HTC Aria

If you just can't wait to get your hands on the svelte new HTC Aria, you might want to go ahead and check your local AT&T or Best Buy store. Units apparently are popping up for sale already -- a full two days ahead of their official release. It's not the first time we've seen AT&T slip a few out the door, and what works in one store might not work in another. Anybody else snag one yet? [via Engadget]


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HTC Aria apparently showing up early in some AT&T, Best Buy stores


Txting and Driving... It can wait... You need to activate your brand new HTC Aria first!

just kidding... don't text and drive!

Txting and Driving... It can wait... You need to activate your brand new HTC Aria first!

just kidding... don't text and drive!

All AT&T Android phones are crippled and will fail. This is done purposely and now there is no doubt. My reasoning behind this came after yesterday's announcement of the AT&T Samsung Captivate. This new Android handset is a Galaxy S minus the ONE component that everyone "oooh'd and aaaah'd" over during the WWDC and the iPhone 4, the front facing camera. It's GONE. Couldn't imagine why? Could you? Enough is enough. People need to speak with their wallets and LEAVE AT&T if you want a real Android handset. Otherwise you will continue to be treated like a second class citizen in AT&T's little world.

And the church says amen. After yesterdays announcement of the captivate I went out and poorted my number to verizon. Even tho the droid x won't have a camera I at least can side load apps or switch to another highpowered android phone 4 months laters. I won't choice and at&t made it clear that they don't want to give me that. Plus who nows how long it will take them to even release the captivate in light of next weeks iphone release.

2 gb of data is not enough for android phones. I've had my evo for a week and already at 1.4 gb of data. The phone is nice and all but they cater to iphone and blackberry users only. I had both on att butt was never happy with the service, 3G would always drop in and out and how many times I've gotten a called failed on my screen. I let everyone else have fun on att s network on the 24 & 25 when all the new iphones come out lol. Then the phone will really be crippled

AT&T might be the only network where the 3G is overpiped, and call quality/performance does better on EDGE.

In other news, if you want GSM -- use T-mobile, they typically cover the same areas, have no restrictions, cost less, and run just as fast/sometimes report to be faster.

I like T-mobile, even with low service here (North Central Ohio) they offer a better package than any of the other big 4 (for price and performance). Just wondering, do any of you see EDGE on tmo running as fast or close to Verizon 3G? I have one buddy with a Cliq, and another with a Droid -- and can't really see a major speed difference.

DEFINITELY fuck ATT. i hate them and what they are doing to Android OS powered phones. so ridiculous.