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HTC's flagship One X may be set to receive a minor specification bump before the end of 2012, according to reports from ​Stuff​. The re-vamped model is known only by its codename "HTC Endeavor C2" -- note that the original One X was "Endeavor". It'll allegedly ship with a souped-up 1.7GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 CPU, along with an "improved" battery, new color options and urBeats earphones included in the box. ​Stuff​ also claims that the new "Endeavor C2" will be compatible with all existing One X accessories, which to us implies that the chassis design will remain identical.

Essentially, the C2 could be to the One X what the Sensation XE was to the original Sensation last year -- the same design, with slightly upgraded internals. The news also converges nicely with rumors we've heard from T-Mobile USA, suggesting an "HTC One X+" may be arriving on that network later in the year.

Some software enhancements are reported too, including ClearVoice tech for improved voice call quality, in addition to "HTC Watch 2," a new version of the HTC movie streaming service. Though not confirmed in today's leak, we suspect Jelly Bean and HTC Sense 4.1 may also be on the cards, depending on the timing of the eventual release.

Speaking of which, the Endeavor C2 is said to be slated for a UK release around Oct. 1, with on-contract prices reportedly around £5 more per month than the original One X. HTC isn't expected to have a big showing at this year's IFA event, but if this release date turns out to be accurate, it's possible we might see an official announcement sooner rather than later.

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HTC 'Endeavor C2' rumored to be a spec-bumped One X for late 2012


Why!?!?! Why not just focus on the flagship phone you have already released and be the first with JB!?!? There is nothing going on with this spec bump that would make people buy it over another option.

If it's a hardware refresh, then the majority of the people working on it are hardware people, who don't have anything to do with upgrading the software to Jellybean. A X+ wouldn't impact the X's JB work much, if at all.

So as a company you think HTC should sit back, accept that Samsung has a better and more popular product, and twiddle their thumbs until next year?

Or maybe they should try to adapt to the competitive market they find themselves in...

the newer versions of sense are not that bad and very unobtrusive. they are in fact losing on the hardware front. they increase the speed but not the ram. the s3 in the US beats the oneX because the extra ram keeps it running smooth. the other issue is they are not giving people what they want. people want removable batteries and expendable memory(another place the s3 wins)

HTCs problem isn't quality or software.

It's branding.

The lack of a unified brand across the board is killing them. They must stick to the One brand they've created earlier this year and get carriers on board to help.

Anything less than marketing will hurt them. No amount of hardware can change this.

The war of specs is OVER!!! For all our touting of CPUs and speeds, it's all for nought. Apple, and now Samsung have learned that people want something that is recognized by their peers.


There is something to this argument. I can't tell you how many times people have approached me asking, "Is that the phone on TV?"

It's not the reason I bought the Galaxy SIII... but it's something I never had with a HTC device.

Yes, this is the main problem.
I kind of felt slightly offended when I read the article - because I just bought the One X. But this is not the biggest problem - the problem is that HTC releases so many different phones, hat the average consumer gets confused. One cannot simply digest the differences between the phones being sold. This is One X + which is a little bit better than One X, and this is One S which is a little bit smaller, and the One V , which is a little bit cheaper but not so fast. And this is One C, which I honestly dont know what it is( I mean I really dont know what it is about this phone...)
I am a hardcore HTC fan, and I have benn using HTC since P3300 and WinMoBo 6.1...
I am quite sure that only 1% of the HTC buyers want to run Windows 7 ( or some other next to impossible hack) on their phones...
If I were HTC, I would release each year: one flagship, one female oriented phone which will sport the same hardware, but smaller screen and some ability to fashion it up - change the cover or something , and one teenager/cheap/entry phone - cheaper, smaller screen, cheaper hardware.... This is what I thought they were doing, but they screw it.

total fail. im glad i didnt buy the one x, i would be pissed. not even a year later and a new flagship. wow, just wow.

Wouldn't effect you even if you did, seeing how all indications point to this being a T-Mobile device anyways, and Suntan hot it on the head, Motorola is 10x worse at this current trend of adding a bigger battery or slightly better screen, slapping a price on it and then give all the "early adopters" the finger.

not even 6 months later and new flagship handset... huhhh... looks like im jumping ship to either the Note 2 or the next Nexus handset, atleast they will last 1 year at the top of their game

So the only thing that matters to you guys is "being on top" of the game and having the absolute newest handset?

How about being happy you are using an amazing phone right now (One X) and knowing it will still be the same amazing phone it is right now when the next "best" thing comes out...

Its a good phone, no question about but their move away from having SD cards or removable battery is killing them, I would get one if if it had 32gb storage since I don't use the cloud then I could overlook the battery or sense.

oh ok so i post this on the forums like a week ago and no one comments really and now a/c does it and they get 20 comments in an hr or 2. lol

This reminds me of Sega back in the day. Sega released so many systems in a short time (Genesis, Sega CD, 32x, Saturn), that developers were unable to plan for which system to develop for. Customers became frustrated and confused with the constantly changing new flagship system, and stopped buying the "latest" Sega system.

I do have to say I just bought a One X for my wife and I really love the phone. I use to be a sense hater but find the latest version actually to be quite nice. I'm a plain vanilla android fan though (G1, G2, G2x, Gnex). My wife couldn't be happier with her One X so far, though this article makes me wish I would have waited....

This makes no sense at all. No pun intended.

The One X's processor and battery are two things it has going for it. My One XL's performance and battery life are great. I certainly wouldn't complain about more battery life but hardly worth relaunching a model for.

The internal storage and RAM are its two shortcomings compared to the GS3.

Why not keep the original priced at $99 and launch a One X C2 with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage at the $199 price point on contract and be done with it. Release a JB/Sense 4.1 update for the original and launch the new one with JB/Sense 4.1. If they really want to increase the battery size, by all means, go for it.

I can buy my own earbuds, thanks.

This is the best looking, best performing android phone I have ever used/owned. They need to learn to market. The GS3 is plastered all over the television, print, and billboards in L.A.

Maybe this will be the VZW variant. Slumping sales? Psh, you don't currently have your "flagship" on THE network. I'd add to their sales myself but currently I can't buy one on my carrier.

Increase the Battery Capacity - at least over 3000 mAh. I don't care how efficient your nth core processor is. If you have deepest, brightest screen resolution then the battery will drain fast. Moto Maxx got it right when it installed an obscene battery capacity (3300 mAh).

HTC, for whatever reason, is known for being stingy on the battery front. I'll never understand why they would continue to place the bare minimum battery on their flagship phones. At least Samsung wised up and increased SG3 to 2100 mAh (which is still not enough). Of course, even with a small battery if it was replaceable HTC might have been forgiven (especially if the initial sale price is $199). But they didn't even get that right by putting a non-replaceable battery.

And to put the final nail in the coffin, they even limited the memory to 16GB with no SD card expansion (who wants to pay extra $100 for 32 GB). HTC makes good phones, I've had the Original Incredible and loved it. But with so many good phones coming out, I moved on to other phones (Moto Maxx).

Looks like HTC have seen the mistakes in the one x maybe they will sell this phone leaving the original one x customer feeling rather ripped off lol. HTC are the worse for pushing out new phones leaving the likes of the desire hd without andriod 4.0 after promising it for over half a year. There losing customer base fast ide never buy HTC unless google bought them out ;) there sinking fast looking at there losses there taking . HTC are full of promisses & lies. Nexus or s3 is far better than anything HTC has in andriod updates.