The HTC Aria is a rather popular Android device for those on the AT&T network, but it is also one that seems to sit on the sideline in comparison to other devices. This device doesn't take the spotlight often, but today it has received an update. While unfortunately this update is not Android 2.2 (Froyo), it still fixes some things as well as add some new features. This update brings users:

  • Firmware Over The Air Activation (FOTA) capability implemented
  • Bluetooth Update
  • Calendar Fix for recurring meetings: When recurring meetings are modified on the device, they are not syncing the changes with the Microsoft Exchange Server  

Be sure to let us know what you are seeing with this update right here in our forums! [HTC via Android Central Forums]

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jdagreek says:

I have downloaded the file very large! Can I do this if I am rooted? Won't I loose the root I have done and the superuser ?

Ki77erB says:

My 2 cents: Root your phone, install Cyg6, enjoy Froyo. Love my HTC Aria.

Will the Aria get Froyo? that comes through AT&T right?

chriscooper says:

how do i get this update on my phone im new to this android stuff