Best Buy circular

OK, we'll forgive the fact that the HTC Aria seen here in this Best Buy circular is shown bigger than both the Evo 4G and LG Ally. Call it creative license. But the 4G icon there at the top of the screen? That's a Photoshop gaffe if we've ever seen one. Probably not as bad as putting Windows Mobile on an Android phone, but still worth a chuckle, that's for sure. [Best Buy via BGR]


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HTC Aria has 4G data, is bigger than the Sprint Evo 4G (not really, folks)


Hey Tonie are you kidding me ....its fake ! Arias is the most small HTC Android in the world .Display: 3.2” (diagonal) HVGA (320x480)

Too bad EVO stock seems to be limited nationwide. With all this advertising you'd expect them to at least have stock available so as not to disappoint customers. I'm eligible for an upgrade and now I can't find an EVO anywhere! Dammit.

I think it only appears bigger because its closer to the viewer. They look like they are going for that carousel effect. If you moved focus to the Evo it would be centered and larger while the Ally might swing to the other side and the Aria would be smaller and to the left.

best buy sucks. well actually there mobile gig is actually pretty nice..but i hate everything else about best buy.

It is so stupid when people unexperianced with the way a phone actually looks make ads... they obviously just took a screen shot of the HTC Evo and cut off all of the menu items. I've even seen pictures of the Moto Droid running cupcake in ads... i mean come on!

One thing for sure is true , With the Evo , the pending launch of the Droid X and all the Galaxy phones and even the droid 2 . this is a GREAT time to be a Fan of Android baby !! Take your pic and enjoy the awesome handsets that are pouring into the market place !!! I fully intend on buying the Droid X when released !!! but I will probably own it for just a few months as I am sure other super phones will come out right behind it !! in the past year I have personally owned 7 differnt phones , the next year is looking exactly the same !!! I love to buy the best when released and that trend will never end , I am the guy the phone company loves !! LOL