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When it comes to big international product launches, rarely does HTC ever reveal just one phone. So with the days counting down to the manufacturer's Feb. 19 announcement events in London and New York, we're not too shocked to witness the first rumors of additional 2013 HTC devices.

Today's reports come from UnwiredView and notorious leaker Evleaks, who's proven to be pretty accurate in the past. First up is the mid to high-end "M4." Evleaks speculates that the "M4" won't launch alongside the "M7," but will appear later this spring. Specs are said to include an unspecified 1.2GHz dual-core Snapdragon processor -- and there are a few to choose from these days -- 2GB of RAM, a 4.3-inch 720p display, 16GB of storage and a 1700mAh battery. Camera-wise, the M4 apparently packs a 13MP, f/2.0 setup with 1080p video recording, and a 1.6MP front-facer. On the software side, we're unsurprisingly looking at Jelly Bean and HTC Sense. LTE is to be offered "where available" the source claims.

Then at entry-level there's the "G2" (no, not that G2), with a 1GHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, a 3.5-inch screen, 4GB of storage (plus microSD), a 1500mAh battery and a 5MP camera. That phone reportedly runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

We wouldn't be surprised to see either of these devices on Feb. 19, but we'd expect most of the limelight to be dominated by the high-end models -- the M4 and M7. Speaking of which, we're still dealing in codenames here, and despite the emergence of spec sheets and leaked images, we're still in the dark about HTC's branding for these phones. All will be revealed on Feb. 19, and we'll be live from New York and London to bring you full coverage.

Source: UnwiredView

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ronzkie21 says:

SMH...I thought the G2 is a G2.

Ry says:

Wasn't it technically the "T-Mobile G2"?

ronzkie21 says:

Technically I think it's T-Mobile G2 with Google by HTC. LOL!

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cjbrigol says:

We need the G3 HTC!! Come on put that bad boy on all carriers you'll be rolling in the money!

Here we go again with HTCs ridiculously confusing naming scheme.

crxssi says:

These are code names, not product names. They will be quickly forgotten and never presented to the public with code names.

inuchan says:

And like always half the good phones they come out with wont make it to the US and the ones that do will only be on one carrier.

coronaboy10 says: This year appears to be poised to be an exception to that.

Jaggrey says:

Um... these are codenames at this point.

carlosrey23 says:

Well..from specs alone, the G2 is basically the G2! The only thing different is the larger battery.

I still have that phone as media player, but even my 3 year old prefers the SG3...

carlosrey23 says:

Well..from specs alone, the G2 is basically the G2! The only thing different is the larger battery.

I still have that phone as media player, but even my 3 year old prefers the SG3...

Ry says:


M7 = 2012 One X
M4 = 2012 One S
G2 = 2012 One V

Quietly brilliant.

Here's to hoping that these don't get stuck as carrier exclusives.

JR Blas says:

U mean 2013?

jedah says:

M4 had me up until 1700Mah battery... but who knows.. maybe that'll be enough. Would really love a successor to the One-S.. and hopefully one that's available across all carriers. Really need more selection for high end devices for people w/ small hands.

timh87 says:

Yeh, it sounded brilliant up till that. My sensation XE has a 1750mah and it barely lasts half a day with moderate/heavy use and that doesn't have a hd screen. Why can't mobile companies actually fit decent size batteries in their phones (especially when their non removable). Motorola seem to manage it.

frettfreak says:

Calling it now... Tmobile US get SCREWED AGAIN by HTC doesnt get the M7, only the M4. I love HTC but seriously if there isnt the top of the line on tmo this round i am done with them for good. I have an s3 now (just got rid of my one s) but i can definelty say there are a LOT of things about even the one s that are WAY better than the sgs3 (vice versa as well but i would say its a little more weighted to HTC if i am being completely honest... especially in the camera department!)