Droid Eris Android 2.1 update

You wanted to manually update your Droid Eris to Android 2.1, and so you shall. Here's what you need to do:

  1. Download this file. (Thanks, AndIRC!)
  2. Copy it onto your SD card. Be sure not to put it in any folders.
  3. Turn you phone off. Now hold down the power and volume-down buttons to enter the bootloader. Follow the instructions to update to Android 2.1

Easy as pie! (Update: HTC reminds us that updating via this method will wipe your phone, and that waiting for the OTA update will not. Good to know.


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How to manually update your HTC Droid Eris to Android 2.1 (updated)


It's probably the same, if not VERY similar. v3 leakers are unable to update by dropping it on their sdcards, but so are v1 and v2 leakers. Its possible that only the OTA updater can run the patch. Its been confirmed that a 1.5 user was able to patch successfully via sdcard.

This is not rooting your phone. This will apply the update just like if Verizon sent it to your phone. You are just manually telling the phone to look for the update on the file system.

OK, so after I moved the file to my sd card, i turned the phone off and did the volume power thing, but now what do I do after that? It comes up with a boot screen...I hit restore and it stayed on a screen with an exclamation point and didn't do anything for a few mins, so I got scared and pulled the battery and it powered up with no problem and now im back to 1.5...

Why does the download file have "desire" you'd think it would say "eris".

Seems like too many people having too many problems trying this than to actually run this on my wifes phone.

Verizon Wireless renamed the phone the Droid Eris. During development, HTC called the phone the Desire. After the rename, HTC named what became a different phone what is now the HTC Desire.

Here is the exact procedure I followed and it works.

1. Download the file above and rename it update.zip
2. Place this file in the root of your SD card
3. Hold down Volume Down and Power to enter the bootloader
4. Select Recovery and press the power button
5. The phone should reboot and give you a screen with an exclamation point
6. Press Home and Power to access the recovery menu
7. Select Apply sdcard:update.zip
8. Wait about 10 minutes for it to finish its thing

Also remember, if it a zip file, then on windows don't call it update.zip, it already is update.zip. Just name it update. Otherwise the sdcard will read it as update.zip.zip

Ok I've just done it. Its loading and looks like its working.. Will come back and update.

Update: So far so good. Pinch to zoom. Love the new look for market.. All my apps are still there . still gotta play with it. But Loving it!!!

Dumb question.
When I get the update or do this does this wipe out everything on my phone? Will I have to reinput my apps and contacts?
Sorry I was curious.

I got the official update the other day come through...all my apps and contacts are still intact, it basically just wipes out all your settings and customization.

You'll have to go back in and redo all that, but at least you'll still have all your apps.

Just updated my friends phone. Takes about 20 min. or so. Works good. First restart takes a long time. Runs smooth after that. His Google Voice app doen't work, but I am sure a reinstall will fix the problem.

I am in the process of doing this now.. just to clearify, is this the actual OTA that VZW is sending out, but someone just made it into a .zip and put it on the net? I know its not a root file.. im just a little skeptical is all..

.. seems to have installed, waiting on reboot now. I really hope this is the same update that VZW is sending out. Is there a way to go back to 1.5 if i dont like this version?

Yes, it is the same file; you are downloading it from the same place, Google.com. The location was discovered by people who logged the update when they were installing the over the air update by Verizon Wireless.

my update worked but im having a problem finding GPS signal in the new google maps navigation feature.. this feature works fine on my incredible.. :-(

Anyone having problems downloading the file? My wife's Eris keeps stalling at about 93% then stops and says "Unsuccessful". I'm just worried that when VZW tries to do the OTA update that she'll run into the same problem.

The only problem (so far) is google maps not aquiring a GPS signal when trying to use turn by turn navigation. it says searching for GPS at the bottom and it says my location is accurate to 2300 meters, which is obviously unacceptable... other than that, i havent had any other issues so far.

GPS not working sounds like a showstopper to me. I mean that is one of the reasons I want the update so badly.
Has anyone else remarked on how much snappier their eris is? Does it seem to make a noticeable difference in your daily use?
I am leaning more toward waiting to see if I get it this week as I am swamped at work as it is and won't be able to use it anyway.

well im trying to navigate on my incredible now and its not working either, so maybe its a problem with google maps at the moment. I'm getting the same "searching for GPS" message on my incredible, so i dont think it has to do with this 2.1 update for the eris. Thank god!

Okay, I glady admit that I'm not tech savvy :) So, I apologize if I sound ignorant, but how the heck do I rename what I downloaded I can't even find the DL anywhere on my phone. Thanks in advance.

Thank you :) I was wondering about that, but since I'm at work I was anxious to try it. Guess, I will have to wait a few more hours. Thanks for the help.

all you need to do is get astro file manager from the market. Once installed open it and open the folder named downloads, the file should be in there. No long press it, press edit then move. Back out to the sd card, it will show a folder and /sdcard at the top left of the screen. Now press the edit button and hit paste. Longpress the file again, press edit, rename, then rename it update.zip, hit ok. Now your ready to install it, just follow the instruction listed above.

download this app call astro.. this will allow you to access all saved files on your phone. it will also allow you to rename, delete and move move files around

the touch screen seems to be a bit more responsive. The Eris I'm using is my wifes phone, so I'm not too sure how it was before the update..

update on GPS problem.. it seems to be working now. :)

Just loaded up, awesome. Hey is speech to text installed or is it an app? I noticed VZW says speech to text support. What does that mean?

I just did the update....but I don't see on my keyboard the text to speech option.
I've downloaded the text to speech app...but its not showing on my keyboard. How do I get that on my phone???????
And my Google maps don't have pinch to zoom!!!!!!! WHYYYYYYY??????

Anybody else's radio seem weaker? I think I have fewer bars than before the update. Internet and what not still seems just as fast but I have fewer bars...

Yeah I recall hearing about that with the leaked versions. Hoped it would've been fixed for the official release but as long as everything works, and so far it does, I'm a happy camper. Phone seems faster and navigation ftw.

Problem with the radio signal..... Solution. Dial *228 and select option 2.... It will reprogram roaming capabilities and the signal problem will be solved

Yup, still not fixed and I can't reinstall the update. I tried to do that but the way we did it originally changes.

same thing happened to mine. i did the update and now i dont have the htc clock widget or the weather app/widget.

anyone know of a fix? and yes, i have pulled the battery and restarted it.

Mine also did this with the OTA update. However, I just backed up my contacts and made a list of apps and reset my phone to factory defaults and everything works perfectly now. Give it a try.

The volume and power comb. doesn't bring me to the bootloader...anyone have the same problem? Or am I missing something in settings?

Thank you to those who make these things possible. It is certainly appreciated.

Last night while watching my son play baseball, I followed phidelt1499's instructions and successfully loaded OS 2.1, upgrading from OS 1.5. Before starting, however, I installed SDReader, a free app from Market, and used it to rename the file on my card to "update.zip". I originally renamed it to "update" but that failed. (If I had renamed it from my PC, I'm fairly certain that "update" would have been correct.)
The install, delete, and reboot took a few minutes but the progress is such that you know it is being made. My Eris rebooted a couple of times and I could see new screens such as "HTC quietly brilliant" that I never saw before.
Anyway, the install wiped out no data or settings except for a few minor home screen changes. All apps are exactly as they were.
2.1 is faster and smoother, a lot like my friend's Incredible. Battery life is very similar (i.e. excellent especially compared to my iPhone) to 1.5. Navigator is amazing. The fact that the app is embedded and free is amazing. (My iPhone has the TomTom turn by turn app which set me back $50.)
Thanks very much to all who contributed meaningful comments to this post. Android Central seems to have no peer and I have RSS'd it to my iGoogle page.

I don't understand about the bookmarks, they are kept in the SD Cards. I did the manual and anything was missing.....

Hey here one for you guys. I did the update everything went well with the update, but now at first I couldn't download apps, insufficent storage issues. Reloaded update apps can now be downloaded, now however I can't send texts at all or receive them. Keeps giving me errors. Anyone have an issues like that??

Go to settings>apps>manage apps press the messenger app and press menu the filter and select all, press messaging and press clear cache and data...then restart....should fix it

Same thing happened to me. I had previously updated to an earlier leaked version, would that have anything to do with it?

Update is ok. I don't see any real significant changes. Anybody have an idea what the practical use(s) for text-to-speech are, and how it is used? Thanks

OK I followed the procedures as described, in about 10 minutes... DONE........... My apps all there, only lost contacts. txts are there, synch restore contacts! Everething great! ENJOY it!

Stuck at exclamation point? File is renamed to update.zip and just on the sd card. Also, the home button is not vibrating like it usually does. I had the first leak of 2.1 on there. Seen a couple others with this issue but no resolution, any thoughts?

More digging, found out for leaked upgraders it is actually power and volume up at the exclamation point. now getting Installation aborted. Have more than 25mb free space and update.zip named right and in the right place. still looking, couldn't find anywhere in the forums to post this.

I got OTA for Eris today ie may 17th. Installation was easy and went smoothly. the download file was 77mb so it took sometime to download. first thing i noticed was no swipe-unlock, extremely disappointed, (may be its a stock android feature). No 3d gallery, no pinch to zoom on maps and browser. navigation works fine. icons are nice to look at. phone is faster than with 1.5 but not super fast. leap home screen looks nice. but i really wanted swipe-unlock.
2.1 on eris has same problem as did on 1.5 before service update ie when in call if u press end button it ends call instead bringing it to screensaver mode.

Problem with the radio signal..... Solution. Dial *228 and select option 2.... It will reprogram roaming capabilities and the signal problem will be solved

Hey! I did the update tonight. Everything went great except I lost my contacts. So I re-synced them, now when I got to enter in a speed dial, it won't save it. Any ideas? Thanks!!

Hey, My wife and i Got the OTA updates the other day to 2.1. but we have had a few issues. first the contacts issue. if you re-log onto your gmail on your phone it should bring up your contacts. but also. we cannot set our speed dial. it goes through the whole process. we hit the save button, but it does not save. another one is the google home screen for the browser, when clicking on the search feild it now zooms in instead of just bringing up the qwerty. the last one is that the ringtones saved for contacts and notifacations are still on the phone but when we asign them they dont show up in the ringtone list on the phone. and they dont save on the actual contacts. the browser also just closes somtimes. no reason mid search. any sugestions.