Sprint A7373

Looks like the HTC A7373 may be on its way to Sprint in early January. Don't know what the HTC A7373 is? Yeah, us either. A quick Google search pops up the Desire Z, and specifically a Russian version of the horizontal slider. That mean one's destined for Sprint? And might it be blessed with Wimax? News at 11, folks.


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HTC A7373 coming to Sprint in early Jan. - now what exactly is it?


another HTC on SPRINT!!!!

Yep, probably the Evo Shift 4G. Makes sense that Russia would have a reference to it to, since they also have a Wimax network to support. Possibly getting the same or very similar handset, I'd imagine.

It is the HTC Knight. Come on guys. The SKU has a "KT" in it. Seems pretty obvious to me. It will be the HTC hinge phone offered on Sprint. 4G, front facing camera and the "newer" HTC sense. Hey Phil, want to give me a job?

are you referencing the KT in the sku to mean Knight? If so, you notice the other KT in the other sku?? Your sir, are retarded.

Then you don't have to worry, because this "Knight" or whatever, is not "better" than the Evo. Has similar specs and a much *SMALLER* screen.

Now I wonder if I should have waited on my phone upgrade. Just got the Epic and am now giving Sprint an extra $10/month, but it sounds like this new upcoming device would require the extra payment.