HTC Desire Z

The HTC Desire Z has come to Canadian users by the way of Bell, which becomes the first carrier to start selling the Android landscape slider. The phone will run you $129 (Canadian) on a new 3-year contract or $499 with no contract. Interestingly, Bell will charge you $449 if you choose to go with a 2-year contract, so if you want a contract shorter than three years, it probably makes sense to just go for the contract-free pricing. Order one of your own past the link. [Bell] Thanks to Matt for the tip! 


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HTC Desire Z launches on Bell in Canada


Yes, I believe it will work with AT&T's 3G network. I'm very tempted to buy one and get it SIM unlocked. I wonder if they'll ship to a US address.

i was thinking the same thing. I went from a N1 to my Captivate and I'm very tempted of selling my Captivate for this. Very, Very tempted....

New to this. For use on AT&T, does it need to be "SIM Unlocked" after buying it off contract from the Bell website linked in this post? I was assuming when it is off contract, you could put any sim in you wanted. says they can unlock any HTC/Android device for 15 Euros. I haven't used their services before so I can't tell you how reliable they are.

how would i go about buying one unlocked for AT&T 3G? It seems to order one of the website you have to pick a plan....

how would you get one to unlock? to order one off the bell website you need to select a plan and everything. Even when you choose to order it no contract.

Yeah I'm stuck here too. Bell's site makes us choose a plan even after selecting "No Contract".

Guess we have to wait for Amazon to stock this unlocked?