Curious as to what's lurking inside HTC and Verizon's new Droid DNA smartphone? Wonder no more. Here's the full HTC Droid DNA spec list --

  • Camera: 8MP, f/2.0, 28mm wide angle lens, smart LTE flash, BSI sensor, autofocus, HTC ImageChip and 1080p HD video recorder; 2.1MP front-facing camera with BSI sensor and 1080p video recorder.
  • Display: 5-inch HD 1080p Super LCD 3 screen (1920x1080); 440PPI
  • Processor: 1.5GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 APQ8064 and MDM9615m
  • OS: Android 4.1 Jelly Bean + HTC Sense 4+
  • Memory: 16GB eMMC, (11GB usable storage), 2 GB RAM
  • Battery: 2020mAh lithium ion - embedded
  • Network Technology: 4G LTE (700 MHz); CDMA (800/1900 MHz); GSM/GPRS/EDGE (850/900/1800/1900 MHz); UMTS/HSPA (850/900/1900/2100 MHz); LTE (700 MHz - Band 13).
  • Wifi: 802.11 a/b/g/n
  • Dimensions: 141 x 70.5 x 9.73 mm
  • Weight: 138 grams / 4.86 ounces
  • Additional features: NFC, HDMI via MHL, HTML5, Bluetooth 4.0 aptX, microUSB, microSIM, headset and speaker amplifiers, 3.5mm 2.55v stereo audio jack, dual microphone noise cancellation, embedded wireless charging, G-sensor, ambient light sensor, digital compass, proximity sensor, gyro sensor.

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HTC Droid DNA specs


How in the world will that thing last more than a few hours with a 2020mAh battery? Will HTC ever learn?

Yeah that's really a major fail, regardless of how efficient the processor is in terms of power management. Can't see getting one of these without waiting to see how real world battery life works out.

Its got exactly the same specs as the HTC J Butterfly, no? Or some of them additional features extra?

That battery seems to leave a lot to be desired, is the h/w, going to be that power efficient, given lte radio, 5inch full hd screen and what ever else is going on underneath??

So, wait? Does this phone have BOTH CDMA and GSM technology? Or are there different versions and that's just not specified here?

It probably has both. The Razr HD/Maxx HD have GSM built in too. But it's locked out for the US. It's unlocked for Europe. I bet this is the same.

Don't expect to be able to buy this outright and drop a TMobile/AT&T/StraightTalk US SIM into it and have it work.

The phone may release next week but if 2020 battery I think sales will lag till some are out there and used, people won't want to get burned, though I might get one drive it for 12 days and see and swap it for something else if it doesn't hold up..
Great specs otherwise

Looks like a great phone except for two things that others have already hit on...battery and HTC+VZ combo = slow updates and a locked device.

SG3 has a 2100mAh battery, only 80 more. Is it that much of a difference? Or do you guys feel the SG3 battery is inadequate as well?

SG3 has a lot less pixels to provide power too.

I'll wait until the reviews come out to pass judgement though.

2020mah non removable battery, only 16gb storage with no sd slot, and an impossibly difficult to reach unlock button means I will be getting the Note 2. Really disappointed with HTC. They had a chance to do something really special, and game changing, but failed. This is the reason their company is going down the toilet. Add in the fact that Samsung is actually better at updating their devices now, and im going to call this one a loser.

You do know that the original name for this thing was the Thunderbolt 2 right? That is all you should need to know about this thing.

I thought the same thing great camera touted for thr pro photografer but were are they gonna store all those photos and the battery with all that top hardware wont last I am reusing my stock battery in Thunderbolt and doesnt even last 10 hrs with mild use. I'm gona wait and see user reviews then make a decision.

I'm sure that screen is going to be gorgeous but with that small battery and no sd card I will have to pass. I've owned an HTC phone before and that thing was terrible on battery life, looks like this will be no different. I was really hoping this was going to have a better battery and expandable storage because this is a more manageable size for me than the Note 2 but it looks like ill be going with the Note 2.

This could be one of HTC's last gasps if this is what they were banking on to help turn them around. There are multiple phones out there that have beautiful screens. Are you really going to be able to distinguish the difference between this phone and another phones display if they're not side by side? No. Does it really make a difference? It's a phone, it's not a 50" TV. Why is Samsung blowing the doors off of every other smartphone manufacturer? Because they give consumers what they want. If they develop a very good phone with small battery capacity, they make it possible TO CHANGE OUT THE BATTERY. They have expandable storage capabilities so if you're on a plane, you can still watch the movies THAT YOU HAVE STORED ON YOUR PHONE. Really disappointed. I really wanted them to rebound with this model. Top of the line hardware and display means nothing if I'm constantly worrying about outlets and deleting media or games. Really disappointed.

Only 11gb of usable storage and no memory card slot?!!! Even the Thunderbolt came with a 32gb memory card (which I have 3 extras of due to replacement phones) and having a removable battery was extremely important for me. You really let me down HTC and Verizon. 11gb of usable memory, screw the cloud and all that bs. Good luck keeping your head above water HTC, but trying to stay afloat while choosing to wear lead boots is going to be a losing battle; drowning is now inevitable.

(In a melancholy tone of disappointment) I guess I'll have to look elsewhere. Thank you HTC for giving us a 1080p screen so we can watch the 2-3 movies that the on-board memory can actually hold... and that's only if I don't put any of my music on it or store more than 30 pictures taken with that amazing camera.

Oh yes, "The Cloud". Didn't even mention that. Let me see, to buy a new phone with Verizon, you have to submit to losing your unlimited data service and go on a tiered data plan unless you want to pay full price for the device. Then they come out with this super phone with little storage capacity and a non removable battery and they just tell us to use the cloud and keep your charger nearby. Can anyone spell overage charges? Can anyone spell frustration? Can anyone spell FAIL?