HTC Status

Although we're still waiting for it to make its debut on a U.S. carrier -- Telus in Canada today has taken the wraps off of their version of the HTC ChaCha or as it shall be known in Canada, the HTC Status. Telus hasn't given a launch date or pricing as of yet but when it does arrive, it will be available in black as well as purple. Plus, you know -- you get Android 2.3 and that cute little dedicated Facebook button that helped give the device its name.

Source: Telus

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eahinrichsen says:

I've never held one of these things, but that keyboard just looks awful, and I love portrait QWERTYs.

PhilR8 says:

HTC has a long history of very good portrait QWERTYs. The HTC Snap, seen here (, is a very good example.

Looks better in Black.

Famboiz says:

My 2 year old daughter has a play phone that looks just like this... sad really.

This thing better be free on contract.

Cyrilmak says:

This has got to be the ugliest phone I've ever laid eyes on. Even the 10 year old BlackBerry's look better.

john_v says:

Wait...which one's are the 10 year old blackberries? I can't tell the difference anymore. :)

The ones that came out last year.

yumyum says:


bluesamg says:

Its nicer in black.. The phone looks tall

oh ok then says:

I would love it if HTC or some other manufacturer would make a serious take on this form factor.

The new Blackberry Curve that's touchscreen + portrait qwerty is such a sexy piece of hardware.