ThunderBolt Energizer Qi Charger

If you've got an HTC ThunderBolt on Verizon, chances are you spend a lot of time charging the thing. I will never again be plugging in my ThunderBolt, however. Picked up Verizon's wireless charging battery cover for it recently and paired it up with an inductive charging pad -- it uses that newfangled Qi charging system -- and couldn't be happier.

Here's how it works: You pop the wireless charging cover onto the ThunderBolt. It looks nearly identical to the stock cover -- same soft-touch coating and HTC logo, though it is just a tad bigger. Not nearly as big as the ThunderBolt's extended battery, but you will notice a very slight bulge.

Then there's the Energizer Inductive Charging Pad. It's just as simple. Plug the AC adapter into the wall, then put the phone on top of it. It's that easy. But probably the best thing about it are the Qi logos, which help you properly position the phones for charging. You really don't have to think about it at all. And as an added bonus, there's a USB port on the back of the pad, so you can plug in a third device without taking up an extra wall plug. Nice.

We're using the ThunderBolt here, but Verizon has wireless charging backs for the Droid 3, Revolution and Droid Charge as well, and there are third-party backs for some other devices, too.

We've got video and a couple more pictures after the break.

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 ThunderBolt Energizer Qi Charger

ThunderBolt Energizer Qi Charger


Reader comments

Hands-on with wireless charging for the HTC ThunderBolt with the Energizer Inductive Charging Pad


Everytime I see these I consider them an ingenious solution to a problem that just barely exists. You still have to go to where the pad is, so the net gain is that you don't have to plug in a cable. Which, we know, is such a difficult task. I probably burn a calorie a day doing it. Phew.

Get that USB micro connector on your dresser plugged in when it’s late at night, and the lights are out, and your wife is already asleep.

The wireless chargers let you charge your phone without having to dink with the little connector. Nothing more, nothing less. Coming from a palm pre +, I for one have grown to appreciate it a lot.


Like I said: an ingenious solution to a problem that just barely exists.

My phone's screen puts out enough light to find the cable. And if I were to bring home a $40 battery/case and a $100 charging pad, that'd be a lot worse than barely waking my wife finding a cable.

Having come from a Palm Pre and the TouchStone I can say don't knock it until you try it. I felt the same way you did -- until they came down in price and I picked one up for about $20.

After using it for about six months before dumping my Pre for my EVO, I would say that is one of the things I miss the most! Of course, the Pre was notorious for damaging the USB port, but just being able to set your phone down and have it charge is a really big thing.

So while you see a problem that doesn't exist, I see a huge benefit to lots of people who dislike plugging their phones in everywhere (like me ;) ).

Just wait -- you will see these being modded to sit on the dashboard of cars, etc.

I see it more as a first step towards standardized wireless charging for anything/everything. Cell phones are just the most obvious first candidate since so many people have them and they need charging so often.

But with established standards it won't be long until things like coffee tables, desks, cars and more will have standardized charging pads built into them.

Eventually batteries could be eliminated entirely from things like A/V remotes - a good super cap can hold plenty of charge to keep them going between time on a charger since their power usage is so minimal.

MP3 players, game controllers, cell phones, even kids toys and devices we haven't even dreamed up yet could all be charged off the same universal standardized charger tech once it's built into things.

Right now it's just a matter of getting the technology proven and accepted. Within a few more years it will probably be so ubiquitous we'll laugh at memories of changing batteries.

My question is...does it work with the Palm Touchstone. I have a crap load of those things sitting around. Plus they are only like $12 on amazon.

What kind of price are we talking for the total package? I could be convinced to pick one up if it's in the right range.

They really couldn't have made that much uglier it seems, but I guess form does follow function.

Too damn big. Putting that oversized pad on my desk, not likely. If it was the same size as the Palm charger then that is a different ball game. Ugleeeee.
Who the hell designed that thing???????????????? Thay allready had the technology and that's what they came up for a design???????????????

Even though that bump isn't the massive size of the extended battery, it's still going to mess with the Seidio case I have. It's not worth it to keep from having to plug in a USB cable.

They need to just incorporate this in the phones from the beginning. Since the size of these inductive doors are always slightly larger than the stock for you can't use any cases with them.

What if i already have the extended battery? Do they make a cover to use the wireless charge with the extended battery

I couldnt agree more with the design. It is horrible. Do they realize that we work in offices? Defeats the whole purpose of not having clutter

if you have a case on your phone would you have to remove it every time you go to charge the phone? or would it be able to charge through the case....?

Think you have to remove your case.
That's a deal breaker for me.
It takes more effort to remove my case than to connect stock connector to my thunderbolt for charging.
Need my case for this $300 phone.

Seemed like a cool idea until I saw on Amazon that the pad is over $60 and the phone sleeve for the Thunderbolt is $30 with my discount. $90 more to charge a phone is a bit ridiculous. The covers should be more like $10 and the pads should go for $30 or less.

Good product. What if i already have the extended battery? Do they make a cover to use the wireless charge with the extended battery.

Say what you will about Palm's hardware failures with the Pre, they did get the Touchstone and battery cover *exactly* right. No visible difference between the touchstone compatible cover and the stock cover at all. Now that they've killed WebOS, HP needs to make the Touchstone technology available to as many cell phone makers as possible.

I was thinking car version as my wife's is intermittent and I threw it away today. You pretty much need to take your hands off the wheel to plug in the plug while holding the phone. Worst case, just get a low power inverter. If I win, will share how to do it.