HTC Desire HD

The HTC Desire HD is now available for in the UK on the network 3. If you buy it subsidized, you will pay £40/month on The One Plan.  If you choose the pay as you go route, the Desire HD will cost £449.99 outright that includes a £10 top-up. 

This is great news for UK consumers who have been waiting for the "global EVO," as it has been dubbed. [Three media centre]


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HTC Desire HD available now in UK on 3


That's a pretty sexy device.

Since getting my Epic, I've wondered whether maybe I should have gone with the Evo. I bought the Epic specifically for the keyboard, but since I've had it, I rarely use the keyboard. It's too big and unwieldy for me. If I had gone with the Evo, I would be using the soft keyboard anyways. I love the Epic, don't get me wrong. But the Evo is kind of prettier, all things considered.

Yeah I have the evo and love it. However both are great phones I personally just don't like keyboards and samsungs touchwiz.