Desire HD

A couple weeks ago, TELUS listed the HTC Desire HD as 'coming soon' on their website. Good news for those anxious to get their hands on this device, they're now available from the Canadian carrier.

The Desire HD can be had for a variety of pricing options:

  • $499 (no contract)
  • $449 (1-year)
  • $399 (2-year)
  • $149 (3-year)

If you've been waiting for the 4.3-inch device to hit TELUS, you can now pick one up. [TELUS via Mobile Syrup]

There are 5 comments

kevlars9 says:

Man I hope the new evo looks similar to this, its so hawt

serpico says:

Not surprised about pricing though I wish it was lower with the no contract. But I'll probably still get it and a nice upgrade from the nexus one.

Ronindan says:

I not sure if I will buy it. I but will for check it out.

Shawheim says:

is the no icon labels part of the new sense?

onixblack says: