Droid DNA

Has the HTC Droid DNA been given its gold watch and sent packing? Verizon CS says yes, and it's no longer listed for sale

Update: And ... it's back on Verizon's site. Take that to mean whatever you want.

Original: A reader sent in a pretty interesting screenshot, accompanied by some equally interesting information about the HTC Droid DNA. According to Verizon customer service, the DNA is now officially retired. The screenshot of chat with a CS (you can find it after the break) actually uses the word retired, and subsequent inquiries led to a statement from Verizon saying "HTC halted production in efforts to push out an upcoming project on the horizon".

Now normally, we would place little to no faith in the words of an online chat with customer care from any provider. We're not judging, they have a difficult job and get way more harassment than anyone deserves. But after hearing about this, we went looking on Verizon's website, and found that the DNA is nowhere to be seen. You can't buy one from Big Red. Verizon loves to take our money, so there must be a reason they don't want to sell us a Droid DNA.

Now consider the on and off rumors about the HTC One coming to Verizon. We're pretty sure that you'll never be able to buy an "HTC One" for use on Verizon. But ask us if you'll be able to buy a premium HTC device with Sense 5, the new camera, Boomsound, a kick-ass display, and all the other goodies that come with the HTC One and our answer would be different. Don't let semantics like official names fool you. We're pretty confident that something very close to the HTC One is "on the horizon" for Verizon Wireless.

We never pretend that we know what goes on inside the minds of carrier corporate executives. We certainly question many of their decisions, but we're not at the meetings and don't have access to the data they use when they decide things like which phones to sell, and when to stop selling them. And of course, all this could be wrong and the DNA is simply out of stock for a while. We're just going to keep watching this, and when it all works out, we'll let you know.

Thanks, Robert!

DNA chat session


Verizon's list of current HTC phones


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HTC Droid DNA retired?


this is actually not the first time i'm hearing this. i read something along these lines a couple of weeks ago. verizon's most likely getting something htc one-like. they're probably gonna call it the "htc droid one" or something ridiculous like that.

that name would suck if its true. HTC would have to prove to Verizon that a phone they create can be successful without them in order for them to get a new HTC 'One'. Like Samsung did with the Galaxy S II. It was successful without Verizon.

Times have changed. 2013 is HTC's year again. Verizon is and should be concerned about missing out on the new HTC One Superphone marketing, differentiation, and appeal juggernaut.

I just read the article on DNA and I signed into my Verizon account. I put in Savannah GA area code and they say the HTC DNA is still available online. Now that being said we live in God's left armpit,cultural wasteland called Savannah Ga and I assume we are considered bumpkins.I go to Atlanta about every 2 months and I have seen phones there that never seem to make it to Savannah Verizon Stores. I love my DNA but I will never buy a HTC product again. To repair the cracked screen on mine is 200 dollars. To buy it new I paid 50 dollars with General Dynamics discount and rebate from Verizon. I love Droid systems and I love the screen size and the way tv and movies play on my phone. I would not recommend this phone as the repairs are outrageous. That 200.00 is the outside screen only. If they have to replace the interior LED screen its another 250.00 dollars. I had purchased a case the day I got it and had taken it off to charge it. The phone itself gets very hot with case on while charging it. All in all great form, function, and user friendly. Repair bills not so much.

Did you purchase the insurance plan? I have only had one problem with this DNA and it was stuck in a power cycle loop that required a new phone. They had another one ordered and next-day delivered at no cost to me because of the insurance. Fortunately, I figured out how to fix the problem before my new (refurbished, actually) phone arrived.

The insurance company Assurian is not reassuring, They ripped me off once, never ever again. I went through three of their so called refurbed phones, The money I had to pay was not worth ever giving them one more red cent. I emailed HTC and they responded within 24 hours and gave me a decent price to repair it or replace it. Just to let you know Verizon now owns Assurian.

Red Howell, How did you fix the Power cycle loop problem on your phone? I am having the same issue with my droid dna and it is not under insurance.
Thank you

Not true. I just checked the VerizonWireless website and it's the first phone listed. It was on backorder for a few weeks.

Who ever you spoke 2 does not know what they are talking about. They just retired the SKU and it now has a different one. Phone had a couple very small hardware changes.

There is a new model/version Its called the DNA Sixteen. Its an improved verson of the one that has been retired. Im assuming there will be a DNA Thirty Two coming as well. Its supposed to be new guts in the same case. I have one being delivered tomorrow.

Don't believe it. I was just at Verizon today a few minutes ago and the HTC Droid DNA is there. It hasn't gone anywhere and it will NOT go anywhere except i someones pocket. Verizon is NOT killing off this phone. If anything , it will only reduce its price. Nope , the HTC Droid DNA aint' gonna be killed off.

Wow... Didn't the Droid DNA just come out? So, if it is in fact retired, does this mean they won't update or provide support for it? I would be pissed, if I were a DNA owner.

Actually no need to be pissed, if someone just bought a dna and they like it and it does what they want it to do,that's not going to change. The people I know who have a dna love it and of coirse aren't going to get a new phone right off anyway, so . . . I guess the only people who would be pissed are those who have to have the latest. And from what I hear the people who have sense 4+ don't want blink feed anyway, although I'm sure there will be some who do.

You're correct revtech. That's because the people you know are using a well built, highly functional, HTC smartphone with a "best in class" camera. I'm more than pleased with my Sprint EVO LTE. By the way, both will be updated to Sense 5 and ultimately KLPie so we'll have to learn to utilize the new HTC BlinkFeed feature or simply exercise the option to dismiss it. The only thing we'll miss out on are the specially amplified dual stereo front speakers. As such, we can afford to wait for the next generation Snapdragon A800 available to OEMs the second half of 2013 with more increased speed, efficiency, supporting more radios and sensors. Isn't technology's rapid evolution exciting?!?

Not to burst you balloon, but I will promise you that the Evo LTE will never see an "official" KLP release. It already got it's one major upgrade (from ICS to JB) and HTC is done with that phone, Sorry...

The phone is still at Verizon's website where it will be staying. They will NOT retire this phone . No way. People , don't believe everything you read. you are more intelligent than that.

Yeah it'd be hard not to be a little jaded... because there is no way Verizon didn't know about this when you were shopping for it 5 months ago.

And the cycle of cell phone obsolecence continutes to get shorter and shorter. In a couple of years the day after you buy a new phone it will be replaced by something better.

Good decision mate, I love my Note 2. I feel comfortable enough with this phone that its hardware won't be too outdated a year from now.

I chatted with a rep well and he had no idea. Said there was prob something wrong with the site and had me call the sales department. That guy said that they were probably out of stock but that he could order the DNA and get it to me by Wednesday...sooo let's see what happens. I personally am hoping that this really does mean that the HTC one is in fact coming to Verizon very soon. Have my fingers crossed!

Because Verizon is one of the largest, if not the largest, market share.

While my opinions of their services are pretty damn low, I keep sticking around because if I leave my bill goes up (shared plan) and I love my beloved unlimited data.

I was lucky enough to get in on LTE right away so I'm in the minority that has both LTE and unlimited in their plan and I'm going to be buying a phone for full price to keep this going as long as I can...at 10GB of data a month I'm saving myself quite a bit of money in the long run ($300/yr)

The second they take away my unlimited data I'm giving them the finger and going over to AT&T.

Verizon explained to my that they would have phones in stock for replacements and new orders until they run out.. Although no new ones would be shipped from the Manufacturer to replace stock when it is consumed..

I am so glad I left Verizon with their weird ass variants for phones. I just cant wait until CDMA is thrown in the gutter.

Switched to AT&T. I know T-mobile has the better contracts in terms of data and price but AT&T has the largest non CDMA LTE network.

True dat. F Verizon totally up the wazoo. Good riddance to those aholes. Overcharging customers.. 2 smartphones on their "grandfathered" plans for 10+ years and paying $150/month. For a POS Droid Bionic and iPhone. LMAO. Good thing I picked up a Nexus 4 and say GOODBYE suckas!! HAHAHA.. no more bending me over each month. Now YOU are! stick it to the man

I loved speaking to their customer service when I had to call them for confirmation to port my number over to AT&T. They asked me why I was leaving and a told them "Because of your Hitler like control over the devices you sell."

guessing you switched when they wouldn't let you keep your unlimited data?

That's the only reason I've stuck it out this long

This sounds about right. I went to a local corporate store here in Austin, and the CSR said they not only were out, but that the computer didn't show his store was able to restock it, & that when a customer came in earlier that week looking to purchase one,they checked all corporate VZW stores in a 500 mi radius and those stores were similarly out of stock as well.
He did say he heard some local Best Buys had some left but he was like if "VZW couldn't get any, he couldn't see how Best Buy would be able to keep selling them for much longer." Well, that makes me happy. Glad I didn't get a "retired" phone!! What the crap is that? I'm sorry but the stupidly named HTC One has zero appeal to me, too if a variant of that is replacing the DNA. Ultrapixel cameras with 4MP, cluttered,silly named UI screen real estate robbing features, and purposefully going against the three virtual key set up by forcing two buttons to create the functionality of 3? Pass.

Bring back the DNA with 32GB of STORAGE, Droid RAZR MAXX type battery life, and buttons w/more tactile feel.

Verizon, why must you kill every device with your horrendous logo branding. Your logo SUCKS and it is even worst when I see it on your devices. You had to suck up to Apple way too much to not brand their iPhone. Poor Note II... that thing looks horrible... I just hope for the sake of Verizon customers the One doesn't get branded with that crappy logo in the front or the back. That logo is hideus.

HTC doesnt stand a chance.I can see Verizon plastered rite a cross the back,in all caps.lol!!!!!

I've had the note 2 for months and I've only noticed the verizon logo one time; the first day. What a silly thing to get mad about.

Most of you guys annoy the hell out of me....Verizon has the best service period... They have pissed me off with similar issues with the razr i admit... But they didn't cancel it as a whole... Sooo im gonna bet this falls on HTC.... Verizon probably told htc theh wouldn't sell 'the one' until we sell more DNAs and htc probably said what if we buy them back (DNA) and fill your orders for 'the one'..... Lets be clear ive had VZW and worked for em ro.. They are about money.. They could have had the DNA and the one and made more money... Htc Neeeeds verizon to have this phone point blank period.... So let's look at Htc not just verizon to blame... Who does this move to pull the phone benefit... Htc because verizon will be fine without ' The One'

Like everything else, it always comes down to MONEY! I figured this is more of a push than anything else. Rumor has it, the HTC One for VZW will be the Droid DNA 2.

I'm sorry but people who are knowledgeable about Verizon and their authoritarian control over the devices they provide should HATE Verizon. The combination of a highly isolated band in CDMA relative to the rest of the world and Verizon constantly locking down all their devices results in a very small selection of phones compared to GSM carriers. Besides the Galaxy line and the Iphone line all of Verizon variant phones are tainted.

I agree, 3yr Vzn customer here.

Left Cingular/ATT cause they took too long to upgrade, and failed to follow the GSM upgrade path as T-Mobile did with HSPA +42.

Or just maybe Verizon will have the new HTC One branded Superphone just like Sprint, ATT, and T-Mobile without their anachronistic Droid branding. Americans now know Android differentiation from iPhone, Windows Phone, and Crackberry. Now it's the Verizon customers who can be confused.

The cheaply manufactured high margin deserves a case plastic Samsung Touchwiz GS4 isn't going to be slathered with the Droid name. Why should HTC ruin their oncoming marketing differentiation onslaught with a unified brand and accessories for the sake of the Big Red check mark and their tired used up Droid, whatever that's supposed to mean, commercials.

Nada! This time HTC has the power and Big Red may have blinked (forgive the pun) or rather came to their senses (forgive the pun) in hopes of retaining market share.

haha. Exactly....HTC holds no cards at this point. They are on a lifeline and can't afford to dictate anything to Verizon or any carrier for that matter. It's officially do or die for HTC at this point...

How can you not buy a DNA but you can still by a Trophy or a Rhyme? That is what I find the most amazing about this story.

Hate to say I told you so. While everyone was tripping over themselves gushing about a HD screen everyone ignored the fact that it had no storage and the non removable battery capacity was insufficient. Now it's being shelved less than 6 months since it was announced. REALLY? This is why HTC is becoming an also ran. Too bad, it seemed like a decent phone.

Wow and this is the number 1 reason I would never buy a phone from verizon. I'm sure they won't support it either. Thank goodness for the android community!

Come on you guys seriously? One of the reasons I read this site is that you don't (usually) post reactionary crap like this. The phone is getting some kind of sku change. What that change is we dont know but as angryGTS said above the phone is showing up on pre-order screen. It's pretty clear HTC suspended production in order to ramp up production of the One and will continue production under a new SKU with a change or changes of some type (the pre-order page does not show enough info to determine what). This happened with both the Incredible and I believe the original Droid X before. Everybody can just settle down.


That's why I would never get an HTC phone ever again! My Rezound was good for about 5 months until the DNA came out and now that's gone. I have the Note 2 and love everything about it. And as soon as 5.0 comes out it will be as good as any phone that comes out this year. I left HTC and I'm not looking back!!!!!

Get ready for that PIMPED OUT HTC One Verizon guys!!!!!!!

That center logo will say Verizon instead of HTC. The back will have a HUGE Verizon LTE!

the phone is NOT retired. There is a new sku coming. We just don't have them in stores yet. New sku is, as far as I can tell, the same device. Maybe the sim issue isn't hardware related and its fixed with a slight hardware revision? That's my guess.

Droid DNA KLPie upgrade = Thunderbolt ICS upgrade sequil. Everyone will have dumped the phone long before Verizon and HTC (but mostly verizon) can mutually agree on the upgrade.
So glad I dumped Verizon for non contract bring my own Nexus 4 T-Mobile for half the cost.

This is such a non-issue. They will still support it as much as any other flagship phone. They just aren't selling it anymore. They are mostly likely getting a + or the One. Deep breath, shake it out, and relax...

Support? Yeah, they'll probably update it just once and then will totally forget about that phone and act like it never existed.

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Can't wait after 4-6 months when HTC releases another flagship (nobody on his right mind will believe HTC will only sell one flagship this 2013). I could just imagine many people being pissed. And yeah 4-6 months the HTC one will already be 2 major updates behind. And be stucked with JB 4.1 for a long time

This is why I like Samsung more than HTC. Flagship Samsung phones takes a full year to get replaced. HTC phones usually get replaced, ignored and forgotten after 6 months. Lol!

So glad I left Verizon for TMobile... Sometimes being too big can hurt the customers. And even though TMobile service isn't as great as Verizon, can't complain about paying $15 a month for unlimited everything under my friends employee account... Lol

It's not really a question of is it retired, but more why isn't it retired. The HTC One is the only "flagship" device HTC is launching this year, Verizon has skipped it (so far that's what we hear) and may or may not offer a new device soon with the sam internals but it likely won't be the same design language that HTC put into the "One".

This has finally put me to the point of ditching my last moible phone line with Verizon and keeping them data only (LTE) and getting AT&T for my smartphones. I get tired of waiting for Verizon to offer something worthwhile, not screwed up with their branding and not lame by creating a one off that looks like crap and is outdated in a month.

I read on another Google+ post that it has been re-released with modification. I'm searching to find out if this is true and what the modification could be.

my question is what happened to independent verification of facts. I'm sure AC has an inside source(or two) inside VZW why not wait till it can be confirmed. I read this last night shortly after it came out and the first thing I did was go to VZW's site and found this report not to be unfounded. C'mon guys

How many flagship phones
They have? I thought
DNA was their flagship.
Now they came out with
ONE...basically small
INcrement in specs
In a aluminim body
That everyone htc disiilusion
FAns think it is a revolutionary phone

What are you guys talking about! I looked at the list of phones they have for sale and it straight up shows me the DNA. It must have been a glitch. It even let me put in an order to pick it up in the store.

Kind of poor reporting on this one guys. Not used to such a quick overreaction to something like this, particularly considering this has happened with past phones.

Then, additionally, the update to the story includes nothing about the SKU change, the real reason behind the pull in the first place. Tsk tsk.

Just purchased the HTC Droid DNA today from Verizon Wireless
for FREE. Also the one time activation fee of $35 has been waived.
It is available for purchase in stores (I purchased it at a store that was listed as 'not available at this location' online...)
So, believe it or not the code came through and gave me the best deal on the droid DNA.
Honestly, I am expecting it to kick my Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, but if the updated OS on droid doesn't start making more 'sense' (no pun intended) it will be just the doubt I need to say 'Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 is much simpler and easier to configure'. just trying to trim down the memory use on the droid is a pain.
I've only had the phone for a little over 3 hours. We'll give it 14 days to see if it's worth replacing the Xperia Play for.