Sincerely, we like the understated looks of the Eris. Plain and simple isn't always plain, if you catch our drift. Plus: there are subtle white flecks on the matted-black, soft-touch paint here. Don't worry, it's not Edward-the-sparkly-vampire level sparkle. As we said: it's subtle, we like it.

More photos after the break, including some head-to-head shots with the Droid.


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HTC Droid Eris Photo Gallery


Hey Dieter,

I know I'm creeping on the site right now. haha

Could you do some side by side comparisons of the 5mp cameras? I had the HTC Imagio for a short stint and that camera impressed the frack out of me. HTC is doing good in that regard.

I've read that the Moto cam isn't that great. So what I'm wondering is if the same 5mp cam in the Eris is the same one found in the likes of the Imagio. If so, advantage Eris. Bigtime.


Nice device, my co-worker just got it too. BTW anyone with a Eris having problems with ActiveExchange? My co-workers can receive and pull emails/calendar/contacts, but cannot send. Anyone else having the same problem?

I have to agree, the moto droid is UGLY. played with it for 2 min, just couldnt stand looking at it. great, so its built tough - how does that make it a nice looking phone. the hardware isnt sleek at all. its heavy, huge and maybe nice for a mini - net book, but as a phone it feels oversized.

The eris is SLEEK and fast. the only downside i see to the eris is the lack of keyboard. i didnt really notice that much of a diff bw android 1.5 and 2.0.

I dumped my iPhone 3GS (AT&T) yesterday. So far, the Eris is sweet!!! Full bars everywhere... The Touch Screen is the closest one to the iPhone experience (in my opinion)...

Welcome to the land of milk and honey that is Verizon Wireless coverage and on a phone that is just a little more than an app launcher UI.

ok so i got the eris love the phone but for some reason my weather is saying im in garden city and i live in a diffrent time zone any one have any ides to fix it

Yes, the Accuweather Program is flaky.. Go to Market > and download Weather Channel app. Tr that out.
-Best of luck. My ERIS ROCKS!