Droid Eris Root

You read that right, folks. At long last, the HTC Droid Eris on Verizon has been rooted. You're going to have to have the stock Android 1.5 phone to get this done, so if you've already installed the leaked 2.1 ROM, you're out of luck. Check out the video after the break, and get the full rundown at AndroidMobileOS and XDA Developers.


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HTC Droid Eris finally rooted!


yay! its about time...im not gonna lie tho im pretty devastated considering i updated to the leaked 2.1 =(

This might be a dumb question, but is this the same as the official 2.1? What is the benefit to a rooted leak compared to the release that came out a week or so ago?

What will 2.1 offer over 1.5? Less buggy?

I know that one the Sprint Hero (the Eris' twin), there is an .exe that they've been passing around that is basically the file they use to load stock Android 1.5 onto the phone. If you do anything to the phone (including most brickings), this .exe will restore it to stock.

Maybe that file will surface soon for the Eris...

BTW, I'm running the leaked 2.1 for Eris on my Hero on Sprint. LOVE IT

Sorry I'm not techy enough, but does "rooted" mean that the Eris now has Android 2.1 officially?
Is it a simple update? Can I do it without effing up my phone?

Root = To have root access on a linux based system such as android means you have the equivalent access of Administrator on a Windows based computer. You will have unrestricted full access to nearly all aspects of the android system stack. Having a rooted phone gives the end user unprecedented control over the phone, enabling them to have limitless possibilities. Essentially unlocking your phone's full potential. With root/superuser access on your phone you would be able to flash modified roms (roms from other devices) , have access to certain functions on "root only" applications (example: wireless tether for root users - ability to tether your phone). The possibilities are endless.

Source= phamous: http://www.droidforums.net/forum/droid-hacks/632-what-root-means-stop-as...

Same question--I've been waiting for the official release if 2.1, and I can't tell from these stories if the point of the root procedure is to upgrade to stable and official 2.1, or if that's a side effect and the point is to get root access for techie-types, or if this will not upgrade to 2.1 at all, etc. In other words, what would be the difference between using the rooting procedure described above, and just waiting for 2.1 to come through the typical update process?


No. This gives you access to put ROMs on your phone. This means you just have ground level access to hack your phone as you wish. This does NOT automatically put 2.1 on your phone. It is in no way official. Quite the opposite, it is for use to hack your phone, a practice not condoned by the phone maker or carrier.

If you're confused do not do it.

This is all great, but I can't seem to find the rooted 2.1 file to download. The download links just seem to take me in circles. Would some kind soul point me in the right direction?

There is no 2.1 root yet just 1.5 so if you have the leaked 2.1 it doesn't work but if you didn't manually download the 2.1 leak and then manually put it on your phone thus will work for you

You're right, what I meant to ask was - where can you download the 1.5 rooted file discussed in this article? There is no link that works. I maybe missing something, so if someone could provide a working like I would appreciate it.

Has anyone used this link to successfully gone back to 1.5? Is it the same process from upgrading to the first 2.1 leak? Don't wanna damage my phone and I'm new to android.

so i upgraded to android 2.1 using the leaked version about 3 weeks ago and now your saying i can't go back to 1.5 and root my phone or is there a root for android 2.1 (leaked)

i really want to use custom ROMs on my droid eris but so far there is no root for android 2.1 on it ,right?