If you're running an HTC One on AT&T (other carrier devices don't apply here) and use the HTC Backup app, you'll want to pick up today's update. It's got fixes for Sense 5.5 (which you should now have along with the Android 4.4.2 update), supports contacts and text messages, you can choose to back up to Google Drive or Dropbox, and you can now sign in with your Google account.

Good additions, all.


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HTC Backup updated for AT&T's HTC One


Phil, I launched the app after it updated, but I don't see where I get to choose between Google Drive and DropBox. I do see where I can choose between HTC account and Google account, but that was there since the beginning, if I am not mistaken. Any idea? Thanks.

Edit: never mind. It was not in the list, but up above in the 3-dot drop-down menu!

Thanks I just backed up my One. I hope it does includes the SMS. The app doesn't mention it anywhere.

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