah, what happened to the landscape orientation of Sense that the Desire and a few other Sense 2.x phones had? I really assumed that Sense 3.0 would have this, especially with the USB port on the side.

I have the vehicle windshield car mount and when you put the EVO 3D in that it automatically puts itself in the Car Panel mode (essentially just launches that by default). If HTC isn't going to "rotate" Sense maybe they should have a "Video Dock Panel" app too.

Coincidentally I just got an email now from HTCpedia where I preordered my "HTC Docking Station" for my 3D and it's shipping out today.

I defy you to go to the home page, then select the video app of your choice, and do all that in landscape mode....

It is awkward. Sense should support landscape.

This has been very hard to track down. I have a thread in the forums about this. While it's popped up every once in a while, I've never been successful at getting one. Some are getting them and reselling for more, which I won't pay for. So this is good news.

The problem with these video docks is that you have to take your case off to use it. I just bought a $1 business card holder and it works like a champ - and oh yeah, I can leave my case on :)

I did the same thing. I purchased mine at office max and it works perfect with my tpu case and my active seidio case. Only problem is I wish I could charge the phone in landscape mode but there isn't enough room. Maybe I can rig something on it so that the charge cable will fit.

I cancelled my order from, because they changed their estimated ship date to unknown. I pre-ordered it from a couple weeks ago, and just got an email a few hours ago that it is processed and ready for shipping.

At casperinmd

I was referring to Sense 3.0 as portrait only. Yes, obviously videos and other content can be viewed/navigated in landscape. But it is very awkward trying to navigate through Sense in a landscape dock.

And exactly what are you getting for that $50? A $1 piece of plastic with a connector on it???

Maybe if it was a dock with an INCLUDED charger, speakers, and extra battery charger, it might be worth $50...

Picked mine up today from Best Buy. It includes 1 dock cradle and 1 wall charger (same as what comes with the phone). When you mount the phone onto the dock, you hit the video button at the rear of the cradle and the phone goes into a landscape "Desk Mode" as the phone calls it.

You have a few options while in the "Desk Mode" You can choose the following selections:

Photo Frame and the phone while mounted to the cradle will act like a Desk Top Digital frame. It cycles through all of your pictures including the 3D pics (but only shows one eye as a 2D version)

Connected media. You have the option to play back either Music, Photo's or Videos. These would all be files located on the phone or if you have a device connected to the phone through Blue Tooth, it will play those.

Calendar which just displays your upcoming agenda.

Without hitting any of the options above, the phone just shows a fly over of some clouds, the time, weather and the most recent Tweet from your twitter account. You have a few options to adjust settings on the screen.

The dock also supports connection of the AC M490 MHL HDMI Adaptor. I have yet been able to find one of these cables. This will be pretty cool IF it supports 3D. I could play back my movies and pictures on my Panasonic 3D TV. I hear some people say that MHL does not support 3D... I don’t believe all that stuff until I try it myself. It should be able to as 3D only needs HDMI 1.4 for FULL high definition support! Well the phone only records up to 720p in 3D so no need to play 1080.

So the big question: Is it worth $50? If you don’t actively use your phone at your desk or need a docking station for the home to play back movies; than no it’s not worth it. So far it’s been great for me as I use to leave my phone on a micro fiber cloth so it does not get scratched up on my desk. Value is in the eye of the beholder as they say.

LOL I picked mine up Tuesday and went into surgery Wednesday and really hadn't looked at it too much. I was debating taking it back as the portrait mode just seemed a poor fit. Looks like I was the only one who didn't know what that big button with the circle of light did in the back.

Why in the world would they not integrate a MLH adapter into this base? so far as I can see how does this improve phone usefulness. One could do the same thing with a piece of cardboard and some creativity with a micro usb cable for far less than $50. (and it would fit my phone with the case on.)