HTC Desire 510

HTC's latest mid-range Desire device, the Desire 510, isn't going to blow anyone away with its internal specs. But getting a good value for your money on these budget-minded devices is important — here's the full specs list for the Desire 510.

Category Features
Display 4.7-inch FWVGA (480 x 854, 208 ppi)
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 quad-core at 1.2GHz
Memory 1GB
Storage 8GB, SDcard expandable up to 128GB
Cameras 5MP rear, VGA front
Connectivity Bluetooth 4.0, 802.11n Wifi
DLNA, HTC Connect
Cellular GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900MHz
HSPA: 850/900/2100MHz
LTE: 800/1800/2600MHz
Micro SIM
Software Android 4.4, KitKat, HTC Sense 6
Battery 2100mAh Li-Po, removable
Dimensions 139.9 x 69.8 x 9.99 mm
Weight 158g

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HTC Desire 510 specs


I know it's got expandable storage but everytime I see a phone with 8gb(usable for apps is really about 5gb)it just gets to me. We know storage don't cost much and they probabaly using 3rd storage for these budget to mid range devices but I really wish 16gb was the minimum for all phones. Imo this is how it should be, low end devices should have 16gb,mid should have 32gb and flagships should have 64gb, nice dream but as long as they can charge like a 1000% markup for just doubling your storage and they get no backlash they will never give us the correct storage. How terrible is it that we pay like £500 plus for a phone and we only get 16gb of storage.

Posted via Android Central App using galaxy s4

I personally believe all phones should have at least 32GB by now. And higher ranges phones with 64GB or more. Loved my old HTC One X+ with 64 gigs. With data limits, and sometimes sketchy LTE, listening to music on the go was always hassle free!

Posted from my HTC One M8 via Android Central App

That phone actually looks pretty damn nice. Looks like one of those iPhone renders we see 10 months before its actually launched

I actually prefer the look of HTC's plastic versions more than their metal ones. I wish there were more plastic high end offerings from HTC.

Posted via Android Central App

People looking for solid performance in a cheap phone, people that don't care much for updates as long as it works, but don't want to splurge on an iPhone. People that have heard of HTC because of the M7 and M8 but don't want to drop money for a flagship when they don't need a flagship. People that are thinking about not having to get a device upgrade for 2 years, but not paying for the price of three of these in one year.

Who is it not for? You. And all the other people with flagship class phones, and all they people that have better. This is mid-range. It's not meant to blow you away. And it's not really to attract people to the smartphone . It's to drive sales in the portion the market that needs an upgrade *read* people that use devices like the GS3. It runs yes, but you can get better performance at almost no cost to you. And you not need to jump for an M8 or G3 unless you want to.

Posted via Android Central App

Well said. Some folks think that all OEMs are like Apple and that everyone can afford an iPhone or high end Android.

Good to see HTC back in the mid range with solid offerings.

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