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Bad news for those of you in the UK who have been looking forward to getting an official Gingerbread update on your HTC Desire. Looks like it's not going to happen, as the phone's just plain run out of memory, and HTC just can't squeeze in Sense and Gingerbread. (That's not the biggest shock in the world -- Sense has grown quite a bit over the last few versions.)

Here's the official word from HTC UK, via its Facebook page:

Our engineering teams have been working hard for the past few months to find a way to bring Gingerbread to the HTC Desire without compromising the HTC Sense experience you’ve come to expect from our phones. However, we’re sorry to announce that we’ve been forced to accept there isn’t enough memory to allow us both to bring Gingerbread and keep the HTC Sense experience on the HTC Desire. We’re sincerely sorry for the disappointment that this news may bring to some of you.

We know what you're about to say. "Just forget Sense and give us Gingerbread!" Sorry, but HTC's not going to do that. That's one of the downsides to carrier customizations -- even ones as great as HTC Sense. Sometimes the stars just don't line up. The good news is you can always root and ROM the thing.

And one other thing that needs to be mentioned: Kudos to HTC for being forthright and upfront about this. We've seen too many smartphones over the years languish with no updates, and nary a word why. It's a tough pill to swallow, but we're glad HTC's being up-front about it.

Source: HTC UK Facebook; Thanks, Dab, for the tip!


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HTC Desire won't be getting an official Gingerbread update


Well, had this been the HTC Desire HD which is very similar to the HTC Inspire 4G, I would agree but remember this is the HTC Desire not the Desire HD that is being discussed. AFAIK, they aren't that similar. So maybe there is still hope.

And this is why having an unlocked bootloader is important. Having the ability to continue to update your phone after the Manufacturer has abandoned it is a great option.

Further, why is HTC Sense so important?

Give the users a choice of dropping Sense and going pure Gingerbread. Make it an optional download. I suspect many would opt for it over Sense.

Yes it is but this one is running Sense on top of Android whereas the N1 is straight-up pure Android. That makes a huge difference in how much of the phone's ROM is consumed.

What a shame...seeing as how this handset still stacks up nicely with its specs in every other aspect. Yet another reason I absolutely detest these manufacturer skins (yes, even Sense). It lets them build in even faster forced obsolesence!!

Yes. But HTC Sense AND Gingerbread is to much (no enough memory).. Ooh, my old HTC Desire days. It had so little memory lol

Galaxy S II FTW

HTC is a joke. My N1 car dock failed with stress fractures 12 day out of warranty, as it it was designed to fail, and to prove it support won't help at all. Not even to obtain a paid replacement, and the POS is already discontinued, a year after it was release.

I tried to root my Desire with Superoneclick. and it wouldn't work. Got an error at the very end asking if firmware was locked...or something to that effect. Probably did something wrong but not sure. Now I really want to root my phone. Carrier is Telus in Canada.

May have to try rooting again.

Make sure you have a bootloader with HBOOT LESS THAN 1.06. Check this out by holding down volume down and pressing power when first turning on the phone.

If you have HBOOT 1.06 there is NO permanent rooting solution at this time. It's locked and no way to turn SECURITY OFF (S-OFF).

I recommend MIUI actually.

Since I have an EVO, I know this is bullshit. The EVO only has around a total of 500mb of storage, and we still got Gingerbread. We still got sucky Sense 1.x, but it means it possible for the Desire.

Its odd considering that I'm running Gingerbread with Sense 3.0 on my original Desire with no real problems (rooted with a custom Rom), not entirely sure why the developers at XDA can get it to work without major corporate backing when HTC can't. Ah well those who got the handset at the start will be due an upgrade soon anyway so I guess its not a major problem, its still a great phone anyway.

running a rooted rom is quite a bit different then a stock rom from the manufacturer. i dont have a desire, but i can almost guarantee that the ROM has a bunch of stuff left out, thus freeing up precious memory. Another thing is HTC can't release a buggy ROM or there will be hell to pay. Mostly from the rooted/more knowledgeable community that are saying the same thing you are. HTC can't afford to release a 2.3 version unless they can iron out almost all the bugs.

I wonder about the fate of my OG Inc since both it and Desire are cousins. Oh well, thank goodness there are devs willing to take up the task.

That's what is odd about this, there's already been a leak from HTC with 2.3 AND sense for the DInc. And people tell me it runs great. If they have the same specs, what gives? Does this mean they'll go back on the DInc now? It'd be nice to know what they feel the memory size needs to be.

Being a Desire owner, I have a pretty major issue with this news. Not because I fancy any number of snazzy new features, but because it highlights a pretty fundemental issue with the android platform as a whole. As anyone who follows Android Central knows, there are a number of security flaws in older Android releases. Whilst Google do patch them, the phone vendors take an eternity to get the patches out, if at all. And now all Desire owners have been effectively told that they're not planning on releasing the up-to-date, patched version of the underlying OS.

It REALLY pains me to say this, but with this sort of update shenanigans, you have to start to wonder whether losing flash compatibility and entering the fruity walled garden is a price worth paying for regular and timely OS updates...?

Regular and timely, for 2 years. Thus far every generation of iphone has been dropped for the next version of iOS at about its 2 year mark. The first gen is stuck in 3.1x, the 3G is stuck at 4.x, you can assume the last version the 3GS will get is 5. It's more consistent, but not a perpetual guarantee. They also tend to exclude a subset of features in the last supported release for a model. For example the 1st gen got 3.x but did not get MMS. So there's fragmentation all over the place, it's just swept under the rug more neatly.

Fully agree with you - I mostly traded up by 3G for a Desire because I wanted widgets, flash and an out from the walled garden, but there wa also a fair chunk of disappointment that the 3G wasn't going to cope with a fair chunk of 4.x.

And I really hate to sound like an Apple apologist (there's plenty not to like in their business model) but 2 years of regular and timely bugfix and security updates, even if some of the latest, greatest features don't make the cut, is actually a pretty good showing. And much as I love Sense, that kinda rules out HTC for my next upgrade. So I guess its back to Apple for me....?

Naaaah, messing. I'll get the next Nexus :)

There are two desires on the market. The regular desire and the desire hd. The desire hd is the European version of the inspire and I believe it did get the gingerbread update a few months ago. Sorry regular desire owners.

Erm how wrong you are, get your facts right before posting in the Android Central forums.

Technically there are many "Desire" range phones on the market, Desire, Desire HD, Desire Z, Desire S.

Secondly yes the Desire HD got the update, but it caused more problems then positives gained, has a terrible battery life beyond mentioning and also has an abysmal screen.

The Desire was a near perfect phone when released, the Desire HD was not. The Desire was given 2010 phone of the year, the Desire HD hasn't won anything significant. So HTC should show the customers and loyal fans of the Desire more respect and actually give the update which is clearly possible as of the various stuff done over at the XDA developers with the Desire.

They are just cutting back on expenses on past devices and forcing people to newer models, when they are actually pushing people away for great companies like Samsung!

After my contract is up I will never buy HTC again.

Reason 2,489 why all these damn overlays either need to be put on a serious diet, needs to be removable and not so damn integrated into the OS where it screws things up from revision to revision, or just needs to outright DIE. I'm rooting for the latter BTW.

HTC has already announced that the Dinc WILL get Gingerbread. They have reported sometime in July/August. My guess would be in August, almost a year exactly since Froyo was released. That will be the end of the line for the Dinc.

I have tried some Gingersense Roms and they do eat a lot of the memory, where I can't restore most of my apps, and they have been battery hogs as well. It also has been rumored that when 2.3 drops for the Dinc, that it will only have sense 2.0, not 3.0.

Again, this IS the reason for unlocked bootloaders. I am a huge fan of sense, but at the same time, I don't want to be forced to update to a new phone if I don't have to. I know CM7 works great on the Eris, but that phone has been long forgotten about. You just have to give up sense.

So did HTC announce early this year that Desire WILL get 2.3, but this happened now... If Dinc has also low memory it will not get 2.3

LOL saying that HTC announced something these days means squat all now, you can't believe anything they say about their devices so why believe that?!?!?!?!!?

Hopefully not - I have the Desire Z. The DZ has three times the internal memory of the original Desire so I think we're good.
I feel really bad for the OG Desire owners, though.

Here's hoping that in the near future any manufacturer UI overlay will be completely separate from Android itself.

Given the choice between Sense and Gingerbread, well... The choice is clear. Too bad HTC isn't able to rise above their need to "brand" their phones. (Not that they're in any way unique in that need) I mean, this phone would run Gingerbread just fine, except for HTC's bloatware. I sincerely wish that nobody would put skins on their machines that couldn't easily be removed at the user's discretion. After all, Joe sixpack isn't going to pull off Sense or Blur or whatever. I will. And I'll root my phone to do so if I want. But my mom is still running Stock on her EVO. That will likely never change. I wouldn't put a ROM on her machine on a dare. She'd freak if I so much as put Launcher Pro on it! :D

I, for one, think it is great that they TRIED and that they clearly COMMUNICATED what they were doing. That gives them a lot of credibility.

Note to the author;

Not all desire owners are based in the UK. In fact, Eastern Europe I suspect, far outnumbers the UK in Desire owners. (closer to China, remember?) ;-)

So don't forget about us!

Keep up the good work!