HTC Status

Although we're still waiting for it to make its debut on a U.S. carrier -- Telus in Canada today has taken the wraps off of their version of the HTC ChaCha or as it shall be known in Canada, the HTC Status. Telus hasn't given a launch date or pricing as of yet but when it does arrive, it will be available in black as well as purple. Plus, you know -- you get Android 2.3 and that cute little dedicated Facebook button that helped give the device its name.

Source: Telus


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HTC ChaCha coming soon to Telus as the HTC Status


This has got to be the ugliest phone I've ever laid eyes on. Even the 10 year old BlackBerry's look better.

I would love it if HTC or some other manufacturer would make a serious take on this form factor.

The new Blackberry Curve that's touchscreen + portrait qwerty is such a sexy piece of hardware.