HTC Desire

The HTC Desire is receiving an update today labelled 2.10.405.2. According to the announcement from HTC, the update will provide:

  • An Android OS update patch
  • Enhanced multi-inbox Gmail support
  • Improved Russia keyboard layout

Thanks to Kash, who sent us the tip about the update. He mentioned that the biggest change he has noticed is that the voice input is now integrated across the OS and appears every time the keyboard is available. 

If you update your Desire and find other improvements, let us know! [HTC]


Reader comments

HTC Desire receives performance update


Exellent thanks for the heads up I have just checked my Debranded vodafone uk Desire and hey presto it was there ;) its 25mb of HTC goodness so make sure you have that space on internal mem before you start.
Edit: this update has wi-fi issues, this has been confirmed by HTC Europe they are aware of the problem so expect a fix update in the very near future.

Mine said it failed at first, but that was because I didn't have enough free space. Cleared some up, installing properly now... I'll let you guys know how it works.

be careful, I just updated it, and it bricked my WI FI. It shows up as error under WIFI. Thanks HTC :(
P.S. unlocked HTC desire with T-Mobile sim.

As I said in my previouse comment it has bricked a lot of peoples wi-fi mine included. It is a known issue and I was told to expect a fix update very soon, this has been confirmed to me from HTC EU.

Yeah, now I know, but I updated before I came here :D How do they manage to brick wi fi with nearly every update? How long is 'soon'? Week, two weeks?

P.S. Other than HTCs lack of luck with WIFIs it does look like they managed to improve signal strength. Browser when commenting in various forums when you turn the screen horizontally keyboard does not have black area above it, instead it has white stripe, and it does not slow down to a crawl now. Phone feels a bit more responsive.

Thanks for leaving comments guys, was just going to upgrade until I read about the WiFi issues, knowing HTC it'll be fixed relatively soon.

Anybody know if this comes with a new radio?

Yes I did read somewere it has a new radio version ;) but without a quick search could not tell you what it is as I'm to lazy to check Hboot lol.

Well so far my WiFi works on my sim free Desire. Friend stream no longer has Twitter and on manual updating shows constant updating.

Update: Twitter needs to be logged out and relogged in. I found that I had to delete the FriendStream and put it back on the screen. It now updates properly. A bit concerned that using my USB car charger for 40 mins only gave about 5% increase in battery (with no programs being ran). Will update as I keep an eye on it

I had my WiFi turned on during upgrade... it still works!

I noticed new notification icons with touiteur!

I downloaded my update using wi-fi lol but after reboot it is now bricked. I'm not sure how they have managed it but there are a large number of owners saying its bricked there wi-fi but for some reason it hasn't bricked everyones.

HTC keyboard now supports voice, which is nice.

Notifications now have green numbers, no. of unread tweets, etc.

To anyone with bricked WiFi - did you debrand your phone with a Goldcard? You needed to have kept the Goldcard in the phone whilst updating. Something that should've been mentioned in the guide you used.

Thanks for the heads up, I do still have my goldcard and I will remember that one thats for sure ;) Besides the wi-fi issue everythink is ok, the phone feels a little snappier when navigating a relog of twitter was required but no big deal and battery is lasting a little longer (although that may be down to no wi-fi usage)

how to fix your broken wifi after this update

Hey guys,

I had the same problem over here: After finishing successfully the OTA 2.10.405.2 installation on my htc DESIRE I encountered the WIFI problem.

It simply said Wifi: Error

To solve this probleme all you have to do is to reinstall the patch manually but this time using a gold card. (Yeah i forget to use one on my unbranded phone... this could be the source of the wifi error)

1.) reuse your old or create a new gold card
2.) download the patch 2.10.405.2 manually

3.) rename the file to and copy it to the root of your gold card
3.) reboot in recovery mode with your gold card inside and select the file as explained in the froyo guide

4.) reboot
5.) enjoy!

Remember: Next time use your gold card before updating the software

Thanks for the heads up my wi-fi is now working as it should and all looks good.I now know I need to install my goldcard when they update ota as this was not mentioned in the debranding tut I followed when I did it. kudos ook ;)

give it a go m8 as reinstalling the update manualy with my goldcard has solved my problem, so if it dose not work just follow the tut above as it worked for me. This tut is for the N1 the desire is slightly diffrent instead of using the trackball use the power button.

I used this tut to create my goldcard origenaly.

I used the 4gig sd card that was supplied with my device (samsung microsd hc class2 4gig) as I already had a16gig micro sd card from a previouse device. I would also be inclined to keep hold of your goldcard if you can as you will need it to update in the future especialy if you have debranded or rooted your device.

I would also advise if you are intending to update manualy to back up your device previously for this I used MyBackup it's available on the market with a free 30 day trial and it backs up to your sd card. If you like the backup software please consider perchasing the full version to support its development as it dose come in very handy.

If your not confident in doing it then sure it would and there pretty quick at solving this stuff they have had plenty of practice in the past :O BUT if your impacient like me and use your Wi-Fi a lot at home/office then doing it is well worth the effort.

Is this update supposed to be available automatically? Or do we have to do something to get it? If the latter, what has to be done? Thanks!

Did this update in America, no problems until I left the phone overnight charging,
this morning the phone was bricked,
the phone was very warm and the battery shot from overcharging.

No response from HTC

and HTC's America servics center wants about 50 american (plus shipping) dollars just to look at the phone to determine if the fix is under warranty

very unhappy camper here,
will find another phone that is not HTC

Thanks HTC

This update fixed at least two issues for me:

1) For the player: The new update solved the original Froyo caching problem causing tracks not being played in full length. I'm still using version 1.5.6 of the player, but probably solved for never versions of the player too?...
(Issue described at:

2) My WiFi connection has stopped closing down when screen turns off. Before it did that even though I had set "Wi-Fi sleep policy" to "Never" in the Advanced Wi-Fi settings. Great for streaming radio. Yeah ! :-)

So I'm only happy about the new update. Haven't experienced any problems, except I had to clean up a bit on my phone to get space for the update to run...

So I take it that this is an update for the GSM HTC Desire, and not for the CDMA version? It might be helpful if the article indicated which phone version of the HTC Desire, and on what carriers.