Hello Kitty Butterfly S

If the presence of cartoon felines features heavily in your smartphone-buying decision process, then look no further than this, the newly-announced Hello Kitty HTC Butterfly S, unveiled today in Taiwan. Engadget Chinese reports that the cat-centric 5-incher will go on sale in Taiwan only for NT$22,900 ($770) and come with nine matching Hello Kitty wallpapers in addition to the giant kitty face adorning the handset's rear. It's also sold with two Hello Kitty figurines and a transparent case covered in bows and stars.

The handset is being targeted at Taiwanese women, though we suspect that won't stop our own Jerry Hildenbrand from trying to import one of these when they go on sale. Hello Kitty just makes the awesome Butterfly S even awesomer.

So, any takers?

Source: Engadget Chinese, Engadget

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flagg902 says:

Good enough for Saul Goodman, good enough for me.

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jtc276 says:


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DJLevy7 says:


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birdman_38 says:

It's all good, man!

law2010 says:


briankurtz79 says:

Better call Saul!!

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eahinrichsen says:

If only there were a Moto X variant like this. This back with LWYRUP engraved on the back? That'd kill me.

anon5699530 says:

Exactly what I was thinking.

dante501 says:

Okay I guess?

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BigDinCA says:

So when can we expect to seed Fritz the Car? He's way more fun than Hello Kitty.

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Jonneh says:

I'm buying two! :-D

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briankariu says:

ha ha Jerry the cowboy bebop!

Dave Clark says:

I hope I don't see anyone with one of these or I may end up doing a long stretch...

Connor Mason says:

Woohoo! US version at last!!
Oh. Nevermind.

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mathiasjk says:

I think I just puked in my mouth...

Evilnut says:

Wait, people that are old enough to be able to own & afford a high end smartphone still like hello kitty? Something is wrong.....

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Well, this is aimed at the Asian market and a lot of teenage girls like Hello Kitty.

Jonneh says:

Take a trip to East Asia someday.

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kkdadd says:

Omg..that looks hella cute!! Too bad I still prefer my phones to look inconspicuous lol. But tbh, if HTC were targeting Taiwanese women with this, it's working @_____@

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Good for the Taiwanese women... But I would settle for the plain old HTC Butterfly S.

stef92263 says:

I'll wait for my special edition LGG2 CHiPs phone to match my lunchbox! ;P

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Johnny Z says:

Apple will not be happy about this. Eating into 1 of their 3 demographics.

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Wish I could buy one for my daughter and wife...

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Jowlah says:

With all the Hello Kitty logos on the phones, it looks like something I would find of I went to one of those side cell phone stores in Manhattan on Canal Street or on Elizabeth Street. That's a nice look!

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someguy01234 says:

Just search eBay for hello kitty phone skins.

RKaka23d says:

Wow so kawaii lol .. like the little ribbons