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Just as it was foretold, the HTC Desire is in the midst of its Android 2.2 update, with reports of the Froyo OTA blasting us from throughout Europe. Congrats, folks. And for those of you looking to go the rooted route, be sure to check out XDA Developers before you do anything. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!


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HTC Desire getting its Froyo OTA today


Nice. I'm surprised that 2.2 came to Europeans first. Well, I guess not since the Desire came out before the Incredible and EVO. I'm actually more surprised the EVO is getting 2.2 before the Incredible. What I really don't understand, but am grateful for, is that HTC said most of it's devices will be updated to 2.2 before Christmas. I took that as sometime around Thanksgiving, not in August.

i have had 2.2 on my Droid Incredible for almost a month now. and it is the official release, but i have connects :)

Much faster. Launcher Pro on top of Sense is far quicker than Sense ever was. Everything seems to zip along. Some strange things like the Power control widget not having the Automatic brightness option. Who cares ... it is fast ;)

Edit: They haven't included the microphone in the HTC keyboard (and my mod keyboard is broken, so have to find a new one). Still don't understand this as it works brilliantly even with my dodgy accent.

For those on the Swype Beta the install breaks Swype. Uninstall Swype and the installer, log into the Swype site, go to Beta and resend yourself the invite and follow the steps. Works great (still no microphone or UK English, but it is still brilliant ;)).

I think so, Vodafone do not lock their there a menu (maybe hidden) that can tell me my lock status's?

Don't think so. I am on 3 but one of the early ones which came unlocked with no branding at all and it updated no problem a couple of hours ago. Keep checking and hopefully it will come through at some point.

The way I normally check if a phone is unlocked is to slot a sim in from another network and see if it works. There probably is another way but ...

Good luck ;)

OK i've done a bit more research.

My phone is physically and logically unbranded (no mention of vodafone anywhere at all)

It is unlocked, and will connect to any Network.


It's using firmware 1.xx.161.x

The 161 bit is apparently a code for Vodafone firmwares....sadly it means i might be waiting a bit for Froyo then, certainly explains why i can't get it.

As I recall, I think the timeframe for all-but-official update for the Verizon droid phones is between Aug.6 through Aug 15, unless it's been updated and I haven't heard about it.


I was wondering if I need to do anything to check for the update or if I just get a notification. Nothing has come through as yet...

HTC Desire from Poland, is unlocked and I'm in Portugal on holiday using a local sim so I assume that it should work? I am connected to a wifi connection as well...

Customers who dismiss the notification inadvertently or wish to download the update manually can also check for updates by going to Settings>About Phone>System software updates>Check now

just fyi it was well worth the wait phone is so much faster and now can put apps on sdcard

After having tested it for several hours now, I have to say... it's such a difference. Everything just feels faster, smoother and more stable. It's brilliant.

Only thing I don't quite get: How come the Move to SD card button is always grayed out on all my apps?

Only thing I don't quite get: How come the Move to SD card button is always grayed out on all my apps?

Because all the apps that you currently have are not updated to be moved to the SD card, only so many apps available are updated to be able to go to the SD card.