Sprint has posted that the HTC EVO 3D version 2.17.651.5 update should start rolling out today.  It's a minor maintenance release that addresses the following:

  • Updated Peep client (to align with Twitter)
  • Battery life improvements
  • Security update

The OTA should start rolling out to devices today, but you can manually force the update check by tapping Menu > Settings > System updates > HTC software update > Check now from your homescreen.  If you get this one, be sure to talk about it in the forums so others know what to expect!

Source: SprintThanks, John!


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HTC EVO 3D getting an OTA update today, says Sprint


WOW! I thought for sure us 3VO owners would be forgotten about until ICS was ready to be pushed in like 4 months...

Any word on whether they've touched CIQ at all?

@BroadcastJunkie, you'll have to wait for the developer that created the custom ROM you're running to update that ROM and then flash the new version.

I'm assuming you're running a custom ROM, if you're not, then I'm not sure. Anyone know?

no haha. im just rooted so i have more control of whats on my phone. like i no longer have CIQ on there. so i dont really see needing the update. but i know when ICS is out, im going to want to know what to do real quick haha

There will be a "stock" ROM available for rooted users shortly after somebody get's their hands on the official OTA file. Be patient, it's not usually more than a 12 hour delay. Have you ever flashed a ROM before? If not, you may want to start researching that process...

I did. but a lot of the roms were hit or miss. with things not working or going wrong. like wifi dropping out and other things i cant remember.

I think this phone was just a test of the water. my first android phone. i think the next one i get will be more of a jump into the water. I think it will also be a nexus, i hear good things!

I can dig it! I'm hoping for a Nexus along with LTE coverage for my final annual upgrade here in July!

These minor updates typically get implemented into custom ROMs quickly & a root-friendly stock ROM should be seen even quicker. It'll be a flash through recovery process (it's a little more complicated if you have hboot 1.5), so if you're comfortable with that it's a walk in the park.


That may not be the first place you can find it but it will definitely turn up in that thread at some point.

I do have hboot 1.5. I feel like flashing the phone for a few minor bug fixes isnt worth my time. I think if it were ICS, I would be more than happy though haha
Thanks for the feed back

I wonder if this is related to Sprint discontinuing use of Carrier IQ. That's gonna be the first thing I check whenever it comes.

Well... all that I found right now its an update for four apps... HTC Flickr, Htc Friendstream, HTC peep and facebook.... its this the minor update that we are expecting???? its 11:42am pst.

I don't think so. I checked for updates on mine a few weeks ago just out of curiosity & those were available at that point.

I actually got this update last week !!!! Funny shit !!!! No lie . An I just switched my EVO 4g for this New one , since my EVO 4g broke :) I like the EVO 3d but I'm waiting for the Newest EVO to come out !!! A guy in Sprint told me they Have something Real big coming out to keep the EVO up !!!! Hope It's called The HTC EVO Terminator !!!! OR HTC EVO SKYNET !!!!

There was another update a few weeks ago similar to this. This is a brand new update. The other update had Peep, Friendstream, etc. This one is just another update to Peep plus.

I received an update a little over a week ago but I doubt this is what it is. Check the version, I still haven't gotten it though.

Market just updated for me. I did force stop and clear data for the Market and Google Services Framework, and did a *#*#CHECKIN#*#* a couple minutes before it updated. I'm not sure if that forced the market to update, or if it was a coincidence.

I don't know about anyone else but this update seems to have brought a bit more than what was let known. Not as far as widgets or any new features, no nothing like that. (except deleting CarrierIQ...has this been officially confirmed? And would this deletion bring about any performance enhancement (ie. less resource hogging/updating etc))

What it seems to have brought is a smoother operating experience. I had noticed for a while now that my Evo 3D seemed to move rather sluggishly, while not astronomically slower but noticeably, and since I monitor closely what apps, services, updates whathaveyou occur on it, I'm pretty sure it wasn't any of that, at least to the the best of my knowledge. But since this update, screens move faster & smoother and without the hesitation that had seemed to plague it before, with or without other apps running. Also apps open faster, if even a little bit but it's noticeable, and even graphically annotated playback seems to move along a bit zippier. And as a bonus, it seems websites attempt to load a little faster, again not super crazy lightning quick (as we might like) but noticeably.

Keep in mind my Evo 3D is not rooted, completely stock with a user who is almost hyper sensitive to any sudden change in speed or functionality.

Is anyone else seeing what I'm experiencing?

9:00 am central time in New Orleans updated.... I too notice it to be smoother ( have had some lag issues recently) Will test out battery today to see how much of a improvement.... Already did my own battery save things ( Juice Defender on enabled and on aggressive... power saver set to 30 % and Advanced Task Killer on and set to kill apps when screen is off) Went yesterday from 94% at 8am til bout 9pm at night it was sitting @ 23 percent left thanksx to power saver... so a good day !

No. No. Don't use advanced task killer. That hurts performance and battery life. Does a search on this website or in the forums for more information.

It appears that Carrier IQ is gone. If you going to "manage applications" and select "all", there were 2 things on the list that represented Carrier IQ. They were "HTC IQAgent" and "IQRD". Both are gone from the list of all applications.

P.S. I never got the update pushed to me. I had too manually check for updates.

With the new update, for some reason my phone runs much more smoothly (the carousel screens), and the CIQ is no longer on my phone! Also, I have the new Android market (version 3.4.4)...