HTC Legend and Desire on Amazon UK

If you have a hankering for the HTC Desire and HTC Legend and happen not to live in the United States (or don't mind paying out the yin-yang), AmazonUK's got you covered. The newest Android phones from HTC will be released, the online retailer says, on April 1.

The SIM-free (aka unlocked) Legend will run £399.99, or about $600. The Desire is going for £528.68, or nearly $800. So, who's buying? [Legend at AmazonUK/Desire at AmazonUK | via Engadget]

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Jaystar says:

joshwa#AC says:

Check the Title again... shouldn't it read "HTC Desire" ... not "HTC Amazon"?

lol. That was awesome. Only no it wasn't. In other news, I've now had my coffee. :-/

joshwa#AC says:

lol, it happens to the best of us. :-)

Wesley#AC says:

UK Amazon has never had good prices for smartphones, so this ain't much news to me. Google The HTC Desire and you will find the best pre-order price of £414.

jella says:

There HAS to be a cheaper way to get the Desire in the states. That price is almost as ridiculous as when rumors of the Xperia X10 being $1,000.

I don't want At&T to get that beast of a phone. Come on, T-Mo!