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HTC and Beats by Dre -- the video


You mean the last 4 stories Phil thru up for this VERY SAME THING didn't excite you, but that video did?


Phil, you got stock in this company or what?

This video is a big fail. First they use a song that isn't by Dr. Dre, then they barely show the phone or any software, This looks more like a commercial for the headphones not an HTC phone. Waste of money on HTCs part.

Nice! I just bought the headset a couple of days ago, but there was no specific software to enhance the audio for it that was available other than on HP laptops... Hopefully with this they'll bring something out and make my sound quality a million times better :D

Okay, I'm a little confused. Is this about the headphones, or about HTC putting Beats speakers in their phones?

I'm almost 60 years old. I don't understand what this has to do with smartphones. It just makes no sense to have ghetto rap be a major feature on a smartphone! Netflix sure, Android market. Blockbuster ect. Don't we have enough music choices on Android already? (Pandora, iheart, Slacker, Grooveshark, Spotify, my own MP3 library, itunes?) When is enough enough?

"Ghetto" Rap really. If you watched the video then you would know the song used was light hip-hop with a dash of dance/techno music. Also Dre has more in common with regular hip-hop and horror core than he has with "Ghetto rap" which hasn't been popular since 2006.

The rest of your post shows that your an idiot as its not a music choice or store but a way to enhance the music to sound clearer and have more base.

Too bad its going to suck for regular rock music and lo-fi tunes. Beats are only really good if you listen to alot of bassy rap and dubstep.

Thank You! I really appreciated your post. Because Im a huge fan of 90s era hiphop/rap and I hate when people are so quick to generalize anything with rapping in it as "ghetto". Did he even listen to the lyrics? Nothing "ghetto" about it.

I'm guessing by "ghetto rap", he means gangsta rap. If you don't think Dre is associated with gangsta rap, you don't know his history. NWA and Ice T were the first in that genre to gather any sort of popularity. Sure, Dre is a hiphop pioneer but to say he has more in common with "regular hip-hop and horror core" is just showing your ignorance.

Well obviously you know about the genre. How ever I showed no ignorance at all. I never said Dre was "gangsta rap" He was refering to the BLACK EYES PEAS SONG playing the background as "gangsta rap"

Ok correction. Now that I know what BEATS is - some high priced, high quality headphones, I don't see what the big deal is that HTC has to buy a headphone company. With prices like that they should not be in trouble unless the money comes in the front door and goes out the back! Does not inspire me to tell people that HTC makes quality smartphones when they make a dumb move like this. On the headphone front, I know that most smartphones do not come with headphones anymore (Blackbery did though, but the Android phones I know of did not.) Tablets usually come with the "Fill up your ear canal" ear buds (Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak 7). I personally prefer open air headphones (Koss). I guess Koss or Sony's headphone division or Logitech were not up for sale or takeover.

Funny thing is that they didn't buy them they just paid alot of money to silence the tech and the Brand.

From what I hear The galaxy s 2 uses speakers with a really good file type.

Should've figured out what BEATS was before you posted the first time...

And there is a HUGE market for high quality Audio products. So obviously HTC is going to be bundling software to take advantage of High Quality headphones.... You sound like a rambling old man...

"beats was" haha

Seriously, one thing I love about Android Central. The articles that are posted here for us to consume.
One thing I hate about Android Central. All the users that seemingly on have negative things to say about articles or another users comments.

It's classy guys, real classE

How dare they invest in something without first consulting gort999?!? Chill dude, really. They're probably going to have their speakers in their products now, and its a smart move on their part. Lots of people are now going to buy HTC products that wouldn't have otherwise. Beats is a big name and many people buy products because of the name(see iPhone)Beats definitely isn't the best quality available, but its probably the hottest name in audio right now, and being able to add that to their products is pretty huge. They're in the business to sell smartphones and tablets, and being able to say "HTC Doodad with Beats Audio" is going to sell a lot more than "HTC Doodad approved by gort999."

lol @ "ghetto rap". Beats has to do with enhancing audio of music that feature bass. Yes, rap songs fit into that category, but so does some house and pop music. Even rock songs sound great with Beats headphones. I'm sure the partnership means Beats audio branded speakers will be built into HTC phones or they might even come with a pair of Beats headphones. But who knows, it could just be an app...but why would HTC pay that much for an app that will just play music? They already have that like you've said.

This is a very smart move by HTC. There are many people who will jump at anything Beats branded. This will only help their already increasing amount of revenue.

Also, they didn't purchase Beats Electronics LLC. It's a partnership. This is all to help market their phones. Beats is very popular and well known right now.

A racist old man? Probably........... I'd say wait to see if this improves the sound quality on HTC phones before making judgment. Now if they could find a fix for battery life on HTC phones then that would make some noise

I'm not really a racist, I just don't like Rap. But I totally agree with you about the battery life of smartphones. I would think that putting research money into stronger and longer battery life would be more important to everyone than investing in a headphone company.

Noise cancellation, software optimization, a separate app, all this to help cancel out the outside world.

An audiophile's dream.....

Looks like my next phone might be an HTC. By this time next year I'm positive something great will be available when my upgrade is due.

Kids and women are main iPhone users. HTC will announce tomorrow their war against Apple over the kids' market. Partnership and aggressive marketing with Beats are I think a good move.

I'm scared that if I go to bed, there will be another four posts about this very thing when I wake up tomorrow.

I understand that these headphones are popular because of Dr.Dre and because they are "urban" ... but the hype over these headphones is amazing. I swear they feel like if they sell them at the 99 cent store. It is really amazing the cheapy plastic feel has generated such appeal....

OMG! How many articles are we going to see about this, Phil? Jesus, talk about spamming. How much was the kick back?

LOL Nice to see you have a sense of humour, Phil, unlike some members around here who get upset over any little thing or comment. :)

This could be good news. I am not a fan of beats, as they overpriced and overhyped. You can do better at that price point. That being said, if this brings out better phones with better dacs and amplifiers, I'm all for it. My thunderbolts amp sounds like crap even when hooked up to ie8's.

It's only a damn phone. It seems like some people want to use their phones hooked up to their Home Theaters and expect the phones to have a S/N ratio of 102 and a built in MOSFET amp. Unreal.

I know right! It seems like other people want HDMI out to hook up to their TV's! And others want to use it as a car navigation system! The nerve of them! Others even want to use it for taking high quality photos and even video chat!

If you think its only a damn phone you are on the wrong website.. Get a cheap flip phone and move along.

I could see why the people who thought HTC were announcing the 2nd coming of Christ are disappointed, but to those that are big HTC supporters like me can understand the possibilities of this merge between the companies. This could lead to so many things in the future. Maybe not immediately, but who knows.

I wonder- how much of that $300 mill Dre is getting for the majority purchase HTC made (51%) of this company?