Sprint A7373

Looks like the HTC A7373 may be on its way to Sprint in early January. Don't know what the HTC A7373 is? Yeah, us either. A quick Google search pops up the Desire Z, and specifically a Russian version of the horizontal slider. That mean one's destined for Sprint? And might it be blessed with Wimax? News at 11, folks.

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Cares says:

the knight! .. speedy! whatever ...

rem_kujawa says:

That's cool, why is sprint so slow on getting handsets?

babybear293 says:

another HTC on SPRINT!!!!

tim242 says:

Well since the Evo Shift 4G is a version of the desire Z, that'd be my guess.

Jcrabapple says:

I'm going to switch to Sprint from T-Mobile. Just waiting for a phone to lure me. This might be it.

BobRoss#AC says:

Yep, probably the Evo Shift 4G. Makes sense that Russia would have a reference to it to, since they also have a Wimax network to support. Possibly getting the same or very similar handset, I'd imagine.


gonzoguy24 says:

It is the HTC Knight. Come on guys. The SKU has a "KT" in it. Seems pretty obvious to me. It will be the HTC hinge phone offered on Sprint. 4G, front facing camera and the "newer" HTC sense. Hey Phil, want to give me a job?

karnoff says:

are you referencing the KT in the sku to mean Knight? If so, you notice the other KT in the other sku?? Your sir, are retarded.

powrman811 says:

Coming from someone who works for Sprint... KT means "kit."

icebike says:

So what does BLU mean?

gonzoguy24 says:

You sir are a dick.

haha damn someone got told!

Cubfan says:

I don't want anything better than the Evo until June. :)

crxssi says:

Then you don't have to worry, because this "Knight" or whatever, is not "better" than the Evo. Has similar specs and a much *SMALLER* screen.

PanzyDog says:

It is a HTC 4g keyboard slider phone. Played with it today.

Flip says:

show some pics

Yes, proof, much talk, back it with facts, I mean, pictures!

Funny how the EVO has actually created more interest in Sprint. Or was it Android? Both I guess.

babybear293 says:

it was the Hero i think. Then THE EVO created the SNOWBALL EFFECT.

cb2367 says:

Now I wonder if I should have waited on my phone upgrade. Just got the Epic and am now giving Sprint an extra $10/month, but it sounds like this new upcoming device would require the extra payment.

cav22 says:

Anyone notice that the HTC Model # is very similar to the Touch Pro 2???