If you didn't know, the HTC Hero is launching on Sprint.

You can't say Sprint isn't trying. Bleeding money and rumors of downfall can't sink a ship when they continue to bust their behinds trying to get past the rough waters. Translation: Sprint now exclusively has two of the most compelling smartphone options on the market. How could we have written them off? They're just getting down to business.

The Palm Pre and HTC Hero--both are magnificent phones in their own right but more specifically, they're the best options on their respective platforms--on one network. We know a HTC Hero on Verizon or AT&T or the Android-friendly T-Mobile would work better for a lot more people (us included) but we absolutely love how Sprint goes and grabs the best phones available.

So the question we have for you guys, how do you feel about the HTC Hero on Sprint? Would it make you switch? Does it make you stay? How is the Sprint network for you? Love it or hate it, let us know in the comments!

As for us, we've never been a Sprint customer (we rock AT&T and T-Mobile at the Android Central HQ) but we're so excited to see the HTC Hero (and its redesign) in the states that we're deeply contemplating a switch.


Reader comments

How Do You Feel About the HTC Hero on Sprint ?


I have voiced this on Twitter....

Sprint takes the best phones, edgy and cool and makes them bland and vanilla like... Sprint!

At first I was excited that the Hero was comming to the US and I didn't care what carrier had it... now I hope someone can pick up the REAL Hero and shut Sprint up!


you are very ignorant. you made statements about a chin. thats what your upset about. if you want the chin back then go get the g1 of the mt3g. the hero is one of the best things to ever hit the market. and its not bland it looks professional but is still fun. very customizable. it can be a business phone and a phone for play. the iphone is bland the storm is bland the hero is genius inside and out chin or no chin and with the new data plan sprint is about to rule the world no matter what handset you have. blackberrym hero pre, pixie, sprint is sneaking its way into conversations all over the U.S. and its all positive talk

Your kidding me right ? Sprint took and UGLY phone and made it far nicer, not to mention it is far more feature packed than the "other" hero . That phone is horribly ugly , hate the chin and the hardware buttons . This is by far the veru best Android phone on the market . You dont like it , dont buy it . you will be the one missing out . I LOVE IT !!!

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The phone sucks and its ugly just another G1 with a 5meg (cam) and more (mem) also the flash player is not a real flash player you will be limited on the flash sites you go to on the web. last no keyboard come on HTC you know you had a hit with the great keyboard why chg up. DUHHHHHH

I've been anxiously waiting for this phone to be released. I've been an extremely happy Sprint customer for 6 years! Never had any problems, always have great service (customer and device). Granted I like the GSM styling of the Hero, but this version is starting to grow on me. I know it will definitely fit in my pocket better than the other version so I'm happy with that.

are you serious Sprint has a great network and so does verizon you have to had never used sprint o say there network is crappy, Verizon, Sprint, ATT Nextel, T-mobile thats how it goes biotch

I think that it is a waste of a good phone on a crappy network. Plus what the change of the way it looked. I like the original look of it. Very sad day. :(

Sprint has a crappy network???? What rock have you been under. Sprint has one three in a row for best overall national 3G network beating AT&T and yes even "the Network" Verizon.

I have been on Sprint for 8 1/2 years. I have never experienced a customer service issue any more than any other phone company I ever used. All problems I ever had were completely and totally resolved by customer service. And I have given them plenty of opportunity to screw things up. I now have nine phones on my account, and it will no doubt grow. So I don't know what all the smack-talk is about with customer service.

I have lived in Western NY, Alabama, Michigan, and now Southern California, and I have experienced only one place that had reception problems, but ALL the other carriers had the same problems there, and T-mobile (because it seems to be beloved here) had NO signal at all. So I don't know what the smack-talk is about with Sprint coverage.

Boy Genius Report recently ran a non-scientific survey of network speed, and Sprint came out on top. So you can't say that Sprint is slow.

My one and ONLY complaint in my 8 1/2 years has been they are slow to adopt the latest hardware (Razr, Blackberry Curve, etc). The ONLY reason I have ever thought about switching is for better hardware. They are killing this issue with me with every passing month. Palm Pre, Blackberry Tour, and HTC Hero are making my upcoming phone refresh a harder decision than I have ever had with Sprint.

The icing on the cake is that I pay less for my service than any of the other carriers can offer me. It isn't even close!

I don't get the Sprint bashing, especially now. I see other people on Sprint (the phones sometimes stick out) and I ask them about their experiences. No one I talk to understands the Sprint bashing. Count me and my eight other phone users on my account as HAPPY SPRINT CUSTOMERS and getting happier.

Hey I totally agree with you. I've been a Sprint customer for more years then i can count and never had any negative issues. I have had T-Mobile and friends and family on AT&T, Verizon and others, I would say that im glad I never switched (although hardware would have made me switch).Now with Spint taking the bull by the horns and getting better hardware. I will be a Sprint customer for years to come. I currently have the Palm Pre (switched from HTC Touch Pro-nice phone) witch I think is awesome better then the iphone especially the ability to be in more then one application at the same time.....come on apps!!

I totally agree with you. I've been with Sprint for about 6yrs and quite content. As far as the bashing, it happens everywhere ufortunatelly. I belong to a DSLR forum and they are just as bad concerning their own brand of cameras; Blackberry, the same. (my dad can beat up your dad mentallity)
You go to wait in line at a store or bank and the same; complain, complain. Oh well! I ignore them as a sero on the left of a number; counts as nothing.

I agree. Sprint has good coverage and fast 3g! But they always lacked the good phones. I preordered my hero! And will be happy to retire my HTC Touch! Next year I might buy a window 7 phone. But I am going google for a while!

we had a good experience with Sprint, but then my mom lost her phone and my dad thought, eh we'll just switch over to T-Mobile. I'm glad they did that cuz i have the G1! it's amazing but now i'm wishing we were still with Sprint... i'll just wait until something even better than the Hero comes out. i'm running what the Hero runs: suuuuuuper nice interface. but the G1 has like 1/2 the memory of the MyTouch3G and Hero but it runs without too much lag...

I think if this phone was called the Desire. People would be loving it right now. I don't understand why they allowed Sprint to use it under the Hero name. I now wonder if the angular version (i.e. original Hero) will ever be offered in the US. Can AT&T really pick it up now and call it a Hero? I was planning on switching to Sprint just to have the Pre and Hero phones, but now I'm thinking I'll wait to see what AT&T comes up with. I'm not sure why Sprint went this route but the Sense interface and sleek, albeit not original, design is still an attractive package. Personally, I just want that teflon coated, brick of a phone. And what's wrong with chins anyway, I have 2.

How do you feel you ask? WOW I have to say elated, excited, geeked up, uber happy, I can go on and on.

This is a day that I have been waiting to arrive for what seems like an eternity.

GOOD JOB DAN!! Looks like your going to actually beat Verizon to the punch... pat yourself on the back for a job well done. Its this sort of business acumen that will bring Sprint back to where it belongs, America's best carrier.

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Maybe I'm the only one but I'm really upset with Sprint. I was hoping to get the Hero for me and my father but the "chin" version was a big reason for the idea. My assumption is that this Sprint version lacks the non-smudge layer that was a big draw for me. Plus I think a chin makes more sense to my father who is used to curved phones. I may be having a knee jerk reaction but I really think I might totally change my mind now. I'd really like to know why they didn't go with the other version of the Hero.

Yeah, that sounds like a ridiculously knee-jerk reaction. You are ASSUMING HTC got rid of the oleophobic screen (which I cannot say they have or haven't, but would imagine it's still there as they have no reason to remove it) and saying the lack of the few cm's of plastic making the chin completely change the device. Perhaps it would be easier for your father, but if his learning curve requires him to figure out a chin or not, do you really want to be giving him a touchscreen smartphone in the first place?

Maybe I'm wrong again, but didn't the Hero with the chin have both a special screen AND body to prevent prints? The one early image we saw had some serious prints all over it. So while I could still be wrong, there is good reason to assume that this version isn't getting that special treatment for screen OR body.

Regarding the learning curve for my father, maybe you are right but I've realized that when trying to teach aging adults new tricks you need ALL the help you can get. Every small detail matters. Having that chin might make it more comfortable and small things go a long way.

Also note the buttons are much different. The Sprint ones appear very small. I think I would even prefer the chin model buttons.

Sorry, but I'm still not happy with Sprint for not going with the other version of the Hero.

I think it looks great and I think it will run a hell of lot better on Sprint's network then either ATT or Verizon's overloaded networks, or TMO's poor excuse for one.

Say what you will about this device and how it is or is not aesthetically pleasing. The big deal here is Sprint has an Android phone with a great interface.

Don't like the color? You can get a $10 cover for it. The GSM version of the hero also had that enormous volume rocker on the right hand side of the phone and it looks like that's been eliminated on this version. If this thing is more like the HTC Magic and less like the GSM Hero that's cool with me.

To be honest, I wasn't sold on the "chin" thing ever since they released the G1 on T-mobile. I thought the features were cool but the hardware looked so clunky and heavy and un-pocket friendly. After comparing the dimensions on this version of the Hero phone to the iPhone I think Sprint has a really strong contender here. I've been with Sprint in Chicago for about 6 or 7 years now and I have to say that they have great call quality and their rates are the best out there. No competition there. AT&T service here is a joke which was a HUGE factor in deciding not to get the iPhone. ALSO let's not forget that this will be the first (or one of the first) phones on the Sprint Network to have WiFi. That's huge for Sprint!

I am really looking forward to the hands on reviews from all my favorite sites and I can't wait to mess around with one at a store myself. I will most likely buy this phone in October.

I was really looking forward to this phone on TMO (the chin version). I just left Sprint and still will not return.

Was tempted to switch when I heard it would come to sprint. Even started saving for it. But after i saw the design yesterday, i purchased the unlocked chinny version. Love the chin and desgin of the original. New one is too plain. Too sprint. I think the original design is iconic and sleek. I doont even care that im giving up on 3g.

"i purchased the unlocked chinny version"
can you provide more info? where & how much? i guess the phone will not have the 3G capability in usa correct? att or tmo? how is the reception?

I like it better without the chin. My only complaint is I wish it were a little bit more squared instead of rounded.

And what's the deal with the ball? It's a touchscreen.. why does it need a ball??

This about a cursor you want to move one or two values in any direction, a trackball makes this happen, the combination to me just makes sense.

So, I'm a current Sprint subscriber, and Pre owner. And I too don't understand the Sprint bashing. Why does everyone want this on VZW? The company who has made it clear they'd take out the android store and replace it with a Verizon locked store? Or AT&T who, on the iPhone, wants to charge me $90 for what I currently pay $60 a month for. Or T-Mobile, where I often see my roommate have his G1 in odd angles just to get 3G, where i get 4 bars of EVDO?

I will say I liked the overseas hero over the Sprint one, but that's slightly reletive. I think HTCs done a crap job on the android phones as they are making some incredibly sexy designs for WinMo phones. (look at the TP2!)EVDO Rev A. + A carrier that won't lock everything down in the software stupidly + Well priced phone plans = Win for us all!

I could not agree with this guy any more. He just said evrything i was goin to say maybe even better cuz its true

I live in the Bay Area and have a G1 I play with for fun, and my main phone is on Sprint (Samsung Blade). In my experience Sprint's signal availability and level in this area is far better than T-Mobile/AT&T's. I would currently not dream of buying a GSM phone living in this area. And generally speaking Sprint has been good to work with, I've been with them for 4 years now (previously on Cingular/AT&T).

My only hope is the Samsung InstinctQ with keyboard hurries and launches on Sprint!!!

I luv the idea. the design has to grow on u because I was really diggin the chin. Im sure the operation of the phone is more important than the design and thats what is gonna lure me to this phone. I have been a sprint customer for 6 years and of course sprint has its problems no phone carrier is perfect. I can name many problems on every carrier including Verizon!!!!!!!!!!!! a phone carrier is what u make it and if you are wondering can you switch yes you can but dont take my word for it just try it and you can always say you gave it a chance. I guarantee this the phone will operate alot better than the T mobile android devices.

I like Sprint. I've been a customer for many years and had no problems. Their phone choices have always been a little lame but OK.

Anyway, my contract is about up and I'm looking forward to seeing this baby first-hand. The specs are better than the iPhone.

Ok first off how could Sprint carry the best phone in the world???
LOL... The HTC Hero is going to be the best phone in the world due to the sexxi OS and touch sense! Nuff Said.

Sprint has ok service... not close to matching AT&T or Verizon.
Sprint is just a little better than T-Mobile after all.
How can this be??? and they change the look to an ugly face from the original sexxi chin type.

Come on guys... don't you see that Sprint is horrible and slacking.

Who knows... T-Mobile or AT&T might come out with their own HTC Hero.

What info do you have that says Sprint is "not close to matching AT&T or Verizon?" All I read about head-to-head comparisons shows Sprint either better or at least very close. The only people saying Sprint is not up to par are the people with experiences that are 5+ years old. Sprint is better today and getting better every day. Take another objective look. While you are at it, price out your service and see who's cheaper. The cost of the service is just gravy!!

Amazing how much better it looks without the gaudy gold trim. May not be that unique or edgy, but still one great looking phone. My contract isn't up until December, but I think my mind may already be made up. I need a Hero!

I think the new design is sleek and more adult like. i have a G1 now and pay out the ass for data and service that isn't that great. i plan to cancel tmo and get 2 of the adult looking sprint hero's and pay 129 for family plan that no carrier can even come close too. i love the design i just wonder are there color options and is the hardware the same as the euro hero. i dont know why people think this design is horrible my guess is they are 17 and under. this is def the best grown up android phone on the market just offer diff colors

Why in the world do people keep posting that 'Sprint' changed the look of the phone? It is designed and made by HTC after all. Get a clue.

yeah all the down talking of sprint is getting really lame.. and its sad because the people thats doing the most trash talking are the ones that never owned a sprint phone a day in their life. ...and for the life of me, what good is there to be said of AT&T (or even VZW). i mean c'mon guys.

Personally like the chinless design of this version and Sprint's network is the best in the SF bay area. Curious how TMo let this one get away and nice to see Sprint going after some hot phone finally.

I avoid Sprint like the plague. Good coverage but I dropped them after several years when their phones started to lag, customer service took a nosedive, and billing was erratic. I just could not deal with them any longer. Evidently, many others felt the same way because they lost customers in droves. It will take much more than a nice phone or two--which will be obsolete in a year--to save them.

Two things:

1.) Is this the HTC Hero WITH GOOGLE? Is it a freakin' Google Experience phone?

2.) Did they keep the oleophobic screen?

I want Android phones on all major cell phone carriers. I'm no big fan of Sprint, but I AM a fan of consumers having plenty of choices of carriers.

My only question is, WHY RUIN THE LOOKS OF SUCH A HANDSOME PHONE ? Man, they completely buggered it up, and for what reason ?

Sholes and the Xperia XP3 can't get here soon enough ... manufacturers/carriers just seemingly REFUSE to put world class hardware under the Android OS, and I'm really tired of it.

Phone looks great BUT Sprint sucks..Customer service barely speaks english, billing is a nightmare. T-mobile may be a little smaller but where they work they work EXTREMELY WELL.. I would NEVER get Sprint again EVER!!!

"Doctor" of what???? Again no clue only living in the past or parroting what other old people said. Sprint has some problems, but so do the others. Lets see VZW; cripples phones, billing errors, over charges. AT&T; overcharges, worst nation wide network (I am an iPhone user so I know), more bars in more places just can't connect. T-Mobile; rising prices, and where is the network? Sprint; great network, great prices, and customer service improving. I don't deal with customer daily but use the network.

Truth be told I gave sprint a shot when the pre came out and wasn't all too happy with the service. After 3 weeks I decided that I was going to stick with what I had and return the pre. I returned the device, and cancelled my account. I promptly received a bill in the mail which i found odd so I called customer service. This is where it gets good. The rep asks me for my wireless number and i inform him that I do not have one as I cancelled sevice a week prior, he then asks for the account number. He finds the account and we continue the call. At this time it is revealed that the phone had already made its way back to retail, but my account was still active. He apologized and got all the info necessary to once again cancel my account. Mid August I receive yet ANOTHER bill, so I call customer service again. The account was STILL active but they couldn't even tell me what phone I had. Why you ask? BECAUSE I DIDN"t have one. I had to cancel 3 time, 2 of which I didn't even have a hand set. I was really looking forward to this phone, but not on sprint. I knew there was a reason I switched in 2001. To all those people saying Sprint changes, maybe it did for you but to me it's still the same company with the same crappy CSR's!

Actually I was going to switch to Sprint (from crappy AT&T), but the lack of a chin was why I didn't go for it. Now i'm waiting till my contract expires (1 month) so I can buy an unlocked british version of it.

I personally think the new design is by far better than the teen oriented "chin" design. This could turn out to be a very slick business device or even a geek's wonder toy. Either way this device is a win for Sprint and a win for all their customers and people potentially seeking to switch. Having worked for Sprint previously and still being a loyal customer I am definitely excited and looking forward to my upgrade. I just can't believe they haven't been touting the integrated flash accessibility in the web browser a bit more. That is a key feature worth noting in my book any day, seeing as currently you are limited to being able to use flash on WinMo phones with the Skyfire browser. Keep on bringing the goodies Sprint! HTC, let this be a lesson and include the 3.5mm headphones jack in all of your future devices.

My friend has the mytouch and i thought was a great phone if it wasn't for the proprietary headphones and for the lack of hard drive. Hope they could get around and give this android phones a hard drive, that will start to move the clouds in Copernicus.
ccna ccent

omg... everyone listen........ sprint is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy better then tmobile or att.... i had the iphone 3g and 3gs when it came out but i was sooo freaken fed up with atts dropped calls and bad services so i decided to go to sprint ... love it... services anywhere with the palm pre .... and even on subways... i had the g1 and blackberry curve with tmobile and its not a bad company...switch to sprint...great service and soooo cheap

i am curious on one thing, i remember hearing this awhile back but i wasnt sure if it was true or not that the marketplace wouldnt be available to the hero (both version now i guess) since the apps wouldnt be compatible with the htc sense, anyone know if this is true or not?

Thank God the phone I have been waiting 4 goodbye Verizon. The HTC hero is sleek design is great lacking in one aspect no flash on the cam but I will get over that I am willing to take a chance with sprint I think overall I will be satisfied due to the fact that Verizon has no good smartphones on the market besides the Tour and their plans are terrible so I am going on a Tour to Sprint to see if people are just haters or if its the truth.


What kills me is that I am on T-MOBILE and have been for the last year (for the G1) after leaving SPRINT, which I had for 4 Customer Service friendly years. Preference is one thing, but come on AC...SPRINT HAS A A BETTER NETWORK AND THE DATA IS FASTER. I don't care what it says on paper, the Sprint network is a more stable network. T-Mobile has the worst customer service ever. They don't redeem dropped calls, they don't budge on your bill, they don't know a damn thing and they have more non-American agents answering American customers than the U.N., which is very annoying when you are already calling about a problem.

People are never happy. They begged for a Sprint Android phone, got it and of course, now they are complaining that the Android phone Sprint has "is not angular enough". I don't care what you say, I am going back to Sprint for the Pre or the Hero (which the lack of a sliding keyboard may be my only hindrance) so I can be treated like I am paying them over $100 a month. F*** T-Mobile.


Never gave a second thought to Android before, but this phone has won me over from Win Mo. Can't wait for Oct. 11!

I think it sux that sprint got the Hero....every other phone company gets great phones while tmobile just gets nice phones....they need to step up. But I will never go to sprint cuz they suck!!!!!!!!!

Sprint is number two where i live and the Service is great in the DC area then comes At&t next T-Mobile i would have to say that Verizon has the best service in my are but the lack of good phones is why i never switch

I'm very happy with the Hero coming to Sprint. I think a lot of people that are still bashing Spring and their service probably haven't been on Sprint in awhile. The data network on Sprint is second to none. I routinely download faster than my brother's IPhone 3G and I'm still rocking a HTC Touch. Here in the NYC area when it comes to coverage Sprint and Verizon are king and I think its that way in most metro areas. The Hero on as good a data network as Sprint will make for a damn good smartphone. Can't wait to pick mine up.

The new design looks horrible. First it comes out on Sprint and now the design has changed. I could care less about the software. Software can be modified and ported over to other phones, but the design of the original Hero is what I wanted. Now I am not so sure if all the waiting I did for the Hero was worth it…

Thanks for nothing Sprint. I might as well just go buy a G1.

disagree. the first one was hideous. i love the new one. i got a pre though but i'd buy this. would never buy the first chin version.

The "chin" design may have looked cool, but it's a fail in use. I carry my phone in my pocket, and that chin would have made it impossible.

The phone looks fine. People are complaining that it looks like other andriod phones on T-mobile; is it really that serious? So what Sprint got rid of the chin. It's not like people are going to point and laugh at you because you have the Sprint version of the Hero. Your life is not going to change for the worse because the design has been modififed. Gee Whiz.

i got a pre and moved from tmo after seven years back to sprint. as a former sprint user and hater i can so far say i'm pleasantly surprised. the signal is excellent and i've had no hassles. In fact i detect zero difference between my service with tmo and my service with sprint. ZERO.

Argh! I wish this were coming to ATT and I prefer the look of the chin version to this one! I can get away with having the least amount of minutes with ATT because nearly all of my friends and family are on that network. I'd have to buy more (though minutes are cheaper on Sprint) if I changed carriers. I was a Sprint customer until the iPhone 3G came out and I switched. Sprint service from inside buildings is extremely abysmal and since I don't live, work, or go to school outside, Sprint is no good. ATT is the FAR superior network all around, but Apple will have to come up with something good with the fourth iPhone to keep me from switching should a higher powered android device with the hero OS come out on ATT.

When you get the Hero, I believe you have to get the Mobile Anytime, Anywhere plan. The lowest plan is 450 minutes for $69.99 but that includes unlimited talk to any mobile phone, unlimited text, and unlimited data. The only time you would use your anytime minutes is when you call a landline phone.

I have the iPhone right now and I can't wait until the Hero (I'm glad they took the chin off, I think it looks a lot better) comes out so I can switch over to Sprint (which has 100% better coverage than AT&T where I live). Plus I would get my employee plan, so I would save $75 a month on my phone bill by switching to Sprint.

I am so happy that the HTC Hero is coming to Sprint. Sprint has plan great prices, rock solid network, "Sprint Preferred" if you qualify, and nice sponsorship relations for good content. Customer service IS improving. So if you hate Sprint, fine go get a crippled Verizon phone, a AT&T hope you can connect to the network, which for data is still officially Edge with 3G in select markets, and T-Mobile that has rising prices and waiting for 3G, although is clearly second best. Go to one of these three and clog up there network.

I was peeved because crack smoking at&t wanted me to deposit $750 bucks to get the iphone.. I needed a phone to break me out of my blackberry phase.. thank you android..n sprint

I currently have sprint and att. Both networks are just as good but where the difference is for me comes in the fact that sprint NOW has more options and is cheaper. ATT has fallen in love with the iphone and forgot about every other phone out there. The Hero on sprint completes all the upper echelon of smartphones and will be a great choice for everyone. I can now go bas my ATT friends with my soon to be Hero. I have dropped more calls with ATT then I ever do with sprint and the simple fact that sprint roams off of verizon network means that I never lose signal. I've been with sprint for 10 years and will recommend it to anyone. In my experience sprint has pwned tmobile and att. Only verizon has better coverage and network than sprint but with their outrageous plan, sprint pwns even verizon. Go sprint!

i think sprint deserves all the bashing because of what they did in the past. but like everyone one of us after we screw up we also deserve another chance. pre & hero are a step in the direction. they just cant tell people to forget what they did & happily jump to their wagon. they deserve to hear every bit of trashing & thrashing from us.

WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH !!!! Shut the F**K UP you whiners !! Love it or hate it, your whining won't bring the GSM version to Sprint !!!

I think this SUCKS!
Now I have to decide if I should keep my Pre or shell out the extra cash for the Hero.


why would you want a stupid chin on the phone...so it won't fit in your pocket....crazyness

i liked the chin, but once i saw this i was like...hmmm w.e. it still runs Sense UI so i dont really care about the look im stil going to get it

i like it i think its good that sprint got a different design from the unlocked version ppl complain to much

I switched from AT&T to Sprint for the Palm Pre basically. Sprint has much better service and I have yet to have a dropped call! I've only had the Pre since July but I'm seriously considering dropping it for the Hero! This phone looks like all my dreams come true. The Pre just hasn't caught up with the technology it left out - seriously we still can't even change our text tone!!! Hero here I come!!! As far as Sprint service goes - I have absolutely NO complaints with either customer service or Sprint coverage!! I'm on my third Pre and it has not been a problem at all to get replacement phones! Sad that I've had to have different Pre's but hey it's a new phone- there are bound to be problems! I expect no less from the Hero - but then again I expect Sprint service to be excellent just like with the Pre!!

All I have to say is that with sprint's Any Mobile Any Time unlimited data plan for $69.99 a month this is the move and the phone I have been waiting for. Check out the Any Mobile Any Time unlimited data plan and you will be ready to sell your iphone, G1, or any phone for that matter on ebay. If you have kids in this demanding society you won't think twice about switching since you also have to pay for soccer teams, music lessons, and clubs at their school.

I am a current AT&T subscriber and am seriously thinking about switching to Sprint for 2 reasons.

1) Price - I can get the 500 minute, unlimitd everything plan for $59. I would be saving at least $60 a month from my AT&T iPhone plan. I pay $20 for unlimited text messaging, $30 for unlimited data and $69.99 for 750 minutes. All equating to over $100 per month, maybe even around $120.

2) The HTC Hero. I have read all the reviews on this phone and am super excited about checking it out.

From what I have read on this thread, the Sprint service seems great with 3g speeds ousting VZ, T-Mobile and even AT&T.

Any other good thoughts on Sprint service?

I think that you would be very happy with a switch to Sprint. I have been with Sprint for 6 years. At first I did not like sprint that much just because their billing was pretty random and confusing. For the last three years or so I have not had a single issue with sprint. They have been GREAT!!!

I got married 2 years ago and my wife had tmobile. That didn't last long because she soon realized that I always had service, even we she had NONE. Plus, we were able to save a little money by switching her to sprint.

Even though I have had a wonderful experience with sprint, I was still considering switching a few months back just because of their phone selection (or lack thereof). That's when I heard about some phones coming out that were worth getting excited about. The more I read about the Hero, the more I'm glad I stuck with Sprint. Now that they have phones that can compete, they are A++ in my book.

Thanks for the note. I think for sure I am going to Sprint.

I am looking forward to the faster 3g speeds with Sprint on evdo reva.

I've been a Sprint customer for 10+ years and my only compliant is that they don't have cool phones. AT&T, hands down, has not only cool phones (i.e. the iPhone) but also lots of options when it comes to purchasing a phone.

So you can either have an expensive plan/cool phone but not be able to use it because AT&T reception sucks, or have a moderate plan with awesome reliable reception but a sucky phone.


Verizon = crap, even though their all red coverage map says theres full service and 3g at my house, anyone with a verizon phone only has 1 bar when they're here and drop calls every 20 seconds. Oh, and they're paying $50 more a month to have that awesome reliable service, and a glitchy crippled ass phone that has to be replaced every 2 months.

Sprint is way better, I would rather have a faster more reliable network and not be ripped off by my carrier and not have to make an insurance claim every 2 months because they gave me a shit phone.

HTC Hero >>>> iphone, it's the truth. If you reeeeally need to feel trendy you could put an apple sticker on your hero...

Now that sprints data plan includes free mobile to mobile (any carrier), I don't think I will use ANY of my minutes!

I have been a Sprint customer for a long time and have been relatively happy with the Company. With the new anytime anywhere I have been able to lower my monthly minute plan and with my 4 family phones average about 45 per month per phone. That includes unlimted EVERYTHING..voice (1500 minutes + anytime anywhere), data, tv, radio, text, and to me most importantly, Navigation . While I don't use the television or radio much they are nice perks to play with once in awhile. The awesome navigation system is something I use all the time and it is included for free. Turn by turn with voice directions. I never get lost anymore. For me personally, where I live the phone calls have been great...very very few dropped calls. The customer service has gotten better and with the everything plans, they can't mess up to much as everything is included so no real issues with overcharges etc. The discounts by being a credit union member or working in certain companies are also excellent. I have priced the other services and Sprint is cheaper. Not a fan-boy, I will use the best experience/best cost ratio and choose whatever is best. If att or verizon match or surpass sprint I will go with them. I have no allegiance to a carrier but for now for me, sprint is the best.

As to the Hero, I have already ordered mine from Best Buy. The UI looks awesome and can't wait to begin playing with it. As to the form factor, for a professional, this is much better hardware. It looks professional and I won't be embarrassed having it on my desk. The gsm form factor is cool and if I was a kid, I would love it but as an adult, the current Sprint form factor is much more appropriate. I think that Sprint needed to consider that the will be selling to professionals as well as kids and that they needed a form factor that
everyone could live with. Would have been nice if they could have sold both forms as my daughter would have loved the chin phone while I would have purchased the current phone.

Just my 2 cents.

All this Sprint bashing is absolutely ridiculous, not to mention absurd. I have been on sprint for 4+ years and I have NEVER had a problem with service or customer service. The very few times I had dropped calls, my mom called customer service and they added 500 anytime anywhere bonus minutes FREE OF CHARGE. They JUST took it off in December when I switched to the Everything Data Plan. I am pretty much able to get any phone I like without waiting until my upgrade date or paying outrageous amounts of money for them just by giving Sprint a call. Just recently, they regarded my mother as a preferred Sprint customer which gave her, along with everyone under her account, great rewards. I don't have to wait 22 months for a new phone, only 12, and that's IF I WANT. I get a 25% discount on any phone, bluetooth, my bill, or any other accessories with Sprint because my mom and I work for the government. Sprint SHITS on Verizon, At&T, and T-Mobile. I would NEVER switch EVER.

the real problem is with sprints unflexible contracts and everything plans not being able to be added to one line on a family plan its very very unfair whut they are doing with the phone when win mo phones dont need everything plans

they have a whole lott of angry customers

I speak from experience. I owned two HTC phone 8945 tilt and S710. The quality for HTC phones are horrible! They are built from cheap plastic and easily breaks!!! You don't have to drop it to break the HTC phones, the plastic will deteriorate by itself while it is still under the warranty. The plastic keypads fell off!

The worst part was, I called HTC support and told them about the problem, they wouldn't honor the warranty! They said, the keypad falling off was a cosmetic damage, so they wouldn't honor the warranty! The support people weren't very helpful!

Stay away from HTC products! I had Sprint cell phone 2 years contract service, man the receiption quality was terrible!

I've been with Sprint for 10 years. I'd Have to say I'm happy overall. I've had the HTC MOGUL, HTC TOUCH PRO, and now the HTC HERO. My friend showed me his iphone and I thought it was AWESOME! I new Sprint wasn't going to get the iphone and I wasnt about to go to ATT ( If you think Sprint sucks--try ATT and THEIR outrageous prices/plans). I liked the iphone and the way the apps and app store worked especially that I went out and got me an ipod touch.

I wasn't planning on getting the HERO because I did read some not so good reviews. Turns out I was reading about the one with the "chin". I'm glad I went in and checked out the HERO. I haven't put it down since I got it- It'ss been weeks and every day I find something else on it I like.

It's obvious some people have had some horrible encounters with Sprint- I've had 1 or 2 in 10 years. That's pretty good in my book. Also, When I lost my Mogul they upgraded me to the TOUCH PRO- It was awesome! I heart you Sprint! You are my HERO!

Wow, Sprint is really stepping it up with the people they get to post positive messages on blogs. If they would just put that effort into fixing their customer service I would stick with them. I believe the quote from Consumer Reports is something like "Sprint is widely acknowledged to have the worst customer service in the industry but they also have the highest data usage."

I came from verizon to get the hero. My service is much better with sprint. Verizon charged me early termination fee for less than 30 days remaining, but I am much happier with sprint. For the first time in years I have quality service in my house. I have canceled my landline and have sprints everything plan for 99 verizon wanted 150 for unlimeted minutes. Thanks sprint and I love my hero too.


I love the phone. Switched from a Palm Pre to this phone almost instantly at the store when I was taking my pre in to get it replaced. The only thing that I don't like is that the darn thing will not play videos from youtube. Also, the flash player never works when I try to select it either. I just don't know what's up with it and it's very irritating.

Does anyone else have this issue?

I see people are complaining about Sprint service & the design of the HTC Hero that Sprint put out which is lame. It's a cool cell I've had mines 2 months and I must say it does have it's glitches. Software problems, it freezes, smudges on the screen, pic msgs u receive don't always download,a lot of apps don't necessaryly always work, and downloads & the browser tend to be sluggish at times, no flash on the camera but I will live,streaming doesn't always work. But my biggest disappointment is the flash player, they claim it has Adobe flash player but seems non existent. I like to watch anime online but its virtually impossible to do, most of the games I've come across have been lame except for a handful & Im always searching for games a lot won't work even they are categorized for the HTC Hero. Still can't get the gameboid, snesnoid or the gearoid to work which pissed me off. For $500 I really expected more after all the hype I heard bout the HTC Hero. But when it comes down to it, it's still way better than any other cell I've owned, not to mention it stays glued to my hand & has me thinking every other cell or laptop are touch operated... I'm addicted to this cell even with it's disappointments! I just wish I would have waited cuz they are coming out with the HTC EVO I believe that's. What is called, its like a hero on roids, I want it!

9 month report from using Sprint HTC Hero :

Physical Buttons :

The physical buttons (back, home, menu, power) have eroded away with minimal use. You have to press the power button acutely with your fingernail to shut down it, or you may get unwanted google search , keyboard , or “complete action” invocations instead.

Screen :

The only thing I can say assuredly - the screen is scratch free and holds up well. But then, it should as I don’t do anything abusive to it.

Trackball :

The trackball is way too sensitive. I have completely given up on it when web browsing and text entering. It will drive you insane as it selects things with a mind of its own. When in camera mode , pressing it may not respond, sometimes it just exits the program instead of taking a picture! I can’t tell you how many times I was ready to take a picture and the trackball does nothing. It’s awful.


There seems to be an occasional conflict when you want to scroll to the next screen, but instead it selects an icon that you happen to be scrolling by instead. I always though that would be an unavoidable problem when I first learned of such a feature.

Slow loading :

First, I don’t know how you can even attempt to view a video on the internet with this thing, with a straight face. That is such a joke I can’t believe they even let you try something like this. They will have a new phone out by the time it is able to play. Videos on your card are also choppy . Sometimes it may seem like you’re in a strobe light mode – and these are from your own camcorder. Picture loading is also bad – if it’s high quality. It may leave the entire OS unresponsive for over a minute, giving you a blank screen – completely unacceptable.

Unreliable widget information :

These are sprint widgets too. It hardly ever tells me the correct city I am in – where I reside it never does. This is with GPS on too.

Picking up calls :

If I had a dime for every time I press the button to pick up a call and it does nothing, well, I think I could have a pretty cheap phone bill.