A video showcasing the HTC Click has popped up and it's pretty much what you expected. The budget-minded Android Phone gets a brief run through and there's nothing too jaw dropping about it--no HTC Sense UI, relatively small screen, etc. The HTC Click also comes with a microSD slot, 1100mAh battery, 3.5mm headphone jack, camera, and what is purported to be Android Donut build 1.50.999.0.

The HTC Click obviously won't be targeted to power users but we're pretty sure it would still serve as a nice introduction to Android and first time smartphone users. What do you guys think?

[via engadget]


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HTC Click Captured on Video


Like you said not particularly impressive. It also seems rather thick and apparently shorter than the Ion. Altogether average. And not to be insensitive, but that guys extra thumb scared the hell out of me when I first saw it.

Is that an extra thumb??? That guy must be able to text and send emails on his new cool Android phone at lightning speeds.

Not bad. I think it will definitely help bring more to the Android fold, particularly if it's cheap (in cost).

What gets me is how HTC could put an 1100mAh battery in the G1 and in the low-end click. Granted, the G1 was their first Android powered phone. But man, seeing the same size battery the G1 has in an entry level phone - that hurts (that's why I'm sporting a 2400mAH cinder block in my G1 ;-)

yay for cheaper Android adoption! Hope T-Mobile gets this for their prepaid service, it's horribly inadequate in that area right now! They only have the sidekick data plan, which is ancient.

i think that six fingers take the attention of the users more rather than a phone ,but i liked it, especially its screen.