HTC One M8 Dot View Case

HTC's Dot View Case for the One M8 is a pretty nifty piece of gear that adds a little flair to your phone will also protecting it on all sides. While ShopAndroid has carried the case in both Imperial Blue and Baton Rouge colors up until now, those who have been waiting for the Warm Black and Orange Popsicle versions now have those color options as well.

No matter the color choice, you'll find ShopAndroid offering up the HTC One Dot View Case for just $44.95. Is anyone going to be picking up one of these now that the two new color options are available?


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HTC Dot View Case now available in black and orange from ShopAndroid!


Not for $45!! That is way too much for a case. I would probably at most pay $20 for a case like that. Looks good tho.

I absolutely love Android Central.

However, I think it's inexcusable that Android Central continues to
allow "Shop Android" to rip people off with these ridiculous prices.

Vendors have the right to set their prices. However, it is also the
responsibility of Android Central to NOT to pretend that Shop
Android have "low" prices. Just go buy from Amazon or other
companies that sell the identical products for much lower prices.

The price is pretty much in line. Saw them as low as 35 and as high as 60.

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Prices for accessories vary heavily between stores. It's $49.99 at the HTC website.

And not all sites can afford to price their products as aggressively as Amazon does. Welcome to the internet.

It is cheaper than from HTC. They are charging $50. Still too high for my taste, though. I might go as high as $25 for it.

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I really like to look of this thing, and as gimmicky as it is, I think it's visually really neat. But it just looks like it makes the phone so incredibly awkward to hold when it's open, considering that it doesn't bend around the phone's curved back.

This is true. It gives an akward feeling trying to hold with one hand. However, it's bendable and hold shape fine. Just have adjust holding. It will flip back close when not in use.

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It's not as bad to hold and type as you might think. And it definitely saves my phone from lots of oil and grease at work and is easy to clean. Very nifty addition to the m8.

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Super cool case. It needs to have a clip for when I have to pick up the groceries or some such thing.

I really like mine. I take it off at home, but when I'm out and about it's nice. I got it for like $34 or something too, which is one of the cheapest I've seen it go for.

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I want the Orange but it would be hard to justify another 50$ dot view case in a different color to the wife

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My front cover started to get gummy. This was from the oils from my hands that accumulated over time simply from handling the device. Wiping or cleaning the cover didn't help any. I ended up switching to a simple TPU case.